The Killing of Shanika Small: Some Interesting Questions

The Late Shanika Small

Our articles on the death of Shanika Small have generated quite a lot of discussion on this site.  Certain theories of  how that young lady may have met her demise have been raised. In a back and forth between two posters, one of them posted the following comment

It may appear plausible looking at the situation that way, but other questions need to be answered. I however  honestly cannot see:

  1. Shanika leaving home too go for a walk in a lonely place on her own. I lived alone as a 19 year old too and as much as I had my own way, going out alone was never an option, someone had to either be with me or am going to meet someone not too far from where I am.
  2. How come in all the posts of the investigation, and quest to find the said missing Shanika, how come it wasn’t stated that Shanika previously lived with the friend and was her brother’s girlfriend?
  3. Whom else does Shanika know in the village in that direction, that she would go to meet?
  4. If she did tell her friend that someone was forcing her to be with them as she stated on the page wouldn’t Shanika mention to her who the guy was that is forcing her to be with her?

And as you stated,  that the text was sent to the brother giving him a “PERFECT ALLIBI”  WHY DIDN’T SHE TEXT HER FRIEND INSTEAD OF THE FRIENDS BROTHER? Were they still in a relationship? Usually when 2 people break up ( And it had to be serious why Shanika moved out and went on her own,right?) my ex boy friend won’t be the one I would text if anything. No matter how good a grounds relationship is parted there is always hard feelings there.

And hey, what became of the brother’s ex-girlfriend that was murdered few years ago?

Vinci Kallaloo have been reliably inform that the police have a pretty good idea of who are the perpetrators of the ghastly act. Only they know why they have not yet made an arrest.  We hope that investigation will be a priority for the CID in 2012. We will certainly be raising the matter as often as we can.

Those of you with information, especially if you are so-called “friends” of Shanika, come forward and clear your chest! Lighten your burdens!

In the mean time, we urge our readers to visit this site [Shanika’s Life] to get a glimpse of the life and times of the young lady who was most like killed by some one she knew!

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  1. Posted by KS784 on January 1, 2012 at 1:03 am

    When i first read the story of this missing girl i was sitting at a table, i said to the others that it is rather strange that these days where persons are looking at their phones every 5 or 10mins, someone who was texting at 2am would only look at their phone again at 3pm. I hope the Police worked with the telephone company/ies to look at those texts, very easy, if they really exist.


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