ULP MPs Protest against their Own!

Hon Montgomery Daniel

Hon Montgomery Daniel

Debate on the Appropriations Bill came to abrupt end on Wednesday evening when members of the government refused to continue the debate in the absence of members of the Opposition.

The manner in which events unfolded showed clearly that the government parliamentarians were in solidarity with the opposition. It started when Minister of Agriculture made an offensive remark regarding the health of Hon Daniel Cummings. Indeed, so obnoxious was the comment that even government MPs were visibly upset. For their on part, the opposition had stormed out of the house in protest of Daniel’s insensitive remarks.

When Daniel completed his contribution, the speaker called further debate. But no one moved. They were clearly all still upset by the stupid remarks made by their colleague Daniel. The prime was then forced to move for the suspension of the House. In doing so he also issued an apology to Cummings.

Daniel had done it again! This time he caused even his own colleagues to take a stance against him. What are they going to do with this man?

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  1. Posted by Catherine on January 27, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    Vincikallaloo is the only person who witness this protest coz me nah hear nobady esle mention um.


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