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Why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?


Dr Ralph Gonsalves is mightily upset with Arnhim Eustace and the NDP for announcing the party’s decision to  switch its support from Taiwan to China upon assuming office. This announcement took everyone by surprise, especially Dr Gonsalves. Among other choice adjectives, he described the move as “stupid”.

According to the Prime Minister, Eustace and his party are in opposition, yet they are foolishly making foreign policy pronouncements. In light of his reaction to date, the question arises, why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?

Could it be that Gonsalves was upstaged by the Opposition? Is it true that Gonsalves himself had been contemplating a similar move for some time now? After all, for most of his years as a political activist, Gonsalves supported China! He had a change of mind upon assuming office especially when faced with the generosity of Taiwan.

Good move by the NDP! Vincentians are looking forward to more like that! Keep the Comrade upset and we may well get fresh elections!

E. Wyllie

Who the hell is Carlos James?

ULP Hopeful for North Leeward, Carlos James

ULP Hopeful for North Leeward, Carlos James

The question must indeed be asked: Who the hell is Carlos James? His name has surfaced as a potential candidate for the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in the North Leeward constituency. In fact, James is among three ULP hopefuls seeking to unseat incumbent Hon Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews of the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

According to our understanding of the ULP’s candidate selection process, James is in a three way tussle with former holder of the seat Jerrol Thompson and teacher Lawrence Hooper. At some point, the North Leeward Constituency Council in consultation with the other relevant organs of the party and the ultimate blessings of the leader, will make a decision on whom they would like to be the candidate to face Matthews.

In the meantime, Carlos James conducts himself as if he is the candidate of choice. No! He behaves as if he is the elected representative for the area.

James shows up at EVERY official function and other events to make remarks. He demonstrates, in the process, utter disrespect, disregard and downright contempt for the duly elected representative for the area, Hon Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews.

Now, where was James when North Leeward was being wholly neglected by the ULP government? What does James say about the excessive conduct of the police in communities? How does James respond to the list of ULP failures in all of North Leeward recently highlighted by the representative, Matthews?

It seems as if James and some of his misguided supporters have taken to the social media to attack Matthews. This is so dishonest and unfair! James knows full well the the ruling ULP, his party is the ONE that has miserably failed the people of North Leeward. What has he said or done to help the situation?

Come election time, the people will remember who had been there for them. Was it James or was it Matthews? Time will tell!

Grenville Williams, a boost for the ULP!

Grenville Williams, Director of the FIU

Grenville Williams, Director of the FIU

Although he has denied it publicly, Grenville Williams is seeking to replace David Browne as the ULP’s candidate for the South Leeward seat in the next general elections.

It is only a matter of time before Williams is officially endorsed. In the mean time, he is making the rounds trying to convince the key party faithfuls that he is more than capable and ready to take the plunge into active partisan politics.

The obvious question on everyone’s mind is this: Can Williams succeed where Browne failed? This is yet to be seen. However, in many respects he is a much more attractive prospect than David Browne ever was or could ever be. It therefore makes sense for there to be a peaceful and amicable transition from one caretaker to another, from Browne to Williams.

David Browne is a decent humble man with a big heart and an impulse to serve. However, he does have some severe limitations and deficiencies that render him unfit for parliamentary and ministerial duties in a progressive administration. The issues, concerns and problems are far too varied and complex for the likes of David Browne. He is one whom Dr Richard Cox might describe as an “intellectual pigmy”.

David Browne could arguably be seen as the weakest link in the otherwise formidable chain of the ULP. Despite his obvious good qualities as a community worker, Browne simply does not possess the knowledge and skills base that are required for the modern approach to governance demonstrated by the ULP.

Grenville Williams, for his part, is not a better man than David Browne. But, he is by far a better prospective candidate. Williams has the upbringing, the training and experience that make him aptly suited for representative politics in the modern era.

Move over David! Grenville is the man!

Is Gonsalves a liar?

Hon Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

People we must beware of the smoke screens being put up by Gonsalves, he is desperate and dangerous!
It is my opinion and obvious to me that he has some kind of mental problem in accepting what is right and what is wrong. Inside is outside and outside is inside, downside is upside and upside is downside, clean is dirty and dirty is clean, black is white and white is black, forward is backward and backward is forward, paid is unpaid and unpaid is paid, realistic is unrealistic and unrealistic is realistic, truth is untruth and untruth is truth, ALBA is crap and crap is ALBA, diplomatic is undiplomatic and undiplomatic is diplomatic.

What a scrabbled and disjointed mind he must have.  As the minister of almost everything important, is he a suitable person to have such power and authority? He promised us better times and he has given us worse times; he promised us wealth and has given us poverty; he promised us decency and has given indecency; he promised us intelligence and has given us idiocy; he promised us a cut in crime and has given us an increase in crime; he promised us security but has given us insecurity; he promised us a Dream Team and has given us a nightmare; he promised us a new airport without cost and has brought to the nation a huge debt; he promised us a national stadium and has given us a muddy field; promised us a cross country road and has given us zilch.

