Thusians Accused of Child Abuse and Other Unspeakable Acts

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Trinidad And Tobago (Policy)

When Religious Beliefs Justify Child Abuse

November 10th, 1997

Nyron Medina

Thirty-two year old David Wong is a bitter man. He has lost his wife and two children to a religious group, he says. Wong (not his real name) says he himself was fortunate to escape with his life after he was severely beaten by members of the group when he tried to wrest his daughters away.

He now considers himself, like many others here, a victim of the Thusia church. Previously an unknown entity in a country that prides itself on religious tolerance, the church shot into the limelight recently when another father, Roy Joseph, sued his estranged wife for custody of their 11-year-old daughter as a result of alleged abuse at the hands of the leaders of the organization.

In the presence of the press and police, the girl told a harrowing story of both physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her mother, who is a member of the group, and other members. The girl said she was barred from attending school, severely beaten for “possession by evil spirits,” and often went without food.

“They said I had evil in me and they had to beat it out. They blamed me and beat me because they said I was lying and masturbating,” the girl said, as her father lifted her clothes to show bruises all over her body.

In response, the church hierarchy, which confirmed the beatings, quoted passages from the Bible to justify their actions. “The rod of correction driveth away foolishness from the child’s heart,” was one of the passages used. The girl’s mother agreed with the action of the members of the church, saying the child has a “stubborn spirit.”

“If the civil law in Trinidad and Tobago had respected the law of God, she would have been put to death,” says the leader of the church, Nyron Medina.

Since the girl’s story was revealed to the local media, the authorities have launched an investigation into the operation of the group, which is based in the poor district of Morvant in the mountainous northwestern portion of the island.

The group, founded in 1985 by 42-year-old Medina, a lanky, bushy-haired, bearded man, is officially called the Thusia Seventh Day Adventist Church. The membership comprises about 150 persons, including a 12-member board of elders. Four women are among the elders.

Following the widespread publicity and the attempts of the group to present itself as a genuine body, the local headquarters of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) has made it clear that the group is not affiliated with it.

“This is an offshoot group. They do not have fellowship with us. We disassociate ourselves from the beliefs, activities, and practices of that group. They do not represent SDA doctrines,” says Cyril Horrell, Executive Secretary of the South Caribbean Conference of the SDA.

Meanwhile, in a sermon to his flock denouncing the media publicity, Medina said the beatings the child got were “well within the law. All she said was lies, and you all rush to print the lies.” Medina, who claims to be a medical doctor, says the child had a sexual disease which she contracted from playing with cats. But the child said that she was sexually assaulted several times by a member of the church.

“I used to refuse, but he used to beat me and I had to do it. He would kiss my lips as I lay on top of him,” the girl said.

Medina also admits the child was not allowed to attend school. He says that only children the group felt were strong enough to withstand the contamination of public schools were allowed to attend.

The publicity now being given to the movement has prompted some defectors to come forward to tell their story. One former member, who said she wasted five years with the group, is convinced that it is a “sex-based” cult. She related several stories of attempts by the elders to encourage her daughter to engage in sexual acts.

The woman, who requested anonymity, says the indoctrination process is very gradual. While she was a member she was not allowed to question certain practices such as members not being allowed to read any other book apart from the Bible.

“I went through real hell to get out of there. People think Medina is God. They worship him and he can do no wrong,” says the 45-year-old woman. “The people still in there are hypnotized. When Medina is talking, you have to look him straight in the eye,” she adds.

Raphael Bain of Mayaro, southeast Trinidad, had a similar story to tell. He had three siblings and their spouses in the group; his brother Wilfred Fortune and his sister Susan Fortune-Gold are still members.

Bain says members of the church are discouraged from having children. They say “Christ is coming soon,” and now is not the time to be having children.

Other beliefs require men to wear long hair and a beard, while women must wear ankle-length clothes and keep their hair in its natural state. Members are also required to maintain a vegetarian diet.

“Going to parties and the cinema, following friends, watching TV – you cannot do that and follow Jesus, so we do not advocate such things,” Medina says.

As for Suzanne Fortune-Gold, Bain says his sister left her five children behind when she joined the movement. Those children are now in the care of her mother-in-law. Bain said his sister believes her mission is “to preach the word [of God].”

Two years after joining the group, her marriage broke up as she had been told by the group she had to leave her husband if he was not prepared to become a member. They are now divorced.

Meanwhile, Roy Joseph’s 11-year-old girl is in the care of the state, awaiting a custody hearing on December 1, 1997. Lawyers following the case say that in any question of custody, the Family Law Act says the welfare of the minor is regarded as the “first and paramount consideration.”

This article was prepared by Sex Weekly Plus editors from staff and other reports.

Copyright 1997, Sex Weekly Plus via

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  1. […] And that’s why the unholy international alliance among churches to make the idea of gender and any public policy related to it a bad word is so dangerous. Because the campaign against gender is not just combating the abortionists and feminists and homosexual liberationists, it’s harming the young girls in California, Couva and Brooklyn, Laventille it prevents us from developing honest and effective sexual programmes for, or vaccinating for cervical cancer. It leaves us with the tools of silence and shame, Bible verses and beating their private parts—as a well-known Thusian leader has been reported to. […]


  2. one needs to go into his history and look at his other children in Petit Valley who he killed. In addition to this one needs to find out if he provided any sort of assistance in the raising of his other children.


