The Comrade vs 2Cool Chris!

Christopher aka 2Cool Chris is arguably the most popular radio personality in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. But, 2Cool is much more than a radio DJ. He has become the accidental mouth piece, the voice of the suffering masses in this country. Every week day morning as he turns on his mic, it is safe to say that thousands of Vincentians both at home and abroad hangs on to his every word. After all, he speaks for them!

Interestingly, 2Cool hardly ever gives his views on the issues of the day. He simply poses the questions. At times he may give his own “two bits.” What he does however, is to generate significant interest in his chosen topic and this drives his listeners to call. And, they do call!

No issue is out of bounds for 2Cool! He raises questions about everything! The management of carnival; the state of the roads; the pace of economic decline; the performance of the police; man-woman relationships; homosexuality; demon possession; the spate of criminal activity; he role of the church and their pastors. You name it and 2cool has touched it!

Now, it seems as if 2Cool has some how gotten on the nerves of the “Big Man”! It seems as if he has annoyed the Comrade; it seems as if he has irritated the Prime Minister, Hon Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves.

Ralph Gonsalves

Why else would the Big Man use an official function to let loose a barrage of invectives against certain “DJs”? According to the PM, DJs know nothing about the management of the country and its economy. They are in no position to advise him accordingly. Let them stick to what they know, Vybz Kartel, Sizzla, and Movado. Let them talk about Gaza and Gully…Leave the serious business of running the country to the expert. Leave it to the Comrade!

When I read those comment as reported in the press, I had to SMH and LMAO! OMG!

What is wrong with the Big Man?

I think the PM is losing it if he refuses to understand and accept what 2Cool Chris is all about. This is a man who has made a successful political career out of “listening” to and “speaking” for the masses, particularly the poor. Now that, they the masses, the poor and working people find a refreshing voice in 2Cool Chris, the PM is seeking to shut him up!

Attacking 2Cool in the way he did is just another of the fatal errors that the Big man continues to make. His utterances have driven thousands more to listen to 2cool. Dozens more will call, text, ping and tweet!

To be sure, the Comrade has a lot that get him vex. I suggest that he joins the line like everyone else and tell it to 2Cool!

E A Ballantyne

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  1. Posted by Peter on December 4, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Can anyone write the Julian Francis story and his time at the NCB bank. That should an intersting subject. Unfortunatly at this time I have little research on thia subject, otherwise I would oblige.


  2. Posted by listening ear on November 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    theres no need for personal attacks on anyone…right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong………… if theres an issue affecting the coutry its 2cools job to talk about it thats what he get paid to do TALK and his listeners listen and talk to vincy not dumb the have eyes to see
    if the comrade doing good 2cool gives him he props so why he cant do the same if there wrong happening…… vincy people to small minded mitchell was probably right when he made the breadfruit mentality comment….. after all i thought this was A FREE AND DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY #JUST SAYING


  3. Posted by Lisa on November 27, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    In the words of Caddy King, “who is 2cool?” He is a total idiot and has a troop of illiterate followers who are just like him; unable to reason, unable to analyse, unable to see something for what it really is. Its a shame when persons like Penny Payne refer to our Prime Minister as the self appointed god of SVG. What is she implying? The people of SVG chose their Prime Minister in free an fair elections. If she wants to know where corruption lies, she does not have to look very far.
    The most disappointing of 2cool’s show of illiteracy was when authorities used the Community College at Glen to house the patients of the Mental Home when a fire broke out there. He condemned authorities for using AN EMERGENCY SHELTER in an EMERGENCY, making remarks about having to strongly disinfectant and scrub down after they left as if the patients of the asylum were Lepers. Following his foolish ramblings, Sehon Marshall on StarFm called on him to apologise to the patients, what did he do? He then attacked Sehon Marshall, failing to accept responsibility and failing to see the err in his words, failing to apologise.
    Just recently he made an empty discussion about the empty cruise ship berth and by his own admission did NOT know when the tourist season started or ended. Now is this someone I should take seriously? He should really stick to what he knows, turning discs, gaza and gully.
    Talk talk talk talk, 2cool chris in fools paradise!


  4. E. A. Ballantyne, who is 2Cool? he is just a disc jockey who has no intelligence to face the Comrade on issues to benefit SVG. The progressives of our country has more issues to deal with than to listen to 2cool and his crap that he spills every morning. The more you all beat-up on the PM is the more he gets popular. Can’t you see all your negativism is falling on deaf ears of the masses? Stweps <<<<




  6. Well perhaps this man knows more about the Country than the Government,it’s obious he listens to people and we all know the ULP listen to no-one other than the ULP hacks and the voice of the self appointed God of SVG,for me it’s just too bad if he’s upset he should be doing the job that 2Cool is doing but we all know that ‘s something he cant do


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