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Williams must resign from the FIU!

ULP hopeful and head of the FIU, Lawyer Grenville Williams

ULP hopeful and head of the FIU, Lawyer Grenville Williams

Lawyer Grenville Williams is the head of SVG’s Financial Intelligence Unit. This is a highly critical and sensitive arm of the crime fighting apparatus in the country. The main function of this unit is to go after the assets, financial and otherwise, of those criminals in our midst who benefit from ill-gotten gains.

Since its inception, the FIU has chalked up impressive victories in its fight against money laundering. Millions of dollars in cash and real property have been seized and many criminals remain behind bars. Indeed, the FIU has received numerous commendations from regional and international agencies.

As head of the FIU, Grenville Williams has been outstanding. Unfortunately, however, he is now prepared to give that all up for partisan politics. Williams now spends a significant amount of time and resources openly campaigning to the ULP’s candidate for South Leeward in the next general elections. He goes from house to house; attends every funeral; mounts posters; and places ads in the newspapers all in an attempt to get the nod from the party’s leadership and rank-and-file members in the area.

In the meantime, Williams, his supporters and the leadership of the ULP, ignore this crucial fact: Williams is currently the head of an important and highly sensitive agency of the government. He therefore CANNOT and SHOULD not be openly engaged partisan politics.

Such actions have serious implications for the work of the FIU. At the very least Williams runs the risk of shattering the public’s confidence in the work of that agency. They also fly in the face of good governance as so often touted by his party leader, Ralph Gonsalves.

Williams CANNOT have it both ways. Now that he has entered the partisan political fray, he MUST resign from the FIU!

A buller-man speaks out! “St. Vincent is homophobic!”: Floyd Prince

Floyd Prince

Yes St. Vincent is homophobic!

While I was in high school in St. Vincent, I spent most of my daily breaks at the back of the school so that I would not be harassed or fight with other students. I had former students come on to the campus to beat me, and the teacher; who is now a member of one of the leading political party turned a blind eye.

When I was in the 10/11 grade (form 4-5) I was called into the deputy head master’s office, and he offered to transfer me to another school, because according to him there were rumors that I was gay.

Growing up as a sexually ambivalent young man, as many young people are; was HELL. Because of my experience in St. Vincent, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many gay/bisexual men from the Caribbean get married to women, even when they know they would rather be with a man, and even when they are no longer in that environment.

I know for sure that Augustas is gay. Augustas was one of the first men I had sex with. When I moved to Miami in 1990-1991, he introduced me to the gay scene in Miami. He also reintroduced me to the scene when I returned to Miami in 1998.

During my only visit back to St. Vincent in 2011, his brother told me the details about what happened to him. The story his brother told me served as a cautionary tale to me. It reminded me of why I may not be able to live in my homeland again. Augustas’ experience buttress the stories about countless number of people I grew up with who had been killed in St. Vincent, and YES because of their sexuality.

Homosexuality in St. Vincent is a complex issue. The New York Village Voice did a piece either in the late 1990′s or early 2000′s, that captures the Caribbean gay experience like nothing I have ever seen. They researched and explained the effects of growing up gay or questioning in the Caribbean.

Floyd Prince, Los Angeles California

Breaking news: The PM has AIDS!


Unconfirmed reports reaching us indicate that the PM has contracted the deadly virus that causes AIDS. A source to the PM’s family confided in one of our regular contributors about the PM’s status. That source noted that the family became concerned when it was revealed that a long time partner of the PM passed away after a long period of illness. It turned out that this person died as a result of complications associated with AIDS.

Our source pointed out that the PM may have known about his status for quite a while. However, he shunned repeated calls to take an HIV test. As fate would have it, he was forced to do so when he was hospitalized  while in transit in another country as he embarked on a marathon sojourn overseas. It is believed that it was at that point that doctors confirmed that the PM had indeed contracted AIDS.

In the meantime, speculation is rife as to why certain critical matters that required the PM’s presence were either cancelled or postponed recently. It is not clear if these cancellations or postponements have anything to do with the PM’s health. The citizens will have to wait and see.

Efforts were made to contact some key officials to get their views on the implications of this development. No one was prepared to comment. However, an activist in the field of HIV/AIDS education noted that she was not surprised. She said, “AIDS is no respecter of persons. You could be a a prince, a prime minister or a pauper and still contract the virus”. She went she on, “It would be interesting to see if the PM would suffer the same level of stigma and discrimination that all other AIDS patients out there.”

Editor’s note: Given the nature of HIV/AIDS and how it is spread, this could have been a real story coming from any country in the world, including St. Vincent and the Grenadines! But it is NOT! Know your status! Go and get tested!

Gonsalves…desperate and dangerous!

Ralph Gonsalves

I advise Chris to watch his back, and even his front and sides.  Crossing GONSALVES could lay him open to immense spite,  unfettered retaliation and perhaps even physical harm from some of the lunatic fringe supporters.

I consider Gonsalves as desperate and dangerous!

