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Ralph Gonsalves to Deliver Eulogy at Edgar Cruickshank’s Funeral

The Late Edgar Cruickshank

The Late Edgar Cruickshank

Vinci Kallaloo was reliably informed that Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister and leader of the Unity Labour Party is set to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of the late Edgar Cruickshank. Although there has been no public announcement regarding the funeral arrangementsa, it seems as if the PM is making it known every opportunity he gets. Some persons have even suggested that Gonsalves himself may have cajoled the widow and children of the deceased into letting him deliver the eulogy.

Edgar Cruickshank, a former supporter and foot soldier of the ULP, met his death in tragic circumstances on the night of Saturday December 6, 2014. He was at the time a part of the audience at a public meeting held by the NDP in Clare Valley. A car allegedly lost control and ploughed into the crowd killing Cruickshank and injuring 10 others.

This funeral will be of great interest. One is not sure whether it’s a ULP or an NDP funeral. In the months before his death, Cruickshank had reportedly renounced the ULP, a party he had support in the most flamboyant of manner since its inception. It is also reported that Cruickshank had now pledged his support to Nigel “Nature” Stephenson, the NDP candidate and incumbent in that South Leeward seat.

Will the hierarchy of both parties attend this funeral? Would the leader of the NDP be called upon to pay tribute? What about Nature? Would he too mount the rostrum.

Memories of the funeral of EG Lynch are still fresh. Are we destined for a repeat this time with the shoes on the feet of the NDP?

In any case, in one of his many rants, Gonsalves is reported to have said that he would NOT allowed what happened at Lynch’s funeral to happen to him again.

Ralph Gonsalves

Ralph Gonsalves

Williams must resign from the FIU!

ULP hopeful and head of the FIU, Lawyer Grenville Williams

ULP hopeful and head of the FIU, Lawyer Grenville Williams

Lawyer Grenville Williams is the head of SVG’s Financial Intelligence Unit. This is a highly critical and sensitive arm of the crime fighting apparatus in the country. The main function of this unit is to go after the assets, financial and otherwise, of those criminals in our midst who benefit from ill-gotten gains.

Since its inception, the FIU has chalked up impressive victories in its fight against money laundering. Millions of dollars in cash and real property have been seized and many criminals remain behind bars. Indeed, the FIU has received numerous commendations from regional and international agencies.

As head of the FIU, Grenville Williams has been outstanding. Unfortunately, however, he is now prepared to give that all up for partisan politics. Williams now spends a significant amount of time and resources openly campaigning to the ULP’s candidate for South Leeward in the next general elections. He goes from house to house; attends every funeral; mounts posters; and places ads in the newspapers all in an attempt to get the nod from the party’s leadership and rank-and-file members in the area.

In the meantime, Williams, his supporters and the leadership of the ULP, ignore this crucial fact: Williams is currently the head of an important and highly sensitive agency of the government. He therefore CANNOT and SHOULD not be openly engaged partisan politics.

Such actions have serious implications for the work of the FIU. At the very least Williams runs the risk of shattering the public’s confidence in the work of that agency. They also fly in the face of good governance as so often touted by his party leader, Ralph Gonsalves.

Williams CANNOT have it both ways. Now that he has entered the partisan political fray, he MUST resign from the FIU!

Keith Miller is such an ass!

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller

Which country in the civilised world would continue to tolerate a creature like Keith Miller as head of its security apparatus?

This man has got to be the biggest fool that has ever risen to such a position. The depth and breadth of his stupidity are boundless. Yet, he is allowed to be the chief security officer in this country.

Consider these:

1. Miller bungled the investigation into the rape allegations against the prime minister.

2. He allowed three convicted criminals to resume duties after they were found guilty of beating a young man nearly to death.

3. Miller allowed himself to fall for stupid scam and paid out nearly $10,000 in the process.

These are but a few examples of the foolishness that Miller represents. Why he is still the commissioner of police only God in heaven knows!

Vincentian Man Hacks Mother to Death!

Another brutal murder has taken place in St. Vincent. It is alleged that a young man from the Vermont area has hacked his mother to death. This is the latest of a series of violent acts perpetrated against women in this country.

Shanika did not deserve to die! By Imran Khan

The Late Shanika Small

I met Shanika Small on one of my trips to St Vincent a few years ago. After tiring travel I encountered her gracious warmth at the front desk of Grenadine House where she was employed as a front desk attendant. Grenadine House is by no means the Ritz but of the many hotels I have stayed at, the experience there was memorable. This was in large measure as a result of the wonderful staff at the hotel.

I recall Shanika to be courteous, conscientious and engaging. She was charming too and spared no effort in ensuring that my stay was comfortable and indeed enjoyable. Every night before she left work she enquired of my colleagues and I whether we were comfortable and ensured that she provided us with all necessary information in the event we needed anything.

The hospitality and patience of the staff, and especially Shanika, has remained with me since. It should come as no surprise therefore that I was today deeply saddened to have learnt of Shanika’s disappearance last October. Several months have passed since her disappearance and what appears to be her passing but to me it is rather fresh.

I recall my colleagues and I chatting with Shanika and she spoke of her ambitions to further her studies overseas and pursuing a successful career. Shanika spoke of wanting to study overseas but was insistent that her plans were to return to St Vincent to live and work. She impressed me as a focussed and determined young lady. That her life has been cut short in what was reported to be most barbaric and brutal circumstances has been rightfully condemned widely.

I too add my condemnation. I trust that her family will have closure as every effort would be made to ensure the DNA test results are made available. I pray too, that the coward(s) who murdered her is/are brought to justice. Shanika did not deserve to die in such inhumane circumstances. Hers was a warm and affable soul. In her own small way she was a most gracious and excellent ambassador for her country. Her murderer(s) has/have robbed St Vincent of a shining star. May her soul rest in peace.

Imran Khan

Is Shanika Small’s death still under investigation?

Shanika Small

Shanika Small

How long does it take for DNA samples to be tested?

Since the discovery of the body believed to be that of Shanika Small, the police have been mum on the state of the investigation. Are they still pursuing the matter?

Since October in 2011 DNA samples were sent for testing to confirm the identity of the body. To this day we have not heard a word. Is it true that the results have been withheld pending the payment of the applicable fees?

It appears as if Shanika is completely forgotten. Meanwhile her killer is probably after his third victim!

No motive, no suspect in the brutal killing of Alvisha Browne

Alvisha “Micey” Browne

According to reports, the police are still baffled by the shooting death of 19 year old Alvisha “Micey” Browne. No motive and no suspect have emerged up to the time of writing.

Micey was shot in the head on Wednesday January 4 in Edinboro Ottley Hall area. Police are still conducting investigations into the slaying of the young mother of three.

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