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A buller-man speaks out! “St. Vincent is homophobic!”: Floyd Prince

Floyd Prince

Yes St. Vincent is homophobic!

While I was in high school in St. Vincent, I spent most of my daily breaks at the back of the school so that I would not be harassed or fight with other students. I had former students come on to the campus to beat me, and the teacher; who is now a member of one of the leading political party turned a blind eye.

When I was in the 10/11 grade (form 4-5) I was called into the deputy head master’s office, and he offered to transfer me to another school, because according to him there were rumors that I was gay.

Growing up as a sexually ambivalent young man, as many young people are; was HELL. Because of my experience in St. Vincent, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many gay/bisexual men from the Caribbean get married to women, even when they know they would rather be with a man, and even when they are no longer in that environment.

I know for sure that Augustas is gay. Augustas was one of the first men I had sex with. When I moved to Miami in 1990-1991, he introduced me to the gay scene in Miami. He also reintroduced me to the scene when I returned to Miami in 1998.

During my only visit back to St. Vincent in 2011, his brother told me the details about what happened to him. The story his brother told me served as a cautionary tale to me. It reminded me of why I may not be able to live in my homeland again. Augustas’ experience buttress the stories about countless number of people I grew up with who had been killed in St. Vincent, and YES because of their sexuality.

Homosexuality in St. Vincent is a complex issue. The New York Village Voice did a piece either in the late 1990′s or early 2000′s, that captures the Caribbean gay experience like nothing I have ever seen. They researched and explained the effects of growing up gay or questioning in the Caribbean.

Floyd Prince, Los Angeles California

The Comrade vs 2Cool Chris!

Christopher aka 2Cool Chris is arguably the most popular radio personality in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. But, 2Cool is much more than a radio DJ. He has become the accidental mouth piece, the voice of the suffering masses in this country. Every week day morning as he turns on his mic, it is safe to say that thousands of Vincentians both at home and abroad hangs on to his every word. After all, he speaks for them!

Interestingly, 2Cool hardly ever gives his views on the issues of the day. He simply poses the questions. At times he may give his own “two bits.” What he does however, is to generate significant interest in his chosen topic and this drives his listeners to call. And, they do call!

No issue is out of bounds for 2Cool! He raises questions about everything! The management of carnival; the state of the roads; the pace of economic decline; the performance of the police; man-woman relationships; homosexuality; demon possession; the spate of criminal activity; he role of the church and their pastors. You name it and 2cool has touched it!

Now, it seems as if 2Cool has some how gotten on the nerves of the “Big Man”! It seems as if he has annoyed the Comrade; it seems as if he has irritated the Prime Minister, Hon Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves.

Ralph Gonsalves

Why else would the Big Man use an official function to let loose a barrage of invectives against certain “DJs”? According to the PM, DJs know nothing about the management of the country and its economy. They are in no position to advise him accordingly. Let them stick to what they know, Vybz Kartel, Sizzla, and Movado. Let them talk about Gaza and Gully…Leave the serious business of running the country to the expert. Leave it to the Comrade!

When I read those comment as reported in the press, I had to SMH and LMAO! OMG!

What is wrong with the Big Man?

I think the PM is losing it if he refuses to understand and accept what 2Cool Chris is all about. This is a man who has made a successful political career out of “listening” to and “speaking” for the masses, particularly the poor. Now that, they the masses, the poor and working people find a refreshing voice in 2Cool Chris, the PM is seeking to shut him up!

Attacking 2Cool in the way he did is just another of the fatal errors that the Big man continues to make. His utterances have driven thousands more to listen to 2cool. Dozens more will call, text, ping and tweet!

To be sure, the Comrade has a lot that get him vex. I suggest that he joins the line like everyone else and tell it to 2Cool!

E A Ballantyne

Does 2-Cool Chris pay his taxes?

Christopher “2 Cool Chris” Jones

Every morning the good people of this country are entertained by a blabber mouth DJ that goes by the sobriquet “2 Cool Chris.  He has no regard for our prime minister; he has a bone in his craw for the CDC; he shows no respect for the police; he beats up on government ministers. Indeed, Chris appears to bent on talking critical crap against a hard-working government just to ensure that his show sustains it ratings and he maintains his popularity and marketability. It is all about money for Christopher Jones!

Chris makes a lot of money. He is paid the highest salary at Hott 97 and this, we understand, is a substantial sum. Chris gets a DJ gig every weekend and public holiday locally, regionally and even internationally. He promotes all kind of shows all over the place. In fact a conservative estimate of Chris’s annual income might well be over $100,000.  But, how much of this does he pay in taxes?