Rape and murder are becoming the urban and village norm under the government’s “own the” campaign, “own the Crime”. Police officers who are convicted criminals being re-employed, bringing us disgrace and humiliation before the whole World. The abandonment of the PACE legislation to allow the police to torture those that they question, beating being common in interview rooms and cells.

Remember Gonsalves loves to discredit people, loves to plant nonsense in the minds of the ignorant. This is the man who said ” I only do Obea for the Lord”

Reposted from  comment originally posted on I-Witness News

ULP MPs Protest against their Own!

Hon Montgomery Daniel

Hon Montgomery Daniel

Debate on the Appropriations Bill came to abrupt end on Wednesday evening when members of the government refused to continue the debate in the absence of members of the Opposition.

The manner in which events unfolded showed clearly that the government parliamentarians were in solidarity with the opposition. It started when Minister of Agriculture made an offensive remark regarding the health of Hon Daniel Cummings. Indeed, so obnoxious was the comment that even government MPs were visibly upset. For their on part, the opposition had stormed out of the house in protest of Daniel’s insensitive remarks.

When Daniel completed his contribution, the speaker called further debate. But no one moved. They were clearly all still upset by the stupid remarks made by their colleague Daniel. The prime was then forced to move for the suspension of the House. In doing so he also issued an apology to Cummings.

Daniel had done it again! This time he caused even his own colleagues to take a stance against him. What are they going to do with this man?

Ralph Gonsalves: Still the best man for SVG By Lesli Patterson

Hon Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Love him or hate him, Ralph Gonsalves is the best man for St. Vincent and the Grenadines at this time. Indeed, should elections be called next month, next year or in the next four years, Dr Gonsalves should be returned as Prime Minister with an overwhelming mandate.

I am one on the Comrade’s  biggest critic! But even as I critique some of his policies, his politics and general approach to governance, I do so knowing full well that the alternatives, Eustace and the NDP, are patently worse.

My differences with Gonsalves are deeply philosophical and ideological. While he espouses a social democratic approach to governance that is grounded in the core applicable tenets of the Marxist remedies for addressing societal inequities, I am a classical liberal who forever preach the paramountcy  of the market and the purely capitalist path to social and economic development.  Deep differences of this nature are difficult to overcome.  However, in the context of political discourse on issues related to statecraft, one is still able to find some common ground.

Recognizing that ideology must be tempered by the harsh and unforgiving reality of the times, one must be pragmatic in addressing the extant socio-economic issues. It is his commitment to embracing pragmatism that has led me to be an admirer of the Comrade despite our ideological differences.

I therefore declare Ralph Gonsalves as the best for St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a number of reasons:

  1. Given his intellectual depth and academic acuity, more than any of his contemporaries, Gonsalves has a grasp of the complex and challenging issues impinging on the development of the country.
  2. Gonsalves, is prepared to take the risks that are necessary to ensure that SVG can leap beyond its present state despite the difficulties.
  3. The Comrade has the capacity to envision a desired reality and possesses the force of discipline, committment and dedication to create that reality in the face of insurmountable obstacles.
  4. No one has demonstrated the depth of love and the breadth of understanding of the people known as Vincentians.
  5. Comrade is a political genius. Love him or hate him, he knows how to win national elections.

I envision that Dr Gonsalves and his party will be in office for a very long time. Should he demit office, it would be on his own terms and in his own time. The Comrade will play a very long innings; he will retire not out; and proudly walk back to the pavilion with his bat held high and tons of runs on the board.

There is none like the Comrade!

Lesli Patterson

The SS NDP Heads for Dry Dock! By Lesli Patterson

Wither goes the SS NDP? That political ship is on dry dock!

This statement reflects the view held by many Vincentians as they consider the alternatives for government and the way for the country.

The ULP is a ship headed by a brilliant and energetic captain who is prepared to take on the turbulent seas of our times.  Despite the battering from the waves; in the face of the jagged rocks and in full view of the lurking sharks, all passengers aboard the SS ULP are confident that this ship is moving steadily forward in the right direction, heading for the port of peace and prosperity.

The SS NDP, on the other hand, has failed to sail! The captain knows not how to navigate the perilous waters. It is a ship without a crew and a captain with no clue. Even as the ship remain anchored to the harbour of despair, the potential passengers mill around all wondering and worrying about the weather. When will the calm arrive? When can we sail?

This is a serious call for those on the NDP to abandon ship. The party has no plans for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Even after a national convention we are still to hear what will Eustace and the NDP do better or different that the ULP.

Captain Arnhim continues to curse the weather; he hurls insults at the rocks; and shouts at the pounding waves; he predicts the worsening of the tides. In short, Admiral Arnhim cannot navigate the ship of state in turbulent times.

Whither goes the SS NDP? It remains on dry dock for sure!

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