Who killed Ells? The mystery deepens

Ells King

The police are silent about the investigation into the brutal death of Ewart “Ells” King. At the same time, the media are reporting conflicting details about how this popular resident of Pembroke met his untimely demise. The reports are consistent on one point: The widow is not talking.

This is quite likely a case in which the obvious is not necessarily the obvious. While the police might be looking for the usual suspects, the unusual one is probably staring them in the face.

Ells tragic death raises a lot of disturbing questions. They are so disturbing that even the police seem scared to ask them.

Who killed Ewart “Ells” King? Was he brought down by some one he knew? Was it a crime of passion? Are the police looking in the right place?

No stone must be left unturned in the investigation of this brutal crime. The net must cast as wide as possible in the search for suspects.

Who killed Ells? The mystery deepens.

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