This is a man who makes demands on the government EVERY day. Fix the road; fix hospital; build stadium; raise salary; build back wall; hire more police; hire more teachers. He goes on and on and on! But does he pay a single cent in taxes? Does he pay his fair share?

Come on 2 Cool, tell your ardent listeners how much taxes you pay!

Amor Rodney

KFC gone to the dogs!

KFC Upper Bay Street Kingstown St Vincent

KFC Upper Bay Street Kingstown St Vincent

I am an erstwhile lover of Kentucky Fried Chicken, especially the Vincentian variety. I was a KFC regular since the first outlet was opened way back in the latter part of the 1980s. But, I chose to sever ties with KFC since the beginning of this year. The service and facilities have deteriorated terribly within the past few months.

First of all, the original chicken no longer tastes like the original recipe. Something is noticeably missing so the chicken now has a bland taste. Even parts no longer appear juicy and succulent as before. I am almost sure that the cooks a KFC are no longer committed to frying chicken in accordance with the recipe originally developed by Colonel Sanders.

Apart from the poor taste in chicken, other essentials are lacking from time to time. For instance, there are times when drinks have to be served without ice. Could you imagine an establishment like KFC being allowed to go without ice? Even the biscuits are often substituted by rolls bought at a local bakery!

One constant at KFC over the years, has been the excellent staff. Those at the counter are quite pleasant to deal with. The cleaning team too, does a great job at keeping the washrooms and eating area quite clean for customers.

Despite their hard work particularly for the latter part last year, the workers were NOT paid their annual bonus up to this point. And, everyone knows that KFC did good business during the period.

Generally, KFC Down Town and KFC Up Town have succumbed to fallen standards in quality and service. Yet, these establishments remain very popular with chicken lovers. It is patently clear to me though, that KFC is operating in violation the conditions of the franchise that place a high premium on standards, quality and customer service.

We expect more from KFC and they must do better! They have gone to the dogs!

Does SVG need another KFC?

KFC, Melville Street Kingstown St Vincent

KFC, Melville Street Kingstown St Vincent

Does this country need another KFC? Apparently it does. A new outlet was open recently in Arnos Vale. This takes the number of outlets to three. But KFC’s service has deteriorated terribly within recent times. And, Vincentians are still flocking to these establishments. Clearly, something is wrong with this picture.

2 Cool Chris: The Most Outstanding Media Personality in SVG for 2011

2 Cool Chris,

2 Cool Chris,

Vinci Kallaloo is no fan of 2 Cool Chris. However, we must admit that he has dominated the airwaves over the past 12 months. Long before the results of the most recent media survey were published, everyone knew that 2 Cool Chris was miles ahead of every other media personality in the market. Thus, although we do so grudgingly, Vinci Kallaloo has named 2 Cool Chris the Most Outstanding Media Personality in SVG for 2011.

On any given week-day morning, one could hear 2 Cool’s voice blaring out from, homes, businesses, offices, vans and cars. Everyone listens to Chris. For many, he is their only source of news, information, insight and analysis about the burning issues of the day. Chris delights his listeners with his tendency to take on ANYONE, particularly those in power.

There are a few other contenders for the accolade bestowed on Chris. They include pretenders like Dr Fugi, Donnie Collins, Ernesto Cooke and Sehon Marshall. However, these guys lack the flair, flamboyance, dynamism and intelligence of a 2 Cool Chris.

For his distinguished work on morning radio, Vinci Kallaloo votes 2 Cool Chris the Most Outstanding Media Personality in SVG for 2011.

The police commissioner is a jackass!

SVG’s Commissioner of Police Keith Miller

The Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller is at it again!  It is clear that this man’s moronic tendencies have no limits. Could you imagine that Super Cop has publicly expressed his disgust over the lyrics of Godfrey Dublin’s soca song, “Any Number Could Play”.  Miller has to be a bona fide jack ass! What is wrong with the song?

I am sure that any reasonable person would agree that Godfrey Dublin is simply reflecting a reality in this country. He is in no way promoting the exploitation of young girls. This is a beautiful song with a timely message. But alas, this is lost on Super Cop Keith Miller.

This is the same Commissioner that protected the PM when he was accused of raping a female police officer; this is the same Keith Miller who reinstated three violent police criminals back into the Force. Does this man’s stupidity know any end? He is a bloody jackass!

Now listen the song here!

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