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Why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?


Dr Ralph Gonsalves is mightily upset with Arnhim Eustace and the NDP for announcing the party’s decision to  switch its support from Taiwan to China upon assuming office. This announcement took everyone by surprise, especially Dr Gonsalves. Among other choice adjectives, he described the move as “stupid”.

According to the Prime Minister, Eustace and his party are in opposition, yet they are foolishly making foreign policy pronouncements. In light of his reaction to date, the question arises, why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?

Could it be that Gonsalves was upstaged by the Opposition? Is it true that Gonsalves himself had been contemplating a similar move for some time now? After all, for most of his years as a political activist, Gonsalves supported China! He had a change of mind upon assuming office especially when faced with the generosity of Taiwan.

Good move by the NDP! Vincentians are looking forward to more like that! Keep the Comrade upset and we may well get fresh elections!

E. Wyllie

Gonsalves…desperate and dangerous!

Ralph Gonsalves

I advise Chris to watch his back, and even his front and sides.  Crossing GONSALVES could lay him open to immense spite,  unfettered retaliation and perhaps even physical harm from some of the lunatic fringe supporters.

I consider Gonsalves as desperate and dangerous!

It is my opinion and obvious to me that he has some kind of mental problem in accepting what is right and what is wrong. Inside is outside and outside is inside, downside is upside and upside is downside, clean is dirty and dirty is clean, black is white and white is black, forward is backward and backward is forward, paid is unpaid and unpaid is paid, realistic is unrealistic and unrealistic is realistic, truth is untruth and untruth is truth, ALBA is crap and crap is ALBA, diplomatic is undiplomatic and undiplomatic is diplomatic.

What a scrabbled and disjointed mind he must have. As the minister of almost everything important, is he a suitable person to have such power and authority? He promised us better times and he has given us worse times; he promised us wealth and has given us poverty; he promised us decency and has given indecency; he promised us intelligence and has given us idiocy; he promised us a cut in crime and has given us an increase in crime; he promised us security but has given us insecurity; he promised us a Dream Team and has given us a nightmare; he promised us a new airport without cost and has brought to the nation a huge debt; he promised us a national stadium and has given us a muddy field; promised us a cross country road and has given us zilch.

Rape and murder are becoming the urban and village norm under the government’s “own the” campaign, “own the Crime”. Police officers who are convicted criminals being re-employed, bringing us disgrace and humiliation before the whole World. The abandonment of the PACE legislation to allow the police to torture those that they question, beating being common in interview rooms and cells.

Remember Gonsalves loves to discredit people, loves to plant nonsense in the minds of the ignorant. This is the man who said ” I only do Obea for the Lord”

7 Good Reasons for Firing Anesia Baptiste by Amor Rodney


Anesia Baptiste

Arnhim Eustace has taken the bold step to kick Anesia out of the House and hopefully out of the NDP.  Unfortunately, we have to wait a few hours more to hear his reasons for doing so. In the meantime, thousands of sympathizers will emerge in support of SVG’s latest political victim, Anesia Baptiste. But is she really a victim?

I do not know why Eustace took such action. But I can give 7 reasons why Anesia Baptiste cannot be a member of MY party if I WERE the political leader.

  1. Anesia is a religious fanatic who is NEVER EVER wrong. Thus, it stands to reason that she will always be on a collision course with any one who differs from her. I don’t want such a person im MY party.
  2. Anesia is confrontational and takes a sadistic type of pleasure in attacking persons and the postions they hold in the name of religious liberty. In this way, she alienates many. Why would I want such a divisive person in my party.
  3. Despite her obvious talent, intellect and best intent, Anesia is too hasty. She must learn to cool out sometimes. I am willing to guess that it is some hasty action on her part that drove Arnhim to get rid of her.
  4. Anesia respects NO ONE except her god. As such, she is beyond reproach; takes no advice and cannot handle criticism. It is her way or NO WAY. How on earth can I work with such a person in my party?
  5. Anesia is all about Anesia. While she may have demonstrated a little concern for the plight of ordinary people, Anesia is really on a personal mission. The NDP was merely used as the available vehicle to achieve whatever that mission is. Clearly, Arnhim’s mission is not Anesia’s mission. So, were I Arnhim, I would kick her ass out too!
  6. Anesia is no team player. Her team has ONE member, Anesia. She has demonstrated that she is a lone ranger, a maverick who is not prepared to compromise and work with others for the good of the party. For that I would get rid of her!
  7. Anesia is no politician; she possesses no leadership qualities.  She is a religious zealot, an extremist. Such persons have no place in my party.

