Shanika Small: Bludgeoned to death by a “friend”!

The Late Shanika Small

The Late Shanika Small

Shanika Small was killed by someone she considered a friend. Perhaps, her killer was an individual with whom she once had an intimate relationship.

This is one of several theories that investigators are pursuing regarding the gruesome discovery of Shanika’s decomposing body nine days after she was reported as “missing”. Indeed, the evidence and statements collected to date appear to substantiate this theory.

A certain family may hold the missing clues to this puzzle. This is a family with which Shanika may have had some intimacy with at least one member. In fact, given almost certainty of action by the police, a prominent criminal attorney has been consulted by a member of this family just in case!

Several other theories have surfaced purporting to explain how Shanika met her violent demise. Among them are “the stalking stranger”, “a failed drug transaction” and “a rape and robbery”. However, the evidence has failed to convincingly support any of these and the other theories put forward.

The police are said to be working on the “close friend” angle. This is where the evidence seems to be pointing. Yet, despite the overwhelming clues, the police appear hesitant to make an arrest.

Was Shanika Small bludgeon to death by a “friend”? It is only a matter of time before that “friend” confesses.

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  1. Posted by Saadiss on January 2, 2012 at 5:56 am

    @Observer…you are trying to be smart but not being clever.

    …so according to your theory, Observer, this “brother” sent himself the text…well, the obvious question that comes to my mind is, why would he WILLINGLY DRAW ATTENTION TO HIMSELF, WHEN HE COULD HAVE SIMPLY DUMPED THE BODY AND GO ON HIS MERRY WAY? From the Killer’s perspective, there is no need, ABSOLUTELY NONE WHATSOEVER, to purposely insert himself within the narrative of an impending investigation by trying to “create” an alibi. To do so, is basically akin to dum-dum climbing the mango tree, feel the mango, climb down and then proceed to stone said mango! It is patently stupid.

    The brother, assuming of course, he is not as dumb as you are suggesting; could have come up with a myriad of ready-made IRON CLAD alibis…he was sleeping; he was in the cinema; he went by a friend but the friend wasn’t home; he was on the beach chilling; OR SIMPLY GET THE SISTER TO PROVIDE AN ALIBI…MY BROTHER WAS HERE WITH ME AT THAT TIME ON THAT DAY…What better alibi do you need? When I stated that the brother had a perfect alibi,I was simply trying to make a counter argument to what ‘Lost” was making in relation to the text message. But I never imagine this angle of he sending himself the text; I guess I am not as smart as you, observer.


  2. Posted by Observer on January 1, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Saadis..What if someone, like the brother used her phone and sent the 911 to his phone to secure an alibi….YOU figure it are making no sense….


  3. Posted by Saadiss on December 29, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    NO ONE IS GOING TO CONFESS…The hard truth is, this case will remain unsolved. Our police do not have the forensic nor the investigative skills to find a killer. How many cases have our police solved on pure investigative skills? A high percentage of killings in SVG are done within public view or there is first hand knowledge of the perpetrator.

    This “friend” theory is bulls#!#, in my opinion from this angle… this crime took place outside on her way to or from home according to news reports…she could have met ANYONE…had she been killed in her home, the “friend” theory would sound more plausible. Plus its my understanding that the “friend” which the police is investigating is a young adult from a respected family in the community…I am not entirely sure this person has the wherewithal to commit such heinous act…of course it is possible…but I think highly improbable within the context of Vincy Society. I believe the perpetrator is a much older adult with a criminal background and who probably had this young lady on his radar for sometime.

    Anyway, I do hope the perpetrator is apprehended and punish to the fullest extent of the law..but I am not holding my breath…

    R.I.P Shanika.


    • Posted by Lost on December 29, 2011 at 9:32 pm

      Lol saddis you found like either a family or the friend herself,but if you were following the story you would realize that some things don’t make sence or are quite questionable, for a young adult with good edutional background, a person won’t have to be told by the police not to post certain things relating to the then missing girl in fb,when the guy that was helping with the search was arrested she posted it all on her fb, so why not posting updates now she was questioned? Even when she claimed the now dead girl was missing, why would her as a friend first expect the worst and head a search in the mountains why not the beach? Why not contact all shanika family members? After all shanika was an adult living On her own,she could have just found a new fella and since she lives alone and have no one to say you can’t go could have gone by someone, why expect death instantly from one text that she claimed was sent to her brothers phone saying call 911. And is it not a bit weird to anyone that all the text said was call 911 and was sent to the dead girls friend brother? Why not to her friend directly and how helpful would that text be? Why wouldn’t it say a name in the text wouldn’t shanika have put someone’s name if she was on fact the one that sent the message if a message was sent? Or atleast a location? Come on people I saw this from day one the soup posed friend was too egor to post stories as though trying to hide or cover something, who reports someone missing in less than a few hours. My gutts are telling me her brother had a hand in her death told her about it after and she is hiding it just like any other sister would do to protect a brother,


      • Posted by Saadiss on December 30, 2011 at 3:14 pm

        Yo Lost!,I hear you…but if this is the theory that the police is really going on, they are even more inept that previously thought…Look, don’t you think that the fact that the deceased sent a text to the brother…gives the brother a PERFECT ALIBI?…think about it…if the brother was involved, why would the deceased send a text to him to call 911?…it makes no sense! Now, on the issue of the veracity of such text could be easily be verified by checking the records of both cell phones in question.

        On the issue of the “sister” posting on fb, that is neither here nor there..she was was just being a female…this is what females do in this day and age…show their arse on fb 24/7…every phucking thing is posted on fb nothing is off limits, for these heffers…so its no surprise this “sister” was posting all and sundry on fb.

        Yo, Lost, let me put something to you..say you are a young female walking a lonely dark road…and you suspect something amiss…you scared as hell…yo not thinking straight now…yo pull out yo phone.. and text the first name that come to mind…at this time, you realized yo only have time to say call 911…yo attacker is upon you…

        Does this sound plausible or not?

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