PM Gonsalves to spend Christmas in Bethlehem?


Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves


This is as ludicrous as it could get! How can the leader of a small impoverished island state afford to spend his Christmas in Bethlehem? Ask Ralph Gonsalves! In these tough economic times, he has announced his intention to spend Christmas in the place where Christ was presumably born.

Gonsalves heads a government that could barely fix the roads; that could hardly maintain the health service; that supervises the death of the banana industry; that offers little or no support to agriculture; that hardly pays its bills; yet, the Comrade and an entourage can find thousands of dollars to fly off to the Middle East to spend the Christmas season.

This is an atrocity! The people of this country should NOT allow the prime minister to go half way around the world on a joy ride! Will he be using tax payers’ money for this trip? Will he be taking his family along for the ride?

E A Ballantyne

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  1. Posted by Pro dasilva on December 13, 2011 at 6:21 am

    I agree with John, Darrien, Jason and Charlie response that you can spend Christmas any where you want even on a space ship to mars. Once you paying for it. So this person need to find out from the Accountant General/ Tresury Director or the Chief of Audit if the PM is geting Gov funds for this trip


  2. Posted by John on December 12, 2011 at 1:16 pm


    if you really want to know who is paying for the trip and if his family will be going too, why dont you ask E. G. Lynch and tell him to make his response on public radio. I am sure the charities in SVG will love another 1/4 million from he and Dougie.



  3. Posted by Darrien on December 11, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Now these are the things that make me concerned. This article does nothing but perpetuate disunity in our country.

    If the PM is using funds from the State coffers for this trip, then there would be need for concern based on our current economic situation. If the PM is using monies which DO NOT belong to the State then what business is it of ours? He could take a trip to space with Virgin Galactic for all I care.

    We need to be more mature when bringing up these issues and deal with them objectively.


  4. Posted by jason on December 11, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Who so ever writing these things about the pm is a real ignorant loser.Get a life will you.You think Ralph was poor before he came into office? Or you just a jealous hater like the rest of your dumbass ndp crew? He has the right to spend his xmas where ever the hell he feels like.And you have some nerve to talk bout fixing roads.ndp really did a good job when they were in office and things were way cheaper back then right.MORON!!


  5. Posted by Charlie fo lulley on December 10, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    So let me see if i have this right……The PM wants to take a vacation and you…..want to deny him that privilege based on a negative political stance.

    Last i heard we still had a democracy in SVG. As such , one has the freedom to choose a place for a vacation. It is a personal choice…New York, London, Toronto and even Israel. Bethlehem is in Israel. Israel is a wonderful place to visit.

    I noticed that the entire second paragraph of your diatribe was a political attack on the present government……and a sad attempt by yourself to promote your political agenda….what ever it is.

    So you consider this an atrocity…have you looked up the definition of atrocity. Call the Grammar school in Kingstown and have some of the upper level students define it for you. Calm down Bro.

    I think the PM can afford the flight to Tel Aviv…… has great deals.

    One can always be held accountable for false accusations…be careful.

    Far better to wish the PM a Happy Holiday and safe trip to Israel.

    It will earn you more votes:).


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