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Ralph Gonsalves – President of the Caribbean Jack Ass Club


PM Gonsalves has now officially become the eastern Caribbean’s Poster Child for psychopathic bipolar schizophrenics, and promoted to President of the Caribbean Jackass Club.

For at least a decade, PM Gonsalves has HIMSELF run LIAT the way PM Gonzalves HIMSELF wants LIAT to be run. PM Gonsalves has HIMSELF stated in public that LIAT MUST be run at a loss, because it is a social service. PM Gonsalves has HIMSELF forced a brand new LIAT aircraft to land at his unfinished, uninsured, uncertified Argyle airport with fully one-third of the proposed runway a huge hole where the drainage culverts were being installed.

As a result of the lack of the proper aviation knowledge, qualifications and expertise PM Gonsalves and his unqualified Board (not to mention management) have run the airline into the ground, losing fully HALF of the passenger numbers of five years ago – and now losing pilots as well at a rate unprecedented in it’s 57 year history.

As a result of HIS OWN lack of competence and Marxist (Communist) approach to the airline, LIAT runs most flights with a delay, there are many cancellations, and obviously service is a bit patchy.

But PM Gonsalves HIMSELF is now complaining about a loss of service to SVG because ONE sports team was inconvenienced?

As my Friends on facebook are wont to say, “WTF?”

Breaking…The Argyle airport will never be opened!


It’s official the Argyle International Airport (AIA) will never be opened!.. I understand that everything at the airport has failed. That is why all the Cubans apparently  went home.  I also understand that the big fuel tank at the side of the road must be removed very soon because it’s in the wrong spot.

All of this information comes from an inside source. Remember, they are going to try spin this one, but it will still be a lie…! I can tell you for a fact the AIA is a failed project!  You heard it here first. So, let them come with their bullshit and say that this is not true. If I am wrong , let the PM go and open the airport!

It is time for this man to tell us the truth.  He has already wasted the country’s money and still looking to waste more on this failed project..

It is so sad! Mr Eustace warned Vincentian people about this airport.  But, they never listened! Perhaps they have drunk  infected cool aid.

Jeffery Providence

A few questions for Ralph Gonsalves…

Gonsalves 10

Ralph Gonsalves

Dear Dr Gonsalves:

I have a few questions that I would like to ask, again!. Here goes:

  1. Have you as the Prime Minister earned any income other than your personal emoluments since assuming office in 2001?
  2.  If the answer to 1 is yes could we be told the source or sources and the approximate amount?
  3. At what cost did you develop a private property in the hills at Gorse?
  4. Did your wife acquire a property in Cane Garden? If so, at what cost?
  5. Two of your children are educated in England at the A’Level stage. Why weren’t they sent to our community college?
  6. How much did it cost you to educate Storm and Soleil in England and who footed the bill?
  7. Did Eloise Gonsalves, your wife, do any work for Dave Ames at Buccament and how much did she make?
  8. Is it appropriate for the spouse of a sitting prime minister to go seeking contracts from investors and developers in the ilk of Dave Ames?

Ericka A. Ballantyne

Why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?


Dr Ralph Gonsalves is mightily upset with Arnhim Eustace and the NDP for announcing the party’s decision to  switch its support from Taiwan to China upon assuming office. This announcement took everyone by surprise, especially Dr Gonsalves. Among other choice adjectives, he described the move as “stupid”.

According to the Prime Minister, Eustace and his party are in opposition, yet they are foolishly making foreign policy pronouncements. In light of his reaction to date, the question arises, why is Gonsalves so angry at the NDP?

Could it be that Gonsalves was upstaged by the Opposition? Is it true that Gonsalves himself had been contemplating a similar move for some time now? After all, for most of his years as a political activist, Gonsalves supported China! He had a change of mind upon assuming office especially when faced with the generosity of Taiwan.

Good move by the NDP! Vincentians are looking forward to more like that! Keep the Comrade upset and we may well get fresh elections!

E. Wyllie

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