The Comrade puts Luke under his wing!


Luke Browne and PM Ralph Gonsalves



According to recent news reports, Prime Minister Gonsalves has appointed Luke Browne to some unknown position in the Office of Prime Minister. No one knows exactly what will be Luke’s assignment, not even the Prime Minister himself.  However, it is reasonable to assume that Luke now represents a big pain in the ass for the Comrade. Indeed, Luke serves no real purpose in the Comrade’s scheme of things.

At this tender age, Luke is already a spent force politically. He will never beat Arnhim Eustace or any other half good candidate for the NDP in East Kingstown. The Comrade knows that. To make matters worse, Luke screwed up big time on this whole Building and Loan Association (BLA) fiasco. His actions made the Comrade look dishonest and stupid.  Who deposits $20,000 after taking out over $1 million to demonstrate confidence in a financial institution? Had it not been for Luke’s rash conduct, Vincentians would have never known that the family of the PM had withdrawn so much money from BLA ($1 million plus) even as he, the PM, “pampaset” over a meagre deposit of $20,000!

One thing about the Comrade, he is an excellent general! Good generals do not leave the carcass of a dead soldier to rot on the battle field.  Thus, Luke is now being housed in some political morgue in the PM’s office. Vincentians may recall that Burton Williams of the NDP met a similar fate when he offended Sir James Mitchell. He too was put in the PM’s office, under Mitchell to await his last rites.

I think that Luke is politically dead and professionally compromised. He should be offered a scholarship to enable him to return to Oxford or some other ivory tower to pursue a PhD in some nebulous field!

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  1. Posted by Ricardo Francis on June 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Luke Browne is a member of one of the lodges/Orders/Secret Society. You should do a forensic examination of his handshake with Gaddafi and it is very clear. You do not go to Oxford and Cambridge unless you have the required affiliations. Ralph Gonasalves and most of the political elites in SVg are members of the hood.
    It will be interesting to view the results of the next elections in SVG should RICARDO FRANCIS be the other candidate against Arhim Eustace and Luke Browne. The last thing the ULP needs is RICARDO FRANCIS as an independent candidate and or the leader of a new POLITICAL PARTY.

    I have known for years that there were problems at St. Vincent Building and Loan. The public and all shareholders need an INDEPENDENT PUBLIC INQUIRY and an INDEPENDENT CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION to be conducted by non-ULP supporters, GOVERNMENT and existing political parties’ appointees with respect to BUILDING and LOAN.


    Remember I wrote this on vincikallaloo
    “Ralph said he was brightest of the bunch, tells you what total idiots the rest are”.
    “Rhodes Scholar Luke Brown is suing or is about to sue The University of the west Indies. According to the Searchlight, Browne will challenge the fact that he has been awarded his degree with Upper second class honours instead of the first class honours he expected“.


  3. It doesn’t take a half a brain to work out that the boy already knows to much and is dangerous to the regime. He has proved a loose cannon and is liable to talk out of place.

    He is completely out of his depth and ranks among our most stupidest.

    Perhaps he should leave the country and work abroad.


  4. I am sure you and the NDP will be glad if Luke does not run against Arnhim, and you can bet your bottom dollar, no matter who the NDP put there, Luke IS going to be the next rep. for East Kingstown.


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