Who benefited from Millenium Bank in SVG?

Wise's Villa in SVG?

We at Vinci Kallaloo discovered some interesting comments in response to a story on the Millenium Bank issue. It was written since February 17  2009 under the caption: Is Millennium Bank Too Good to Be True? by Adrienne Carter.

One of the comments that caught our attention reads as follows:

How come nobody mentions the fact that the acting CEO for several years have been Mr Marcus Ballantyne the eldest son of the Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne?

The GG is appointed by the Queen of England. The same Ballantyne family (millionaires)are representing several other offshore banks from their “financial complex” in Kingstown. Mr Wise spent at least two full years living in a cottage rented full time all year round from the GG Ballantyne’s 5 star resort Young Island. Only after the place got burglarized twice did he move out.

Renting the cottage for 500 USD per night is an easy way to say “thank you” without getting any problems. The resort that Wise built up is on land leased from another filthy rich family – the Hadleys. They now have taken control over the resort where mr Wise have spent millions of dollars building a restaurant, a swimming pool, several luxury villas etc and had 140 staff employed.

The Hadleys now just say “thank you” while the government looks the other way and add property bought with stolen money to their wealth. And how many hundreds of thousands of dollars – or millions – have gone down into the pocket of the Governor General and his family?

Another, more lengthy and even more interesting, reads as follows:

Re: Millennium

Poor, miserable Wise! Wise is not in it alone but he is paying the price alone. Some of the same people in high places with some of the same greed and dishonest intentions have already abandoned him.

They now saying they wanted to get rid of him ages ago. Big lie! Those parasites are looking for new prey as I write.

Right now, Wise is holed up in his(? ask Victor Hadley, former CEO of National Properties Ltd.) property in SVG with no ‘Friends’. He came back to SVG for refuge, and the same people who he helped to get into high office and who helped to get him where he is right now, have abandoned him. No joke, he is the loneliest man in St. Vincent right now.

Meanwhile, ‘they’ up with the best of the rest. Some even representing the Queen. Do you understand what I am saying? Wise help to get them into office and this is what they have done to him after they have sucked him and his investors dry.

So he has to take the rap alone? That’s BS! This must not stop with Wise. All of the rest of the criminals still out there who are a part of this crap scheme to rip off innocent people, must go down as well. They must be held responsible for their actions also.

So the authorities must circumvent the so called Auditors (KPMG) the local authorities have put in charge, as well as the security detail (Guardsman). None of them are likely to work in the interest of honesty and integrity. Their job is to hide evidence that would implicate more of the real culprits.

Enough said!

These comments do raise some eye brows. The question is: is there need for an investigation into Wise’s connections, relations and activities in St. Vincent. If so, what would they reveal?

10 responses to this post.

  1. SIr Frederick Ballantyne has been a devoted servant to the people of St Vincent and an undoubted Governor General and beyond reproach. It is so refreshing that the likes of the well known philanthropist and entrepreneur Leander Rothschild supports such a distinguished gentleman,


  2. Posted by Skeck Palmer on December 15, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I think the author of the article should give a complete profile of Mr. Wise and give some figures to back up his allegations. It not wise to start involving people in issues, unless there are documented proof of the allegation. I have to agree that if the scandal involves the US, it will look closely at the issue. However, money talks and this issue can be placed on the back burners.


  3. Posted by Roger Byron-Collins on December 12, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Sir Frederick Ballantyne and his son Marcus are absolutely undoubted and decent people, beyond reproach. These are comments of jealous people. Freddy Ballantyne is a superb Governor General. As a friend of St Vincent since before Independence the island needs the like of the Ballantynes. Roger Byron-Collins Arendal Norway


    • Posted by S.Haynes on June 18, 2015 at 3:18 pm



      • Posted by Leander Rothschild on August 30, 2015 at 7:26 am

        I have known of the reputation of Sir Frederick Ballantyne which is undoubted through his friend Roger Byron-Collins who l know was a regular visitor and benefactor to St Vincent from 1974 even before Independence. Roger and his wife had nothing but praise for Sir Frederick who has contributed so much to these beautiful islands. I understand from all that know him say he is a first class Governor General and beyond reproach
        Leander Rothschild

  4. Posted by Miss. very Wise on June 12, 2012 at 9:46 am

    before people write things on the Internet they should really check their facts & not listen to island gossip. We are all entitled to have an opinion but that is different from allegations. The only person who knows the ‘real’ story would be Wise himself!! There is such a thing as slander & before attacking families just because you think they are rich you should understand the complexity of the case…


  5. If America is involved you can be sure it will investigate all persons involved. Until they do please hold you fire and allegations. America has the power to bring down any body and any country.
    There is some mention of the GG’s son in the above document. Is this the son who passed away some time ago?


  6. boy somepeople in big trouble that is why some ah them get sick lol watch ah life


  7. wow!!!! mouth full i can’t say much but I always thought that something was fishy……I just never understood why the matter was always so HUSH-HUSH. As we does alway say “Whey dey ah darknist mus come ah light” Time will solve the puzzle.


    • Posted by Trent Tulip on March 27, 2016 at 8:35 pm

      In Canada we are looking for any photos or videos taken at Wise’s villa, especially his New Year’s Eve party in 2008. We would like to find out who from Canada were his guests, especially looking if any photo exists of Healy, Kilger, or Shah.


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