Is Anesia Baptiste a politician or a religious leader?

Anesia Baptiste, Preacher or Politician?

Is Mrs. Baptiste a politician or a religious leader?

I do believe that Mrs. Baptiste is the Jonah of SVG, God sent her on a mission to preach and teach his word. She lost her way and jumped on a wagon (politics) that was not meant for her. Hence,  she was swallowed up by the whale and got washed up on the shore.

Now Mrs. Baptiste you need to get back on to that road that God had sent you on. You need to go back to the religious drawing board and study the bible well and then come back to the people of SVG with the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

Remember, “Those who knoweth the way and doeth it not shall be beaten with many, many stripes”.


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  1. Posted by Stephen Huggins on September 9, 2012 at 11:14 am

    To those of you who might be wondering ,this is Stephen McA Huggins of Queens Drive and also of the law firm of Saunders and Huggins . i am not the author of the piece above . i know not from whence it came . i just came across it a few moments ago . i wish thye real author would confirm this . if i have something to say i will say it and identify myself gladly .


  2. Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS on May 29, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    AMOR RODNEY, in her VINCI KALLALOO article, entitled, “Why do so many women hate [SENATOR] Anesia Baptiste?”, seems to have proved quite accurate in her erudite forecast and/or analysis:

    ” . . . But, make no mistake, the greatest obstacle in the way of a young, bright, attractive and ambitious female are her own sisters! Yes, it is other females. So Senator Baptiste needs not be wary of the men she meets on her political sojourn. Instead, she ought to be deathly afraid of the women around her both in and out of politics.

    “Several women in this country harbour nothing but hate and jealousy in their hearts for Senator Baptiste. Instead, Anesia has only to look at some of the females claiming support for her party and her political progress. I am bold enough to tell her to look out for people like Helen Alexander, Mourine Ramjeet, Jeannie Ollivierre, Nicha Brancher [sic?], Margaret London, Sylvia Sutherland, Louise Mitchell-Joseph and I could go on. Ay, Senator Baptiste! Such women are dangerous.

    “You, must know this: where men are forthright, women are backstabbers; where men use charm women use treachery; where men are frank, women are hypocritical; where men are dolphins, women are sharks!

    ” . . . We must not be fooled, women who crave but do not possess these attributes [ATTRIBUTES which the Writer, Amor Rodney, maintains that Mrs. Baptiste, nee Richards, possesses] can be envious, bitchy and spiteful, even as they embrace you with smiles.

    “So, Senator [Anesia] Baptiste has expressed her concerns with men [on a FaceBook post], some men I presume. I reiterate, men are not her problem. Women are! Essentially, a man just wants to know that he can get you into bed. A woman, on the other hand, wants to see you in an early grave.”


    Keep your fantastic punches up, Amor Rodney.


  3. Posted by Mourine on May 28, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Is this the Steve Huggins from the law firm Saunders and Huggins? Mr. Huggins no one did anything to this young lady, she has disappointed the youths and in particular the young women of SVG. Once you have given yourself up for public political office it is up to the people to find out from you whatever they need to know. That is the right of the people. SVG does not have a religious problem and since Mrs. Baptiste posted on her profile politician then she has to answer to the people whether you like it or not Mr. Huggins and it is not for you to make that determination. Let the people of SVG enjoy their freedom sir, please do not try to shut them up. SVG never had a religious problem and will never have one so you and Anesia please do not try to start one now.


  4. Posted by STEVE _ HUGGINS on May 21, 2012 at 11:52 am

    IS MOURINE a political or religious FOLLOWER ?

    Why the proselytic FIXATION ?

    It was VINCI KALALLOO which informed us some time ago that it would be WOMEN who would prove to be the WORST, most DANGEROUS, enemies of SENATOR ANESIA BAPTISTE (nee RICHARDS). Right on target ?


    • Posted by AB on May 21, 2012 at 8:02 pm

      Ironically tho Steve_Huggins is the long balls men in the NDP she say grudge she and fire she……..Maurine is just asking questions,,,,she is exercising the freeeeeedom that Anesia herself is always fighting for..Maurie does not want to be a politicain or the first female PM..Anesia does so all question are fair game


      • Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS on June 5, 2012 at 9:58 am

        A.B., how did you know that? About the cohones, I mean? I never, never, knew that. Is it really true, in truth? Well, I guess you know more about that than me. Thanks for the confidential information. I would never have known, otherwise. You see now, why we need to share information on this valuable site.
        Yet, I still marvel on just how you first discovered that type of knowledge.

  5. Posted by Sassy on May 20, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Well she needs to minister to the needs of Vincentians. All this foolish talk about freeeeedom is getting us nowhere. We are a very free people in every aspect of life. If she wants to preach then she needs to spread the word of God and talk about Love, Forgiveness and salvation


  6. Posted by BEACHE CUZIN on May 20, 2012 at 4:17 pm



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