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Why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?


Dr Ralph Gonsalves is mightily upset with Arnhim Eustace and the NDP for announcing the party’s decision to  switch its support from Taiwan to China upon assuming office. This announcement took everyone by surprise, especially Dr Gonsalves. Among other choice adjectives, he described the move as “stupid”.

According to the Prime Minister, Eustace and his party are in opposition, yet they are foolishly making foreign policy pronouncements. In light of his reaction to date, the question arises, why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?

Could it be that Gonsalves was upstaged by the Opposition? Is it true that Gonsalves himself had been contemplating a similar move for some time now? After all, for most of his years as a political activist, Gonsalves supported China! He had a change of mind upon assuming office especially when faced with the generosity of Taiwan.

Good move by the NDP! Vincentians are looking forward to more like that! Keep the Comrade upset and we may well get fresh elections!

E. Wyllie

Sen Vynnette Frederick: The Biggest Political Failure in SVG for 2011

Senator Vynnette Frederick

Never had there been a young female with as much promise as Senator Vynnette Frederick, a member of parliament for the opposition New Democratic Party.  Despite losing to Cecil “Ces” Mc Kie in West St. George in the 2010 general elections, Ms Frederick was appointed as senator in the House of Assembly upon the recommendation of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Arnhim Eustace.  What many had declared to be a brilliantly strategic decision on the part of Eustace was anything but. Senator Frederick turned out to be an absolute and complete failure.

Given her own academic background and professional training, Ms Frederick’s contribution to debates in the House was quite disappointing. She could at best be described as superfluous and lacked much depth and insight. Frederick will however be remembered for her childish exchanges with the Speaker, the Prime Minister and other Members on the Government side of Chamber. She will be remembered too, for fiddling with her BlackBerry and posting on Facebook during sittings of the House.

As the NDP caretaker for West St. George, Ms Frederick completely neglected that constituency.  She paid little regard to the are during the election campaign and it was worse after the loss. Frederick never looked back on the people of West St. George.

We at Vinci Kallaloo consider Vynnette Frederick as bright, talented, articulate and filled with leadership potential. However, she has failed miserably live up to our expectations. She is nothing but a broken promise. We therefore voted her as the Biggest Political Failure in SVG for 2011.

Mitchell dumped by the NDP! By Lesli Patterson

Sir James Mitchell, Founder of the New Democratic Party of SVG

It is now confirmed.  Sir James Mitchell has been effectively expelled from the party he founded! This must be a first in the history of liberal democracies in the Western World. A man founded a party; led it to four successive victories at the polls; on one occasion winning all available seats; he is still alive, healthy, vibrant, active  and  present in the country. Yet, he is nowhere to be found as that party celebrates a significant milestone, its 36th anniversary in existence.

A few weeks ago, (November 20, 2011) the New Democratic Party held its convention at the party’s headquarters, the house that Mitchell built. As these events go there was nothing out of the ordinary. Except, the  founder and longest-serving leader was nowhere to be found. He was not on the platform among the dignitaries neither was he in the audience among the rank and file, supporters and well wishers in attendance.

To make matters worse, the name of James Fitz-Allen Mitchell was not even mentioned once by any of the main speakers including current party leader Arnhim Eustace. The entire episode could only be described as gross disrespect for an elder statesman and a titan of Caribbean politics. Is this the manner in which the founding father of a party must be treated?

Even as the NDP snubbed Sir James, he was lauded by Dr Ralph Gonsalves at the ULP’s National Convention held one week later (November 27, 2011).  Mitchell came in for high praises as Gonsalves declared him a true leader. And, perhaps for the first time, the Comrade expressed unrestrained and profound admiration for his friend Sir James. So, what is the problem with Mitchell and the party he founded?

Arnhim Eustace and the rest of the NDP hierarchy have been quite mum on this issue. None of their propagandists have dared to address the matter on the party’s numerous radio programmes. However, it is obvious to all and sundry that Mitchell has been booted out of his own party!

Lesli Patterson

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