Grenville Williams, a boost for the ULP!

Grenville Williams, Director of the FIU

Grenville Williams, Director of the FIU

Although he has denied it publicly, Grenville Williams is seeking to replace David Browne as the ULP’s candidate for the South Leeward seat in the next general elections.

It is only a matter of time before Williams is officially endorsed. In the mean time, he is making the rounds trying to convince the key party faithfuls that he is more than capable and ready to take the plunge into active partisan politics.

The obvious question on everyone’s mind is this: Can Williams succeed where Browne failed? This is yet to be seen. However, in many respects he is a much more attractive prospect than David Browne ever was or could ever be. It therefore makes sense for there to be a peaceful and amicable transition from one caretaker to another, from Browne to Williams.

David Browne is a decent humble man with a big heart and an impulse to serve. However, he does have some severe limitations and deficiencies that render him unfit for parliamentary and ministerial duties in a progressive administration. The issues, concerns and problems are far too varied and complex for the likes of David Browne. He is one whom Dr Richard Cox might describe as an “intellectual pigmy”.

David Browne could arguably be seen as the weakest link in the otherwise formidable chain of the ULP. Despite his obvious good qualities as a community worker, Browne simply does not possess the knowledge and skills base that are required for the modern approach to governance demonstrated by the ULP.

Grenville Williams, for his part, is not a better man than David Browne. But, he is by far a better prospective candidate. Williams has the upbringing, the training and experience that make him aptly suited for representative politics in the modern era.

Move over David! Grenville is the man!

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  1. “Everyone deserves a fair chance….so lets try him out,maybe he can win de odds!!”


  2. Posted by Peter on December 24, 2012 at 8:43 am

    WILLIAMS, is blighted because he or his department never took action when a ULP Senator took a million US Dollars to the NCB bank in an old crocus bag.

    Williams or his department took no action when ULP’s top family members took multi thousands of US dollars to the banks.

    Williams and his department should investigate the bank account held in Cuba where Iran and other GONSALVES supported crap states deposit money for us. We need to know all about that account. Including did the US Dollar Million Dollars come from that account? We need to know if fraud and money laundering is taking place. Is parliament fully aware and informed regarding the account.


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