Grieving for Shanika?


Nyasha Holder


Christmas is almost here and still no arrest for the brutal murder of 20-year-old Shanika Small. She went missing since October 21 this year. Nine days later, her partially decomposed body was found in the Welcome area, not too far from her home.

Nyasha Holder, a “friend” of Shanika, was the one who alerted family, friends, and the general public about Shanika’s disappearance. And in response to Nyasha’s call a massive search ensued. The young lady was discovered nine days later, the apparent victim of a brutal slaying.

Although there are some possible suspects identified, the police are very cautious about making an arrest. There are several theories about how Shanika met her demise. Among the most plausible of these theories is that Shanika was killed by someone she knew well and not by a stranger.

In the meantime, the investigators have special interest in Nyasha Holder, the “friend” who sounded the alarm. Her story has allegedly changed several times. And each time, it is riddled with inconsistencies. Does Ms Holder know more than she has admitted so far? Does she know who killed Shanika? Who is she allegedly trying to protect?

Shanika’s family and friends are looking for answers. Unfortunately, the police may already have the answers but are refusing to make an arrest. If Ms Holder knows more, now is a good time to come clean.

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  1. Its clear as day that a lot of people do not get Vinci Kallaloo…It is a BLOG!! meaning a matter of opinion…If there are facts in the reports have anyone of you ever heard the bloggist say anything about proof? Most of the bloggist’s reports are questions. Now the questions will cause a lot of concern and a few blood pressure to rise or so but that is the beauty of sensationalism. It makes you aware of a situation. If some people will calm down when they read this blog and just let common sense prevail then there wouldn’t be any need for bad language, or uncontrolled emotional written outburst at the bloggist. Try reading any other bloggist on the internet about anything and one would see that this bloggist is not very far off from other bloggist. All I am saying is, I read Vinci kallalo because I like to hear the bloggist opinion on things but I am not gonna go jump over a cliff if I don’t like what I read. Just close the page and move on to the next thing. Simple!! It’s not rocket Science.


    • Posted by Ghetto watchman on December 30, 2011 at 9:21 pm

      I hope you will be singing the same tune if they post your picture on the internet connected to some wild sweeping allegations,the bloggist also have to be responsible also,is it right for them to be posting peoples pictures without permission.


    • Posted by Amanda Dopwell on July 18, 2012 at 1:54 pm

      I totally agree with you Miss Fitzpatrick! Majority of vincentians are backward and still believe that certain things have to be concealed because of who it might hurt. The Real victim here is Shanika Small. If persons have information on her death, it is morally right to divulge such information. Vincentians will continue to cower in a corner and cling to their backward belief that people should shut up about trivial issues but the real issue at hand is finding Shanika’s killer and putting them to justice. Am not pointing any fingers at vincentians because i have vincentian blood running through my veins, am simply stating that this information, if not given freely, should be forced to be given. Shanika’s right to live was taken from her….she was violated , so whoever involved with important information; by all means violate their rights too. We are in 2012, stop this backward thinking and do the right thing. Mr. Ghetto Watchman, we live in a democracy, not communism, socialism, or fascism. Freedom of information is an aspect of democracy. If in st. vincent that aspect is stiffled….am very very very sorry for our young people to come. Moreover, i was very startled at the statistics of Domestic Violence in St Vincent in comparison to other Caribbean Islands. This speaks volumes about what sort of minds are being breed in St. Vincent, and it says alot about Law Enforcement.


  2. Posted by Ghetto watchman on December 23, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    The owners of this blog really really overdoing a joke ana, what the hell is going on in our blessed land svg, why is it that these asswipes of vincy kalaloo keep on posting peoples pictures and making all kinds of wild sweeping allegations against peoples character, who made Vincikalaloo judge jury and executioner in this land. You all won’t stop until you all incite mob violence and some innocent person is killed, or until some body find out who the cowards are who hide behind this blog and spout all kinds of hatred and vigilante justice and sue them for everything they got, or worse still give them a dose of their own medicine.


  3. Posted by jay jay on December 23, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Well I am in shock, can’t wait to see who these culprits are, I can’t believe a friend? nah God have mercy.


  4. My gut instinct keep telling me nyasha knows what went on with shanika because all her stories is a puzzle to me it just not adding up the police need to get really hard on her and her half brother they know more, and they don’t talk they bet start thinking about how they gonna live with it in this world.


  5. Nyasha please if u know something or more please tell someone if u dont want to speak to the police its time for Shanika to be at rest , her family needs closure what ever u know weather big or small shanika did not deserve to die like that she was some one child just like ur and she was brutally taken away from her family Nyasha u were her friend dot let who did this get away because they will do it again and they might do it to u or one of ur family so plesae any body who know anything please come forward now because if it was your family u will want answers dont shield no killer the killing need to stop.
    Thank u


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