Is there a scandal brewing at Buccama Bay Resorts?

The recently established Buccama Bay Resorts in St. Vincent is perhaps among the most beautiful of its kind in all of  the tropics. Built and marketed as a five star resort, by all accounts Buccama has lived up to this billing. Guests from all over the world have rated the facility and the service highly. The Vincentian workers in particular have come in for high praises for the quality of the services provided.

Despite the image of beauty, tranquility and luxury presented at Buccama, an ugly reality lurks behind the facade. Some observers say that it is only a matter of time before this erupts into one of the biggest scandals in the Caribbean. As such the developers and their associates have come under intense scrutiny.

Unpaid bills; unpaid workers; off the book transactions; bribery; and bogus claims being made to unsuspecting investors are among the activities being unearthed at the Buccama Bay Resorts. The principals associated with the companies involved in Buccama have questionable credentials and investors are beginning to ask questions.

Local journalists and media houses are reluctant to report on the activities of the developers. Government authorities are prepared to ignore the myriad of complaints that come daily from suppliers, contractors and workers. In the mean time it appears as if a massive fraud is being perpetrated by the developers at the Buccama Bay Resorts in St. Vincent.

Are the investors being screwed? Is the government in league with disreputable foreigners? Are they ignoring the cries of the workers? At what price should this country embrace foreign investors with questionable credentials?

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  1. Posted by J chalmres on August 17, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Vincentians unite take back your beautiful country expel those who are robbing you of your heritage be proud hold up your heads and fight for a better life for all vincentians


  2. Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS on June 15, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Catherine, has CAMILLIO GONSALVES been LEGALLY NATURALISED AS YET AS A CITIZEN OF S.V.G., or obtained it throuth the ‘ECONOMIC Citizenship” route ?

    He cannot long continue as his pappy administration appointment WHEN HE IS A U.S. -born, U. S. citizen. Or, was he previously or since been formally NATURALIZED AS A VINCENTIAN CITIZEN?

    OR, are Vincentian STOMACHS SO STRONG that they can and will continue to STOMACH SUCH CONTINUAL POLITICAL AND LEGAL FILTH ?

    ONE LAW FOR ALL. Even if you or your pappy barn with a SILVER SPOON IN THE MOUTH.

    The RULE OF LAW.



    • Posted by Catherine on June 18, 2012 at 8:55 pm

      buddy, me nah know. I guess we allow dual citizenship coz me bah hear nonbady say nutnu bout dat one ya.


      • Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS on June 22, 2012 at 6:38 pm

        For DUAL CITIZENSHIP, he must legally apply for and obtain formal, legal, NATURALIZATION as a CITIZEN OF S.V.G.

        So far, he remains, to the best of my knowledge, a U.S.- born, U.S. CITIZEN.

        How on this good earth, did he manage to become S.V.G.’s ambassador to the United Nations organization ?

        Such a politically sensitive post, and either the HIGHEST PAID OFFICE or the SECOND HIGHEST PAID ONE, in S.V.G.

        Imagine. The TWO HIGHEST PAID OFFICES IN SVG are occupied by ONE family ? Is ONLY short khaki pants boys he hah in he Cabinet, IN TRUTH ? Ah using his own, own, terms. It come out ah his mouth. I just reminding him and Co.

        Were there NO EQUALLY OR BETTER QUALIFIED S.V.G. CITIZENS available or interested in this SVG U.N. AMBASSADOR POSITION ?

        Where did our SENSE OF JUSTICE and FAIRPLAY GO ?

        WHAT has become of our SENSE OF PROPORTION ?

        Unnuh see dem boys keeping it “all in the family.”

        What an unmitigated political disaster.


        What an eternal SHAME AND DISGRACE .

      • Posted by L Sutton on March 13, 2013 at 10:29 am

        “Bamba”, the Dark Knight should have been appointed UN Ambassador instead of Camillo. He is most qualified.

  3. Posted by Catherine on June 13, 2012 at 12:54 am

    So Dave Ames is a Vincentian citizen? and how Gonsalves mek a big kick up against Eustace’s proposal of economic citizenship?


    • Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS on June 22, 2012 at 6:47 pm

      ISN’T IT A “WUTLISS” SHAME, that DAVE AMES may have NATURALIZATION as a CITIZEN OF S.V.G. – – – BUT that CAMILLO GONSALVES cannot yet say CATEGORICALLY whether or NOT he has APPLIED FOR OR BEEN LEGALLY NATURALIZED AS A CITIZEN OF SVG – – – seeing that he is an AMERICAN, a FOREIGNER, AN ALIEN. He was recently reported as confessing to the media that HE IS A U.S.-BORN U.S. CITIZEN.


      Me Autie ROSIE bin tell me say MUDDUWUK !!!


  4. Posted by Peter on June 10, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    STEVE-HUGGINS, you seem to have the gist of whats happening at Buccament,

    For further and better information speak to Gonsalves cousin Francis, he took the million US$ to the bank, and he is a frequent visitor at Buccament.

    There is a whole lot of stuff to peruse at


  5. Posted by Catherine on May 20, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    White foreigner could always come here and get away with anything. Where is the FIU and the other agencies? What about the due diligence them suppose to carry out? Tell them run down local black people who they see wukkin and accumulating a couple dollar, they good at that!
    Since Buccama in operation, apart from the mason wuk and the maid and and so on what else the country get?


    • Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS on June 5, 2012 at 11:15 am

      They don’t necessarily have to be white. Once they can bribe off a politician, or official, with enough political “pull”, then they are “FREE TO GO”!

      WHAT is the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) doing about the widely reported ONE MILLION U.S. DOLLARS ($1 MILLION) that was said to have come in SUDDENLY, some say in crocus bags, AND were said to have been PERHAPS ILLEGALLY DEPOSITED AT THE FORMER N.C.B.? The questions arose in the political arena, especially after a worker, or officer, at that Bank was said to have been dismissed for allegedly having REMARKED ON THE UNUSUAL, SUSPICIOULS, “DEPOSIT”.

      We should be mindful that the International, U.S., and European FINANCIAL POLICING/ REGULATING AUTHORITIES, and INTERPOL, do keep tabs on such or similar UNUSUAL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS, especially when astronomically HUGE SUM OF RAW CASH MONEY ARE INVOLVED.

      This phenomenon takes on even greater importance in light of the recent tighten of United Nations and other international financial controls to combat DRUG TRAFFICKING, MONEY LAUNDERING, and INTER-BORDER INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM.

      Ignorance and greedy lust for FILTHY LUCRE, however, often trump the need to combat international activities whereever these are found to be inadvisable, improper, or even, most unfortunately, illegal.

      The Government and its related arms just cannot abandon its prerogatives of policing, inspecting, and reporting on any prospective investors and international business operators. Any illegal ‘financial’ activities tend to give very bad press, and public relations generally, to the more numerous authentic business operations, nationally, regionally, and globally. Let us all work to maintain the integrity of normal businesses and entrepreneurship.


      AFTER THAT business should run REAL GOOD. without let.


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