  3. Posted by sophiegomez on March 30, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    What about sex with the women in the church


  4. Posted by Catherine on March 28, 2013 at 5:44 am

    Hmmmm, it is always a funny thing to see the extent the devil will go to in order to discredit the truth. A true seeker of truth will always examine the doctrines presented by any organisation to see if they speak according to the holy scritures. And while persons are focused on one man they may be in danger of loosing out on their salvation…. All men have to answer to God in that great day and it would be very sad that while we are busy pointing fingers at one man he is looking down from Jesus’ side at the ones who never opened their bible. If you really want to know someone its easy… Use the word of God and judge them according to the doctrine they preach… Is 8:20 and remember who goes around accusing people and only has people assuming things… If this were so that man would have made jail already for these are not things the law overlooks … So without such evidence we all ought to be in our bibles seeking our salvation for I believe this man is busy seeking His while all just stop and chat….


    • Posted by Missy on August 29, 2013 at 10:20 am

      Firstly, after examining his statements, this man is a fanatic who is taking the Word of God and making it out to be a lie. God is not slack on his promise when he said that all leaders who lead his people in the wrong path will have the full extent of his wrath poured out on them. Anyone who believes that a child should be put to death for being rude and I quote “If the civil law in Trinidad and Tobago had respected the law of God, she would have been put to death” has twisted things to the uttermost. If we confess our sins he is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us for the sins and therefore the gift of God will be grace upon us. Yes the bible said spare not the rod, but it never said to beat the child until the child is scared and scarred. Even God said he would discipline in love and no, beating a child to the point of physical scars could never be God’s love. I cannot judge if this man’s actions of sexual acts were true, but after reading his statements, it would be sad if people actually had this man and their children leading them. God never said to divorce your spouse because he does not believe what you do, Paul states in Romans to pray for your spouse and you leave it to the Holy Spirit to impress him to come to God. Lastly, Leaving your children behind to preach the Word was NEVER what God said to do when he said Go ye therefore and preach. People, don’t just read your Bible, ask God to unveil your eyes to see his Truth, not man’s doctrine, because the Devil knows the Bible too.


  5. Posted by me on January 1, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    I cant understand how some people can get tie up with this to God all who are in this so call church .and ask him to get you out .that you might be able to serve God in sprit and in truth .Get out children get out.before it is to late.


  6. Is this really true? How come the T&T government is not doing an investigation to safe-guard the children?


  7. Is this for real?


  8. Posted by Mary J on May 18, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Can someone please tell me if this man has a licence to marry people?


  9. Posted by o my gosh on May 14, 2012 at 8:56 pm



  10. Posted by Bernard Daisley on May 10, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    Nyron Medina is about 57 years old. He has always wanted his own way at Stanmore Avenue SDA Church in the latter 70’s and early 80’s. He alone wanted to speak and always felt he is the only one correct. Justice for the children must be of paramount importance.


    • so u saying brother nyron is God then the holy spirit is working in him he is a true christian and he does not always speak, this real fake all yuh people. everything on the internet is not true at least some ppl is smart to know that


  11. Reblogged this on Vinci Kallaloo.


  12. […] About Vinci Kallaloo « Thusians Accused of Child Abuse and Other Unspeakable Acts […]


  13. Posted by Mourine on May 10, 2012 at 6:26 am

    All members of the Thusian Institute are all young members, is there a reason that matured members of the SDA church have not joined the off spring of their organization?
    Why is it that we have not seen more members of the SDA church becoming members of the Thusian Institute? Have they distanced themselves from this organization?
    I would like to hear from the hierarchy of the SDA church on the principles of this organization and how it is affiliated to the main body of the SDA.
    I have been asking the SDA church in various islands about the association with the Thusian Institute and they have no idea what this organization is all about, most of them have never heard about the Thusians.


    • Posted by Meisha on August 9, 2012 at 8:16 am

      The fact that we The SDA Church knows nothing about the Thusian Institute show that we are not affiliated with them in anyway. I would like to inform you that that Thusian Church is not an offspring of the Remnant SDA church. Any church worshipping on the Seventh-day has free will to attach that to their religion. That, however, does not mean that they are affiliated with our church. Young people are at a place in their lives where they are seeking to find who they are. They are impressionable and can be easliy manipulated. If the Thusian Church is prying on the innocense of young people you cannot expect to blame the Remnant SDA Church for that. We are not in the habbit of prying in the affairs of other religious denominations. The mere fact that our church has no relationship with the Thusian Church, is the reason why you do not see members from this Remnant Church becoming members of this Satanic Cult: The Thusian Institute. You need not hear from the Head of Church, because based on what you stated, you already know the answers. I think that your ignorance and desire to bad mouth the Remnat SDA Church, is what is causing you to seek something that does not exist and which most definitely cannot be found.


  14. Posted by Jason on May 9, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    These so called new religions is really evil in disguise.


  15. Posted by Vincy to the Bone on May 9, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    This is Anesia’s mentor and leader. This is the only leader she respects and looks up to. Now tell me what you make of this.
    I did extensive research on this movement and it is pure madness in this organization. How in God’s name can any normal right thinking Vincentian want to follow the teachings of this man and Anesia? It baffles me. False prophets come in all forms and I do believe that these are some of them.


  16. Posted by ok on May 9, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    WOW…if the stuff stated her are correcct then some serious investigations need to be done about this organisattion and moreso about Mr. Madina…I pary these allegatiions are not true


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