Talent in Jail: “RJ” Stars at Prison Concert!

Inmate "RJ" entertaining patrons at this year's prison concert

Vincentians who turned up to the Annual Prison Concert yesterday (Sunday Day December 18, 2011) were in for a treat. A prisoner going by the name “RJ” sang his heart out and in the process became a clear favourite among the ladies in attendance.

RJ came on stage as the second performer and sang a popular Christmas song. Grantley Bramble the MC billed him as “Chris Brown”. With a voice reminiscent of Jah Cure and Christopher Martin RJ did not disappoint. He wooed the crowd in fantastic fashion.  At the request of the large appreciative crowd, RJ was recalled on stage several more times to do more numbers and he did not disappoint.

In one of the more poignant moments of the evening,  RJ public apologised to Commissioner Keith Miller for disappointing him and the other officers of the force. It turns out that RJ is no ordinary inmate. He was once a member of the police service himself.

The prison concert was once again a hit. Thanks to RJ, it may go down as one of the more memorable in years.

One response to this post.

  1. There’s alot of educated and talented citizens of SVG. The problem is, “there’s not much exposure”. Just listen to the calypsonians singing about the government in the 80ths / 90ths.


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