It is my opinion and obvious to me that he has some kind of mental problem in accepting what is right and what is wrong. Inside is outside and outside is inside, downside is upside and upside is downside, clean is dirty and dirty is clean, black is white and white is black, forward is backward and backward is forward, paid is unpaid and unpaid is paid, realistic is unrealistic and unrealistic is realistic, truth is untruth and untruth is truth, ALBA is crap and crap is ALBA, diplomatic is undiplomatic and undiplomatic is diplomatic.

What a scrabbled and disjointed mind he must have. As the minister of almost everything important, is he a suitable person to have such power and authority? He promised us better times and he has given us worse times; he promised us wealth and has given us poverty; he promised us decency and has given indecency; he promised us intelligence and has given us idiocy; he promised us a cut in crime and has given us an increase in crime; he promised us security but has given us insecurity; he promised us a Dream Team and has given us a nightmare; he promised us a new airport without cost and has brought to the nation a huge debt; he promised us a national stadium and has given us a muddy field; promised us a cross country road and has given us zilch.

Rape and murder are becoming the urban and village norm under the government’s “own the” campaign, “own the Crime”. Police officers who are convicted criminals being re-employed, bringing us disgrace and humiliation before the whole World. The abandonment of the PACE legislation to allow the police to torture those that they question, beating being common in interview rooms and cells.

Remember Gonsalves loves to discredit people, loves to plant nonsense in the minds of the ignorant. This is the man who said ” I only do Obea for the Lord”

Keith Miller is such an ass!

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller

Which country in the civilised world would continue to tolerate a creature like Keith Miller as head of its security apparatus?

This man has got to be the biggest fool that has ever risen to such a position. The depth and breadth of his stupidity are boundless. Yet, he is allowed to be the chief security officer in this country.

Consider these:

1. Miller bungled the investigation into the rape allegations against the prime minister.

2. He allowed three convicted criminals to resume duties after they were found guilty of beating a young man nearly to death.

3. Miller allowed himself to fall for stupid scam and paid out nearly $10,000 in the process.

These are but a few examples of the foolishness that Miller represents. Why he is still the commissioner of police only God in heaven knows!

Protect the suffering children of Syria!

The article below (taken from ) gives a clear indication of the extent of the atrocities now being perpetrated by both sides  of the conflict in Syria. Take a look!

Syrian troops have tortured children and used them as human shields on tanks to prevent attacks by opposition forces, a UN report says.
The UN’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict said children were being tortured in detention and slaughtered in massacres.
The report said rebel forces were also using children on the front line.
Separately the US has accused Syria of planning another massacre, while the UN chief condemned the rising violence.
‘Torture marks’
The UN special representative, Radhika Coomaraswamy, told the BBC her team had returned from Syria with “horrific” reports.
She said she had never seen a similar situation where children were not spared – and even targeted – in a conflict.
“Many former soldiers spoke about shooting into civilian areas, seeing children, young children being killed and maimed,” she said.
“We also had testimonies and saw children who had been tortured, and who carried the torture marks with them. We also heard of children being used – this was recounted to us by some children – of being put on tanks and being used as human shields so that the tanks would not be fired upon.”
However, she also criticised the opposition Free Syrian Army for endangering children.
“For the first time we heard of children being recruited by the Free Syrian Army mainly in medical and service orientated jobs but still on the front line,” she said.
Ms Coomaraswamy said the suffering inflicted on children in Syria was unusual even for combat situations.
“We are really quite shocked. Killing and maiming of children in cross-fire is something we come across in many conflicts but this torture of children in detention, children as young as 10, is something quite extraordinary, which we don’t really see in other places.”
She said that in recent massacres children under the age of 10 had been summarily killed.
The UN’s annual report on children and armed conflict cited one attack on the village of Ayn l’Arouz in Idlib province on 9 March.
It quoted a witness saying how several young children were forcibly taken from their homes and “used by soldiers and militia members as human shields, placing them in front of the windows of buses carrying military personnel into the raid on the village”.
Other children described being beaten, blindfolded, subjected to stress positions, whipped with heavy electrical cables, scarred by cigarette burns and in one case subjected to electrical shock during interrogations, the report said.

For how long will the international community allow this sordid affair to continue? Thousands have already lost their lives for freedom. Yet, the world is still talking. Remember Libya? Weren’t troops already in the air and on the ground purportedly protecting the people? What is taking them so long to protect the people of Syria?

Does Ralph Gonsalves have a sore foot?

There is a rumour on the ground that  Dr Ralph Gonsalves is suffering from a bad sore foot. Is this so?

A sore-foot is a terrible affliction. They may stem from a myriad of causes. However, as far as I know, live sores are generally associated with poverty, unhealthy practices and habits.  Other underlying conditions may also contribute to the longevity of a sore foot. Old people use to say that when a person has “bad blood”, sores (especially those on the foot) take a very long time heal. Is this the case with Dr Gonsalves.

Does Dr Gonsalves have a sore-foot?

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