Breaking news: The PM has AIDS!

Vinci Kallaloo


Unconfirmed reports reaching us indicate that the PM has contracted the deadly virus that causes AIDS. A source to the PM’s family confided in one of our regular contributors about the PM’s status. That source noted that the family became concerned when it was revealed that a long time partner of the PM passed away after a long period of illness. It turned out that this person died as a result of complications associated with AIDS.

Our source pointed out that the PM may have known about his status for quite a while. However, he shunned repeated calls to take an HIV test. As fate would have it, he was forced to do so when he was hospitalized  while in transit in another country as he embarked on a marathon sojourn overseas. It is believed that it was at that point that doctors confirmed that the PM had indeed contracted AIDS.

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  1. Posted by Shane Daniel on December 2, 2015 at 1:13 pm



  2. I find it hard to understand that this issue of pm having Aids/HIV is a major issue. It obviously been hyped.

    Modern day treatment is very effective in combating this problem.

    HIV patients or shall I say people with chronic illness. Have a better chance of having problems spotted if they are monitored correctly.

    I would also like to add if some one is in the latter stages of HIV and possibly given a few weeks to live can survive providing they are given the antivirus treatment which stops the HIV cells replicating.

    Education is important and regular testing for the more vulnerable groups, sully it’s beet to have prevention.
    Than cure which there is not one safe option at this moment in time.
    I would urge the government of St Vincent to take this matter seriously and help those people who are affected to brake the stigma,to educate, to test regularly.

    HIV does not discriminate between black white, yellow, gay straight it don’t care it’s us who should make governments across the world do more about prevention and education.


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