9 Questions for Ralph Gonsalves

Hon Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves

Hon Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves

Ralph Gonsalves talks a lot! He is particularly effusive at his frequently held press conferences. Unfortunately though, I do not get much from the Comrade at these events primarily because the journalists present are not prepared to ask certain critical questions of the Prime Minister.

I am concerned about the personal finances of the Comrade since taking office. As I pay attention to his utterances in recent weeks I can’t help but to wonder aloud. Indeed, I have several questions for him but at this time. But just like the BBC, I pose only 9.

1. Has the Prime Minister earned any income other than his personal emoluments since assuming office in 2001?

2, If the answer to 1 is yes could we be told the source or sources and the approximate amount?

3. At what cost did he develop a private property in the hills at Gorse?

4. Did his wife acquire a property in Cane Garden? If so, at what cost?

5. Two of his children are educated in England at the A’Level stage. Why weren’t they sent to our community?

6. How much did it cost Ralph Gonsalves to educate Storm and Soleil in England and who footed the bill?

7. Did Eloise Gonsalves, the wife of the prime minister, do any work for Dave Ames at Buccament and how much did she make?

8. Is it appropriate for the spouse of a sitting prime minister to go seeking contracts from investors and developers in the ilk of Dave Ames?

9. Is it correct to say that Ms Michelle Andrews was paid substantial moneys to cease all action against Ralph Gonsalves related to the charges of rape and indecent assault levelled against him?

I have several more for the Comrade. But, to keep this post brief, I will stay here for the time being. I would be really grateful if the prime minister would oblige.

Ericka A. Ballantyne

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Shilo on July 27, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Lets assume for a moment that the Prime Minister is also an individual like us, who is entitled to his privacy! Given all fairness do we really think he should be ask to lay out his personal financial or any other business for us to scrutinize?


  2. Posted by Zozo on May 25, 2013 at 8:37 am

    Ms. Ballantyne

    Do you have proof that Michelle receive money and who did the pm give it too. Was it you her mother or Michelle. I know for certain that she did not receive nor did her mother, so who might i asked receive that money that you certainly know was paid to her. We would like you to PLEASE tell us who receive that money?


  3. I would like to ask him about two houses in the UK. One in London and one just outside High Wycombe, not far from Chequers, the British Prime Ministers country retreat.

    Is it true, does he own such properties, when did he buy them and how much did he pay?

    Does he own properties in Guyana, Dominica and Trinidad?

    Has he got a bank account in Saint Lucia, and does he have a bank account in Panama?

    Where did the US million dollars in cash come from?


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