Sen Vynnette Frederick: The Biggest Political Failure in SVG for 2011

Senator Vynnette Frederick

Never had there been a young female with as much promise as Senator Vynnette Frederick, a member of parliament for the opposition New Democratic Party.  Despite losing to Cecil “Ces” Mc Kie in West St. George in the 2010 general elections, Ms Frederick was appointed as senator in the House of Assembly upon the recommendation of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Arnhim Eustace.  What many had declared to be a brilliantly strategic decision on the part of Eustace was anything but. Senator Frederick turned out to be an absolute and complete failure.

Given her own academic background and professional training, Ms Frederick’s contribution to debates in the House was quite disappointing. She could at best be described as superfluous and lacked much depth and insight. Frederick will however be remembered for her childish exchanges with the Speaker, the Prime Minister and other Members on the Government side of Chamber. She will be remembered too, for fiddling with her BlackBerry and posting on Facebook during sittings of the House.

As the NDP caretaker for West St. George, Ms Frederick completely neglected that constituency.  She paid little regard to the are during the election campaign and it was worse after the loss. Frederick never looked back on the people of West St. George.

We at Vinci Kallaloo consider Vynnette Frederick as bright, talented, articulate and filled with leadership potential. However, she has failed miserably live up to our expectations. She is nothing but a broken promise. We therefore voted her as the Biggest Political Failure in SVG for 2011.

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  1. I call for a ban on this magazine. What we are doing here is helping to make this mag. popular. if we all abstain from writing comments here the editors would have to look for another way of getting popular. You will not get me commenting here anymore. and I suggest to others to do the same.


  2. The comments of Josiah Stewart are quite interesting. Looking at the headlines of this magazine here on the right one can see all gloom and doom reports. To really build up our country we need to look for stories that we never hear about. There are a lot of good people and good things going on in our country. Why not bring them to the fore. it will entice others to do the same. But I guess all this was foretold what would happen in the last days. Sensationalism is the name of the day and all this to the detriment of our beautiful island. Very sad!


  3. Let’s go forward to the future and look at the headlines: “THE HONORABLE VYNNETTE FREDERICK’s party won the election. St. Vincent first woman Prime Minister”. We should all hail this young lady for being one of the youngest in politics. She has only one way to go – UP. Let’s not just think about today. it’s is absolutely wonderful to have young budding and energetic politicians, our hope for the future of St. Vincent. Let’s stop the pulling down. Let’s be one people and start building each other up. All this negativity can kill a good promise.


  4. In my mind there exist more notable failures inclusive of the speaker, the representative for North Windward, and Saboto Ceaser for being an unrefined, over-the-top, shadow of Gonsalves.

    Biggest failure, commensurate to the above personalities? No but missed opportunity, ABSOLUTELY. The analysis relative to antics (the crackberry, flirtatious, cheeky behaviors) are spot on, this conduct diminishes the gravitas of the senator. On the other hand, her contributions are not as weightless as the article suggests.

    She clearly knows her stuff and is more than familiar with the issues which she shadows. Her down to earth explanation of the implications of the amending of the ROTPP act stands out in my mind. Granted however, she is not actualizing her full potential even if the least effort from the latter is far superior to the most valiant effort of the government Mps.

    As for constituency matters, Miss Fredrick lost and has no intention to re-litigate this battle, shifting aside and allowing prospective candidates to trend ground is well advised. What can or more importantly, what should she do to represent “WSG”?

    All in all, her performance is somewhat second-rate. Lest we forget however that freshman senators require time to distinguish themselves.

    Further, Miss Fredrick by virtue of her age and gender represents the underrepresented majority. All should wish for her success, but ultimately she needs to acknowledge her own shortcomings (within her senatorial capacity) and constructively focus that brilliant mind and vigorous dynamo.


    • Posted by Saadiss on December 30, 2011 at 6:01 pm

      @vincentsvg, you are quite the diplomat…lol.

      The only hope of political redemption for Ms Fredercik is if she succeed in bringing Gonsalves to his knees through the courts…,until then, given the great potential and enthusiasm she had going into the last elections and then conspire to pull defeat out the jaws of victory against a lame arse opponent…plus the school girl antics…yeah, biggest failure indeed.

      Of all the candidates in last December Elections…I so wanted Ms Frederick to win her seat…I like her passion on the rostrum and her “rootsy” disposition. She had the makings of a great politician..but looking back, her maturity was her Achilles heel…I believe the older electorate never really gravitate to her…then again maybe the electorate believe she was too DeGeneres…now, where could they have gotten such an idea?


      • No man, so only if she wins a legal case can she be redeemed? She has the latent potential; as long as she acknowledges her shortcomings and focus she would be fine. Of course if she is belligerent, and simply brushes aside all critique as illegitimate, then things remain the same.

  5. Posted by Josiah Stewart on December 29, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    It’s a fact that Vinci Kallaloo must stay alive by attaining some form of notoriety, and that is, by any means necessary. In my opinion, this is nothing but nitpicking.

    I remembered in the year 1988, the Sun newspaper of Trinidad had a headline indicating “Michael Jackson died.” As a result, this little evening paper sold out in Port of Spain. By reading the contents of that particular subject we found out that it was a nondescript person of America that had beared the name Michael Jackson. The result: the paper was successful in its quest to bolster sales.

    Are we really expecting an exhibition of sophistication to govern St. Vincent, a Fifth World Nation at best?

    This is my take on the latter part of the above post.


  6. Posted by Saadiss on December 29, 2011 at 7:27 pm


    In the words of Doc Holiday: It would appear that the strain was more than (s)he could bear.


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