Will SVG be ever ready for Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas?

Vision of the Seas

Vision of the Seas

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been included in Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas’ itinerary for its 2012-13 cruise season. On the face of it, this is perhaps great news for all stakeholders in the tourism sector. But, given the conditions in this country, one wonders if we will ever be ready to host a visit by this huge luxury cruise liner.

It is interesting to note that since the Vision of the Seas was launched on May 02, 1998, St. Vincent is appearing on its itinerary for the first time. Neighbouring ports such as Bridgetown, Castries, and St. Georges have all received visits. More than likely, St. Vincent will receive a visit in 2013, that is 15 years after the ship was launched! Why did it take so long for SVG to be included on the itinerary?

Now that Royal Caribbean has decided to put this country on its itinerary for a visit by the Vision of the Seas, will the country be ready? What can the thousands of visitors expect to experience in Kingstown?

We will attempt to address these questions in a subsequent post.

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