The Tragic Death of Ells:Is it an unsolved murder?

An escaped prisoner is shot and killed by the police. Everyone rejoices. The criminal is no more. Kudos go to the police.

The dead man had a gun belonging to Ells. Was this the gun reportedly went missing on the night that Ells himself killed by an intruder? Are the two events related?

Someone claiming to be an ex-police recently posted a response to an article: Police Kill Godwin Moses. We have chosen not to post it since it raises some disturbing questions.

The writer argues that Moses was perhaps sent on a mission. He writes thus: “Is the case closed? This is too neat; too tightly packaged; too believable. Something stinks!”
The writer ends with this question: “Is there a fraud being perpetrated against an unsuspecting public?”

We at Vinci Kallaloo continue to monitor this one.

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