Perhaps, Eustace may have acted for at least ONE of these reasons. But, let us wait for his explanation. I have no idea about what he plans to say. But, I am certain of ONE thing: Little Ms Anesia is NOT as innocent as she is pretending to be right now.

Time will tell!

Amor Rodney

Sen Vynnette Frederick: The Biggest Political Failure in SVG for 2011

Senator Vynnette Frederick

Never had there been a young female with as much promise as Senator Vynnette Frederick, a member of parliament for the opposition New Democratic Party.  Despite losing to Cecil “Ces” Mc Kie in West St. George in the 2010 general elections, Ms Frederick was appointed as senator in the House of Assembly upon the recommendation of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Arnhim Eustace.  What many had declared to be a brilliantly strategic decision on the part of Eustace was anything but. Senator Frederick turned out to be an absolute and complete failure.

Given her own academic background and professional training, Ms Frederick’s contribution to debates in the House was quite disappointing. She could at best be described as superfluous and lacked much depth and insight. Frederick will however be remembered for her childish exchanges with the Speaker, the Prime Minister and other Members on the Government side of Chamber. She will be remembered too, for fiddling with her BlackBerry and posting on Facebook during sittings of the House.

As the NDP caretaker for West St. George, Ms Frederick completely neglected that constituency.  She paid little regard to the are during the election campaign and it was worse after the loss. Frederick never looked back on the people of West St. George.

We at Vinci Kallaloo consider Vynnette Frederick as bright, talented, articulate and filled with leadership potential. However, she has failed miserably live up to our expectations. She is nothing but a broken promise. We therefore voted her as the Biggest Political Failure in SVG for 2011.

The 3 Most Dangerous People in the NDP By Lesli Patterson

No one in their right mind should even consider supporting the NDP as long as the party has three of the most potentially dangerous politicians in its fold. I refer to no other persons but Linton Lewis, St. Clair Leacock, and Anesia Baptiste.

These three have demonstrated the greatest thirst for power ever exhibited by the politicians of our times. The NDP will never get my vote as long as Lewis, Leacock, and Baptiste are part of that outfit. In any case, with or without them, the NDP will never get my vote!

Linton Lewis

Linton Lewis: I understand that there is a plan afoot to replace this gentleman as the NDP’s caretaker/candidate for East St. George. If this is so, it is a good move. Lewis has no real interest in representing people. He thinks that the PhD he holds puts him in a meritocratic position to rule. I have heard him on several occasions undermining Arnhim Eustace, his leader, and beating up on the NDP, his party. Linton Lewis is dangerous and al parties should avoid him. 

St. Claire Leacock

St. Claire Leacock: This character is to the NDP what Julian Francis is to the ULP. He may be popular among the people of Central Kingstown, but the rest of the country must be wary of him. Leacock is petty and vindictive; he is arrogant and spiteful. Eustace would have tremendous difficulty reining him in, should they ever assume office in this country. Watch out for Leacock! He is potentially lethal!

Anesia Baptiste

 Anesia Baptiste: This lady is a dictator in the making. She is not yet elected to an office but her arrogance knows no bounds. Yes, she is charming, beautiful and intelligent. But, her thirst for power is frightening. As she goes about her quest, Ms Baptiste leaves several enemies in her wake. Woe be unto them if Anesia and he party ever get into power.

Lewis, Leacock and Baptiste are dangerous! They should not be taken lightly. As long as these people are around,  must never consider electing the NDP to office, not with is troublesome trio!

Lesli Patterson

Who is in better health? Eustace or Gonsalves? Take a poll!

Among the necessary attributes of an effective leader is that of good physical health. The rigors of high office demand that leaders pay due care and attention their health. This is particularly so where there is a tendency to choose leaders who are well past their prime.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the two contending leaders are Arnhim Eusatce and Ralph Gonsalves. Eustace is the leader of the opposition and currently heads the New Democratic Party (NDP). Gonsalves,, on the other hand is the prime minister and leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP). It is reasonable to assume that both men will dominate the political scene in SVG for a few years more. They will certainly continue to battle each other for the reins of governance in this country.

As Eustace and Gonsalves engage in the tussle with each other, an important question looms large: Are they each healthy enough for the rigors of high office? Vinci Kallaloo therefore takes this opportunity to poll our readers on the issue. Take the poll below and give us your views.

Vinci Kallaloo will report and comment on the results in a subsequent post.

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