Shanika did not deserve to die! By Imran Khan

The Late Shanika Small

I met Shanika Small on one of my trips to St Vincent a few years ago. After tiring travel I encountered her gracious warmth at the front desk of Grenadine House where she was employed as a front desk attendant. Grenadine House is by no means the Ritz but of the many hotels I have stayed at, the experience there was memorable. This was in large measure as a result of the wonderful staff at the hotel.

I recall Shanika to be courteous, conscientious and engaging. She was charming too and spared no effort in ensuring that my stay was comfortable and indeed enjoyable. Every night before she left work she enquired of my colleagues and I whether we were comfortable and ensured that she provided us with all necessary information in the event we needed anything.

The hospitality and patience of the staff, and especially Shanika, has remained with me since. It should come as no surprise therefore that I was today deeply saddened to have learnt of Shanika’s disappearance last October. Several months have passed since her disappearance and what appears to be her passing but to me it is rather fresh.

I recall my colleagues and I chatting with Shanika and she spoke of her ambitions to further her studies overseas and pursuing a successful career. Shanika spoke of wanting to study overseas but was insistent that her plans were to return to St Vincent to live and work. She impressed me as a focussed and determined young lady. That her life has been cut short in what was reported to be most barbaric and brutal circumstances has been rightfully condemned widely.

I too add my condemnation. I trust that her family will have closure as every effort would be made to ensure the DNA test results are made available. I pray too, that the coward(s) who murdered her is/are brought to justice. Shanika did not deserve to die in such inhumane circumstances. Hers was a warm and affable soul. In her own small way she was a most gracious and excellent ambassador for her country. Her murderer(s) has/have robbed St Vincent of a shining star. May her soul rest in peace.

Imran Khan

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  1. SVG needs a complete make-over. There are several murderers still walking around the island. The police are incompetent and needs more investigative training. Many people feel that the government is involved in criminal behaviour. Hence the lack of action on its part to solve the numerous murders.


    • Posted by Amanda Dopwell on July 18, 2012 at 2:25 pm

      Recently i was told by a female friend of mine from St. Vincent that ” Men would be men”. This statement was made in pertinence to an incident between herself and her spouse. I wonder to myself , How come a girl who is twenty-four (same age as me) could be habouring such thinking? She is young, beautiful, vibrant, educated, nearly all the aspects any ambitious man would look for. How could she be so complacent with such behaviour? Our society today does not leave room for young people to encourage such rash behaviour from persons….because we are taught by our parents, teachers and people in society that this is cave people thinking. And then, it dawned on me…… i visited St. Vincent couple years ago for my Grandmother”s funeral and the unacceptable behaviour i see women accepting from men was apalling. It seems that Vincentians or mainly Vincentian women fail to uphold their sanctity. How can someone uphold such violation? This, in my opinion is a sign of a regressing scoiety, hence these social problems. Women are being treated horribly and are forced to accept it because the men won”t live up to their responsibilities if the women begin to portray non tolerance of these behaviours. When complaints are made to the Police….the Police lack the psycological stance, reasoning and moral values to resolve the situation in such a way that children and parents benefit positively. Its sad! Very Very Very sad! i said to myself: “this is the reason why shanika’s murderer is yet to be revealed. All this crap going on in the year 2012!!! Twelve Years after the millenium. Vincentians wake up! And stop tolerating stupidity. If this is the crap y’all wanna teach the adults of tomorrow ….God help you people in Vincy! my heart hurts….it weeps…i am ashamed to let people know that i come from Vincentian roots. Lets please try and bring back some form of humility and accountability for one’s actions. Stop this backwardness!


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