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A few questions for Ralph Gonsalves…

Gonsalves 10

Ralph Gonsalves

Dear Dr Gonsalves:

I have a few questions that I would like to ask, again!. Here goes:

  1. Have you as the Prime Minister earned any income other than your personal emoluments since assuming office in 2001?
  2.  If the answer to 1 is yes could we be told the source or sources and the approximate amount?
  3. At what cost did you develop a private property in the hills at Gorse?
  4. Did your wife acquire a property in Cane Garden? If so, at what cost?
  5. Two of your children are educated in England at the A’Level stage. Why weren’t they sent to our community college?
  6. How much did it cost you to educate Storm and Soleil in England and who footed the bill?
  7. Did Eloise Gonsalves, your wife, do any work for Dave Ames at Buccament and how much did she make?
  8. Is it appropriate for the spouse of a sitting prime minister to go seeking contracts from investors and developers in the ilk of Dave Ames?

Ericka A. Ballantyne

Who the hell is Carlos James?

ULP Hopeful for North Leeward, Carlos James

ULP Hopeful for North Leeward, Carlos James

The question must indeed be asked: Who the hell is Carlos James? His name has surfaced as a potential candidate for the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in the North Leeward constituency. In fact, James is among three ULP hopefuls seeking to unseat incumbent Hon Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews of the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

According to our understanding of the ULP’s candidate selection process, James is in a three way tussle with former holder of the seat Jerrol Thompson and teacher Lawrence Hooper. At some point, the North Leeward Constituency Council in consultation with the other relevant organs of the party and the ultimate blessings of the leader, will make a decision on whom they would like to be the candidate to face Matthews.

In the meantime, Carlos James conducts himself as if he is the candidate of choice. No! He behaves as if he is the elected representative for the area.

James shows up at EVERY official function and other events to make remarks. He demonstrates, in the process, utter disrespect, disregard and downright contempt for the duly elected representative for the area, Hon Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews.

Now, where was James when North Leeward was being wholly neglected by the ULP government? What does James say about the excessive conduct of the police in communities? How does James respond to the list of ULP failures in all of North Leeward recently highlighted by the representative, Matthews?

It seems as if James and some of his misguided supporters have taken to the social media to attack Matthews. This is so dishonest and unfair! James knows full well the the ruling ULP, his party is the ONE that has miserably failed the people of North Leeward. What has he said or done to help the situation?

Come election time, the people will remember who had been there for them. Was it James or was it Matthews? Time will tell!

Luke Browne the Budding Dictator

Luke Browne and His Idol, Gaddafi

Luke Browne and His Idol, Gaddafi

Just look at the leaders to whom Luke Browne pay homage. Is this the kind of boy that we the people of East Kingstown want to be our representative? Is this political neophyte better than the honourable Arnhim Eustace? Is this the best my party, the ULP, can do! If and when this “Rogue Scholar” is ever chosen as our candidate, the Comrade and his party will pay the ultimate political price!

How did Dave Ames become a Vincentian? By Amor Rodney

Ralph Gonsalves (left) and Dave Ames (right)

In a story published in one of SVG’s local newspaper, it was revealed that Mr Dave Ames, one of the principals in Harlequin Properties, the developers of the associated with the Buccama Bay Resorts, is now a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. If this is indeed so, then I think it was a good move on the part of the government to grant a Vincentian passport to Mr Ames.

After all, the gentleman has done a lot for the economy of this country and he has great plans to do even more. It therefore stands to reason that Ames’ activities would be made less challenging for him as a citizen.

Even as support the granting of citizenship to Mr Ames, some questions arise out of the situation. For instance

  1. What criteria was used by the authorities to grant citizenship for a foreign national who is not normally resident in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?
  2. Which of the conditions as laid down in the constitution and applicable legislation did Ames meet satisfy in order to be granted citizenship?
  3. For how long has Ames been a citizen?
  4. How long did it take from the point of application to the actual granting of citizenship?
  5. Is there a fast track to citizenship in SVG?
  6. Could Ames be classified as an economic citizen?
  7. Are there any others who were granted citizenship under similar conditions to those of Mr Ames?
  8. Does Mr Ames’ status signal a turn around in the government’s position regarding economic citizenship?
  9. Does the prime minister owe the country an explanation?
  10. Has the NDP’s position been vindicated?

We must welcome David Ames as a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He does have a great deal to offer this country. However, given circumstances in which his status was revealed; given the position of the government against the so call economic citizenship program; it is only reasonable to expect a full explanation regarding the conditions under which Mr Ames is now the bearer of a Vincentian passport.

Mr Ames, welcome to St. Vincent and the Grenadines! May your endeavour be forever profitable!

Amor Rodney

Gonsalves Budget Adddress 2012, his best ever!

Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves - Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

As I write this post, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is presenting his 2012 Budget Address. Needless to say, I am absolutely enthralled! This has to be the best budget speech ever made by the PM since assuming office. I take this opportunity to extend sincerest congratulations to Dr Gonsalves on an excellent job.

In the meantime, look out for the nay sayers! They will do and say everything they can to discredit the PM. But, I believe that every rational Vincentian who listended to this address in its entirety will agree that the PM was at his best.

I consider the presentation by the PM this year to be well organized; very detailed; quite comprehensive; crystal clear; and highly responsive to the issues confronting the country at this time.

As a Vincentian, the Prime Minister has made me very proud today!

It would be interesting to hear the responses from the benches of the opposition, especially that of the Leader of the Opposition.

No motive, no suspect in the brutal killing of Alvisha Browne

Alvisha “Micey” Browne

According to reports, the police are still baffled by the shooting death of 19 year old Alvisha “Micey” Browne. No motive and no suspect have emerged up to the time of writing.

Micey was shot in the head on Wednesday January 4 in Edinboro Ottley Hall area. Police are still conducting investigations into the slaying of the young mother of three.

Another Reason to Avoid St. Vincent:Wallilabou is getting dangerous!

Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent

Some time ago, we shared with you an e-mail about the views my wife and I shared after visiting your country. What was supposed to be a two week stay was shortened to a few days. We decided to share our concerns. Since then we have noted the nasty comments directed at us. This is no way to invite people to your country.

The problem of crime against yachts people is still plaguing your country. We will continue to warn our friends, and anyone else who will listen, against docking in any of your beautiful bays.

Just Friday night, some visitors to your island suffered tremendous loss at the hands of thieves who broke into their yachts and stole several items. To compound matters, one of the victims suffered a fall and injured her back. Your health service could not even assist! The lady had to be airlifted from the island.

Instead of sending us nasty e-mails, you people need to do something about making your country safe and hospitable for visitors. In the mean time our message to all is to stay away from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Joe Petty

Editor’s Note

Before posting this e-mail, we at Vinci Kallaloo did some checking. We were able to confirm that two yachts docked at Wallilabou were broken into on the evening of Friday December 23, 2011. The story of the injured guest also checked out. Investigations are ongoing in the matter.

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