7 Good Reasons for Firing Anesia Baptiste by Amor Rodney


Anesia Baptiste

Arnhim Eustace has taken the bold step to kick Anesia out of the House and hopefully out of the NDP.  Unfortunately, we have to wait a few hours more to hear his reasons for doing so. In the meantime, thousands of sympathizers will emerge in support of SVG’s latest political victim, Anesia Baptiste. But is she really a victim?

I do not know why Eustace took such action. But I can give 7 reasons why Anesia Baptiste cannot be a member of MY party if I WERE the political leader.

  1. Anesia is a religious fanatic who is NEVER EVER wrong. Thus, it stands to reason that she will always be on a collision course with any one who differs from her. I don’t want such a person im MY party.
  2. Anesia is confrontational and takes a sadistic type of pleasure in attacking persons and the postions they hold in the name of religious liberty. In this way, she alienates many. Why would I want such a divisive person in my party.
  3. Despite her obvious talent, intellect and best intent, Anesia is too hasty. She must learn to cool out sometimes. I am willing to guess that it is some hasty action on her part that drove Arnhim to get rid of her.
  4. Anesia respects NO ONE except her god. As such, she is beyond reproach; takes no advice and cannot handle criticism. It is her way or NO WAY. How on earth can I work with such a person in my party?
  5. Anesia is all about Anesia. While she may have demonstrated a little concern for the plight of ordinary people, Anesia is really on a personal mission. The NDP was merely used as the available vehicle to achieve whatever that mission is. Clearly, Arnhim’s mission is not Anesia’s mission. So, were I Arnhim, I would kick her ass out too!
  6. Anesia is no team player. Her team has ONE member, Anesia. She has demonstrated that she is a lone ranger, a maverick who is not prepared to compromise and work with others for the good of the party. For that I would get rid of her!
  7. Anesia is no politician; she possesses no leadership qualities.  She is a religious zealot, an extremist. Such persons have no place in my party.

Perhaps, Eustace may have acted for at least ONE of these reasons. But, let us wait for his explanation. I have no idea about what he plans to say. But, I am certain of ONE thing: Little Ms Anesia is NOT as innocent as she is pretending to be right now.

Time will tell!

Amor Rodney

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mourine on April 30, 2012 at 9:25 am

    With this kind of behaviour, do you really think she has respect for God?


  2. Posted by Neutral. on April 25, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    This to me is full of crap. All the seven reasons given are purely subjective. I too have read the report on facebook and without a doubt it hold lots of merit. One of the major stands taken by the NDP in its quest to regain power is that of FREEDOM, yet it is obvious by the report by Ms Baptiste (providing it is 100% accurate) that the upper echelons of the NDP do not differ to those of the ULP. The average person only hears what he/she wants to hear and hence it was the responsibility of the NDP to educate the pubic especially when words spoken are taken out of context.

    I will admit though that the Anesia and Mr. Eustace handled the situation poorly – (this surely doesnt say much about their Public Relations Skill). Hopefully, the party hasn’t done irreparable damage to is campaign because i believe it is vitally important to have a strong and trustworthy voice in the opposition. My only regret is that this wasn’t dealt with in-house (NDP).

    Going forward, the party will have to sort out its internal issues before election. SVG’s economy is on a stand still and there is a dire need for new ideas, and attitudes so that our country can come out of the doldrums.


  3. Posted by Ghetto watchman on April 24, 2012 at 10:41 am

    In a sense we are like brothers we share the same destiny none goes his way alone ,just what you send into the lives of others cones back into your very own.Anesia and the Thusians, believe they alone know and serve God and under the guise of serving their god, they have destroyed ,villified and maligned many persons and destroyed their reputation,GOD DOH SLEEP.


  4. Posted by Tess on April 22, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Anesia believes she is a martyr. She thinks that she is the “chosen one”. It is clear that with her beliefs and ideologies, she is on her way to start a new political party based on extreme Christian right wing agenda; perhaps, she is taking a chapter from the Tea party in the USA play book. Many wars, killings, atrocities occurred based on religions; It is highly appropriate for any leader of a political party to express concern that high profiled people in the party should not make any public statements which are adverse to any religion what is wrong with that. That request from Mr. Eustace does not take away anyone’s freedom of religion. Anesia has nailed her “magna carta” on the doors of the NDP and she is about to start a new party because she believes God has chosen her to lead SVG on the right path.


  5. Posted by Matthew on April 22, 2012 at 1:59 am

    I am very disappointed in Anesia. She was one of the more promising political member of the party. The letter she wrote which is posted on face book for all to see, is very shameful and disrespectful. If you respect god you should be a humble person and a meek person is one who listen for the voice of the lord. Your post has some very truthful facts and i know it will be a platform for people to cast their lot on Anesia. She put herself in that position and I think she should publicly apology to Mr Eustace. The bible say gave honor to who honor is due. We are all govern by rule and regulation and the rights we are all talking about is for EVERYONE. If the Roman catholic is a Cult what will you call the spiritual Baptist? Be careful of the things you say, it always come back to hunt you.


  6. Posted by Laybah on April 21, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    Quite accurate. In politics you are accountable to the people and subject to the political leader. Amnesia neither subjects, reports, accounts, nor respects anyone but God.


  7. Posted by BLACKGONSALVES on April 21, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Very intelligent post, and the points you made couldn’t be any truer. Amnesia is clearly a narcissist who would use anybody or anything(even religion) to get what she wants.


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