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Issues Facing Our Youth in Today’s World By Dillon Ollivierre

There are many issues which plagues our youths day after day. Issues such as peer pressure is becoming a major threat to our youths. Our youths, they want to fit in and so they do whatever it takes to fit in or be accepted. Hardly anyone likes to be different; so instead of standing out, our youths try their hardest to fit in. Our youths must realize the need to stay true to themselves by being who they are rather than being who everyone wants them to be or who their peers want them to be. Poverty is another issue which can have a lot of negative effects on our youths. Coming from poor families, our youths especially the males may see the need to take control by doing whatever it takes to generate an income for the family. The females may become “Slack” doing whatever is required to provide for themselves. Though  poverty should not be a reason for such actions, it does contribute to the decisions made by our youths. Under pressure it’s hard to think straight and sound so our youths make bad decisions which they later regret. At the time of making such decision, it seems like that’s the only decision available to make.

What we must understand is that our youths face numerous challenges and so they need guidance; they need someone whose willing to listen, understand and relate to them. Someone who wont be quick to judge but to listen; someone who wont be quick to condemn but ready to offer words of advice. Though many youths may react unappreciative to the advice, some do take it into consideration and even do wat was said.

A lack of proper parenting may also contribute negatively to the growth and development of our youths especially in the case where they have been abused. In some situations both parents may be working and becomes too busy to spend time with their child/children or the parents experience problems which causes them to divorce. Though this may not be the case for everyone, children who grow without both parents struggle while children who witness the break down of the family through divorce may find it hard to overcome what has taken place to the family. It therefore lacks the love, guidance and proper parenting that both parents usually bring to the table.

A rise in hormones: hormones begin to act up during teenage years and some of our youths become eager to experiment with the feelings and so they get caught up in sexual activities. This results in a number of our females becoming pregnant in their teenage years.

Lack of communication and the decline in being ambitious. For some reason, our youths find great difficulty in communicating with other peers and adults effectively. They go about it the wrong way or they do not know how to put what they feel into words. What’s worse is the decline in ambition. Many of our youths seem to be happy with receiving whatever life throws at them that they no longer see the need to set goals nor work to achieve them .Maybe this is so because nothing in life comes easy so they back away from the hard work; but doesn’t this mean the harder you work towards your goals the greater the feeling?

There are many more issues which affects the lives of our youths. What our youths need to realize is that although they are faced with numerous struggles and obstacles, they have what it takes to overcome them. Each child is unique; each child is made differently; each child is blessed and so they must realize how blessed they are and accept the fact that life is filled with challenges .They must also realize that in order to overcome these challenges they must be positive, dedicated and determined. They must realize the need to be equipped with everything positive to achive success. Further more, they must realize that in everything they do, they need God.

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