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Of Ramen, Boxers and Infection: Is Ralph Gonsalves sick?

Oh what a sad day in St. Vincent and the Grenadines! Our esteemed prime minister has been reduced to a joke. how can a man in his position allow himself to be having phone sex with an adolescent female?

Is this the same Ralph who is often portrayed as larger than life? Is this the same leader with greatest reputation in the Caribbean? Is this the same gentleman, arguably the most intelligent head of government in the Western Hemisphere?

Spin it however you may wish, the voice on those tapes belongs to none other than Dr Hon Ralph E Gonsalves the current prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Here he is discussing Ramen, boxers, and infections; here he is making me puke!

E A Ballantyne

PS Education seeks medical attention in Cuba

Vinci Kallaloo was reliably informed that Nicole Bonadie-Baker, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education is in Cuba seeking medical attention.

Since the commencement of the new year, Ms Bonadie-Baker has not reported for duties. It has been rumoured that she may have suffered a serious mental breakdown. However, there has been no official word about her conditions. In fact several persons in the education sector are not aware that the head of the ministry has been out of office for nearly three months now.

Meanwhile, it seems as if Bonadie- Baker’s condition is such that it merits urgent medical attention in Cuba. Vinci Kallalloo will continue to update readers on the situation as more information comes to hand.

Permanent Secretary suffers nervous breakdown?


Nicole Bonadie-Baker, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education

Reports reaching Vinci Kallaloo indicate that something may be amiss in the Ministry of Education. Apparently, since the year began, the permanent secretary in that ministry has not turned up to work. There are rumours swirling about the place that the PS may have suffered a massive nervous breakdown. Efforts to confirm this have been futile. However, the unexplained absence of the good lady has raised a number of questions. Vinci Kallaloo will continue to monitor the situation and report accordingly.


Ralph Gonsalves to Deliver Eulogy at Edgar Cruickshank’s Funeral

The Late Edgar Cruickshank

The Late Edgar Cruickshank

Vinci Kallaloo was reliably informed that Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister and leader of the Unity Labour Party is set to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of the late Edgar Cruickshank. Although there has been no public announcement regarding the funeral arrangementsa, it seems as if the PM is making it known every opportunity he gets. Some persons have even suggested that Gonsalves himself may have cajoled the widow and children of the deceased into letting him deliver the eulogy.

Edgar Cruickshank, a former supporter and foot soldier of the ULP, met his death in tragic circumstances on the night of Saturday December 6, 2014. He was at the time a part of the audience at a public meeting held by the NDP in Clare Valley. A car allegedly lost control and ploughed into the crowd killing Cruickshank and injuring 10 others.

This funeral will be of great interest. One is not sure whether it’s a ULP or an NDP funeral. In the months before his death, Cruickshank had reportedly renounced the ULP, a party he had support in the most flamboyant of manner since its inception. It is also reported that Cruickshank had now pledged his support to Nigel “Nature” Stephenson, the NDP candidate and incumbent in that South Leeward seat.

Will the hierarchy of both parties attend this funeral? Would the leader of the NDP be called upon to pay tribute? What about Nature? Would he too mount the rostrum.

Memories of the funeral of EG Lynch are still fresh. Are we destined for a repeat this time with the shoes on the feet of the NDP?

In any case, in one of his many rants, Gonsalves is reported to have said that he would NOT allowed what happened at Lynch’s funeral to happen to him again.

Ralph Gonsalves

Ralph Gonsalves

“Bulling” Teacher Freed!

Clyde Fitzpatrick

Clyde Fitzpatrick

Do you remember the “three bulling” teachers that made the news earlier this year? Media reports say that one of them was recently “acquitted of a charge of indecently assaulting a male student.”

According to a story carried in the News of Thursday December 22, 2011. Clyde Fitzpatrick was charged on June 22 for “indecently assaulting” a fifteen year old on February 9, this year. But, in a trial held this month at the Family Court, Fitzpatrick was acquitted and set free. Apparently, there were several grounds for reasonable doubt.

Fitzpatrick is indeed a lucky man. This is not the first time that he has managed to wriggle himself out of a similar situation. Fitzpatrick made the headlines in 2000 and again in 2011. In all cases it was a matter associated with bulling.

In this country, as long as you have education, money and a good lawyer, anything is possible.

Big up to this outstanding educator!

Is Hans King a batty man?

Hans King

Hans King

When Bryan Alexander broke the story of two men (allegedly conjugal mates) who unsuccessfully attempted to check in at the Buccama Resort, he created quite a stir. Interestingly, Bryan did not mention anyone by name. The only clue he gave was the alleged presence of a senior government official.

Lo and behold! Hans King, Press Secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, called in on Too Kool Kris morning show on Hott 97.1 FM and accused Bryan Alexander of besmirching his name and his character. Hans then declared that he was prepared to KILL Bryan Alexander. He repeatedly told the host that he truly and solemnly contemplated causing Bryan’s demise over the “offensive” post on Facebook!

Apparently, the post in question somehow implicated Hans King as potentially gay. But, is Hans King really a batty man?

When Hans was selected by the PM as a replacement for the late Glen Jackson, many people thought that it would be quite a challenge for Hans to fill Glen’s boots. But in no time at all, Hans was able to hold his own. It was not long before he began to sound like Glen and behave like Glen.

Among the uncanny similarities were his voice, his mannerisms, his choice of cigar, his aggression and his rabid support for PM Gonsalves. Now, the story in question might well point to another way in which Hans may have completely taken over from Glen!

People are wondering: Is Hans King a batty man?

“Bulling” teachers back to work?

Three Outstanding Vincentian Educators

If the rumours and the ground are anything to go by, then it appears as if three prominent male educators who were allegedly involved acts of buggery with school boys are now back on the job.  According to a highly placed official in the Ministry of Education, investigations into the allegations yielded no credible information or any evidence on which to file criminal charges. The Ministry is therefore duty bound to have the gentlemen resume duties after being on suspension (with pay) for almost four months. 

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