Ralph Gonsalves to Deliver Eulogy at Edgar Cruickshank’s Funeral

The Late Edgar Cruickshank

The Late Edgar Cruickshank

Vinci Kallaloo was reliably informed that Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister and leader of the Unity Labour Party is set to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of the late Edgar Cruickshank. Although there has been no public announcement regarding the funeral arrangementsa, it seems as if the PM is making it known every opportunity he gets. Some persons have even suggested that Gonsalves himself may have cajoled the widow and children of the deceased into letting him deliver the eulogy.

Edgar Cruickshank, a former supporter and foot soldier of the ULP, met his death in tragic circumstances on the night of Saturday December 6, 2014. He was at the time a part of the audience at a public meeting held by the NDP in Clare Valley. A car allegedly lost control and ploughed into the crowd killing Cruickshank and injuring 10 others.

This funeral will be of great interest. One is not sure whether it’s a ULP or an NDP funeral. In the months before his death, Cruickshank had reportedly renounced the ULP, a party he had support in the most flamboyant of manner since its inception. It is also reported that Cruickshank had now pledged his support to Nigel “Nature” Stephenson, the NDP candidate and incumbent in that South Leeward seat.

Will the hierarchy of both parties attend this funeral? Would the leader of the NDP be called upon to pay tribute? What about Nature? Would he too mount the rostrum.

Memories of the funeral of EG Lynch are still fresh. Are we destined for a repeat this time with the shoes on the feet of the NDP?

In any case, in one of his many rants, Gonsalves is reported to have said that he would NOT allowed what happened at Lynch’s funeral to happen to him again.

Ralph Gonsalves

Ralph Gonsalves

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vin jobe on December 20, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Did you follow the Cruickshank saga with the ULP to making such a brave statement? You seem to be the only one who are bringing politic in here. He openly spoken out against Ralph and started his campaigning for Nigel Stephenson,, how you people so dangerous? It because of this his was kill what else you do not know? Why lie? Who send you?


  2. Posted by Mourine on December 15, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    I have know Mr. Cruckshank from the time I was a young girl. He was our next door neighbour, he lived on the second floor of Parnell Campbell’s Auntie’s house. At that time he was a police officer at the Layou Police Station. He was also an avid cricketer and played for SVG. He coached 2 of my brothers and was very close friends with some of my other brothers.

    He was a very, very strong supporter of the SVLP and as far I know has always been a supporter.

    I do not believe he had left the party up to the time of his death. I do not believe that the NDP can lay claim to him as a supporter.

    We must let people bury their love ones in peace and must stop politicizing dead people.

    People in SVG seem to use every single thing politically and it is about high time we put and end to this and allow people to live normal lives even if they support a party.

    Every single family member in SVG has supporters on both sides, therefore, we must let the dead RIP.

    Why should there be any highlight about who is going to officiate or not at this funeral or any other funeral for that matter?

    It is time for us to raise the standard in SVG, it is time for us to mature as a people and not to let politics make fools of us.

    There is too much hate spreading life wildfire. Those who know better must do better.

    I had to cross party lines to elect a Governor who was the best for the people of the US Virgin Islands because I did not believe the candidate for the Democratic Party had the ability to lead us in this time of serious economic crisis. Her track record did not dictate any kind of progress for the last 17 years. The party failed us for the last 8 years and to put up such a weak candidate along with legal issues surrounding her running mate’s legality of citizenship , I could not just follow the crowd.

    However, with that being said I am still a card carrying and financial member of the party.

    People will make the choice they see fit at the time and this is their democratic right. We need to respect the families of the dead and stay away from all this rambling. It will get us no where, it will only help to continue the hate vine and divided cracks. No one will win these kinds of battles, there are much more important issues facing our country and to put so much emphasis on who is going to speak or not speak at a funeral is really waste of energy that can never be productive.


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