Anesia Baptiste

I spoke to Mr. Nyron Medina in 2010 when this article first surfaced and you ought to be informed that the entire article is a fraud. It was written as if it is true by citing real and fake people’s names and was obviously used as a malicious plank in Trinidad and Tobago by a slanderous blog. Nyron Medina was never accused of nor faced any charges in any court of law in Trinidad and Tobago for child abuse.

The article is written in a manner that suggests there was an interview or interviews conducted. However, Nyron Medina never gave such statements attributed to him in that blog. It is for this reason, the person (s) in question never dared publish such slander on the daily papers in Trinidad and Tobago.

You would do well to consider the following statement sent to all media houses in SVG more than 2 years ago on 22nd March, 2010 when a similar attempt to slander me was made by propagandists by digging up this old slanderous piece and forwarding it to local media houses:

“I write to state my position on information that is being circulated in the public concerning me and my association with the Thusia Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Trinidad & Tobago. It has been brought to my attention that there is a particular article being spread around, entitled “When Religious Beliefs Justify Child Abuse” dated November 10, 1997 and claiming to come out of reporting from Trinidad. I am also reliably informed that this piece has been submitted to Media Houses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. If it has not reached you as yet, it may come your way very soon. This article is an elaborate hoax using real names of persons as well as fake names. If such were to be published now in Trinidad and Tobago, before the persons whose names have been called, such rumors which are slanderous would attract lawsuits for libel accordingly.

Besides, this subject has nothing to do with me personally, nor with any policy position that I have espoused as someone with leadership desires. The Roman Catholic Church in Europe, England, Ireland and the USA has been implicated in a lot of child sex scandals. Does that mean that the Prime Minister of SVG, who is a Roman Catholic, practices those things and that this is how he will run or runs this Country? Additionally, the Prime Minister has association with Iran, a Muslim Country accused of terrorism. Does that mean the Prime Minister will run the Country with Islamic Terrorism policies? If by my association with the church in Trinidad I am to be likened unto child sex abusers based on these allegations against it (the church), then it would mean that every Muslim is to be considered terrorists because of the few Muslims who bombed the twin towers and caused the death of thousands in the United States of America.

This is foolish logic and does not and should not be applied to me. It is a mere attempt to introduce scandals surrounding my name in effort to bring my good character and reputation into disrepute, by those who are clearly afraid and threatened by the influence of my work. I shall not be bogged down into this kind of filthy practice of politics which is unhelpful to the good people of our blessed Country.”

You are advised to consult for a genuine account of what the Thusia Seventh day Adventist Church believes and teaches and to stop trying to dig up derogatory things about Thusians, without critical investigation, knowing that a lot of fraudulent things are published on the internet.

Callaloo does not have poisonous libel in it and therefore Vinci Kalaloo is bringing dishonorable shame to the Country by giving the impression that they have done critical and investigative research. Whosoever is behind this Vinci Kalaloo blog is evidently out to slander my name by association and this person is also an enemy of progress in SVG and their statements against me are not to be taken seriously by right thinking persons

Finally, this low, gutter level of conversation, I will not be involved in, while higher principles for the progress of SVG are ignored.

Mrs. Anesia Baptiste

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  1. I agree with Arnhim position in relationship to Anesia’s conduct, but she doesn’t have to answer to anyone, especially since she’s not running for election. I am sure charges would have been brought against this man and his followers once children are involved.


  2. Posted by BEACHE CUZIN on May 20, 2012 at 4:19 pm



  3. Posted by Vincy to the bone on May 20, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Is Mrs. Baptiste a politician or a religious leader? I do believe that Mrs. Baptiste is the Jonah of SVG, God sent her on a mission to preach and teach his word. She lost her way and jumped on a wagon (politics) that was not meant for her, hence the reason she was swallowed up by the whale and got washed up on the shore. Now Mrs. Baptiste you need to get back on to that road that God had sent you on. You need to go back to the religious drawing board and study the bible well and then come back to the people of SVG with the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Those who knoweth the way and doeth it not shall be beaten with many, many stripes.


  4. Posted by Vincy to the bone on May 18, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    I have a few questions also. How many members do you have in SVG? Who is the head of your church or organization in SVG? It is open to the public, how can someone become a member?
    Where is your house of worship? Are the doors closed during active hours of service?
    Who is Nyron Medina? What is his background, Where and what did he study?
    Can you post some of she sermons and teaching for us to view?
    Since the Vincentian public is not sold that this is a man and religion that we should follow can you shed some light and give us more details of the membership in T&T, who they are and what they do for a living?
    You cannot blame the Kalaloo for bring this to our attention. What they posted is in the public domain and it is up to you Mrs. Baptiste to refute it with substance and just old talk. We need real proof of whom you are associated with and the real deal on these people, it is incumbent upon you as an aspiring Prime Minister to do so.We patiently wait your reply.


    • Posted by AB on May 19, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      I would like to add to the questions….Is Nyron medina a minister of religion?..can be legally perform marriage ceremonies in St. Vincent?….I too would like to know how can a person become a member of the Thusian Church. Can anyone come to visit your church and sit in at anytime of worship?…See the public knows so litle about your religion. I remember one time ago Sheflorn said that if the public wants to know anything about the religion we should just ask so that is alll we are doing. I look forward to the answers..thanks


  5. Posted by Concern Vincentian on May 16, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Mrs. Anesia Baptiste

    Yes “The Roman Catholic Church in Europe, England, Ireland and the USA has been implicated in a lot of child sex scandals”, that is true. However for you to draw reference to the Roman Catholic church in this situation is totally unrelated. The matter on hand is saying that the “Thusian beliefs” as supported by their Leader (You claim that this is false and that the article posted about Nyron Medina is Libelous) encourages the abuse of children.
    Roman Catholic beliefs are strictly against child abuse and any member of the church who partakes in such actions is clearly going against the views of the church. Therefore you cannot say that the Roman Catholic church supports child abuse (because in essence that is what you are saying). The matter on hand is clearly stating that it is a practice of the Thusian religious group to partake in child abuse (as sited by the article “Thusians Accused of Child Abuse and Other Unspeakable Acts”
    Also I find it very hard to get a clear “official” list of some of the “Thusian Beliefs”. The website that you posted above does not give the public a good idea of your beliefs as a Thusian member. Can you please post a direct link that will shed some light on the matters being questioned? For example, is it true that as a member of the church you are not encouraged to have children?
    I am just posting as a concerned citizen trying to find out the truth.


  6. Posted by sandra Browne on May 12, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    I need to know who are the person behind this vincikallaloo blog.


  7. Posted by Arthur on May 10, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    …………..”Additionally, the Prime Minister has association with Iran, a Muslim Country accused of terrorism. Does that mean the Prime Minister will run the Country with Islamic Terrorism policies?”””

    @ Anesia, I have a question for you. I can remember that a few times you questioned the Prime Minister’s relations with the leader of Iran, Columbis etc…and you suggested that it was a bad thing for him to be associated with those people. If now you are saying that the Prime Minister association with Iran,,does not mean the prime Minister will run the country with Islamic terrorism policies tell my why on Earth did you go on radio and give the vincentian polulation the impression that the Prime Minister’s association with these countries is a threat to St. Vincent? Are you now saying that because Vincy Kalaloo is questioning your association with Nyron Medina?…and if you are saying that your association with Nyron Medina does not mean you are in agreement with what he suppposidly did why did you make it look as it the Prime Minister would be like those heads of socialist and communist countries?…..and you wonder why so many people think you are a danger to this country?


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