Who is in better health? Eustace or Gonsalves? Take a poll!

Among the necessary attributes of an effective leader is that of good physical health. The rigors of high office demand that leaders pay due care and attention their health. This is particularly so where there is a tendency to choose leaders who are well past their prime.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the two contending leaders are Arnhim Eusatce and Ralph Gonsalves. Eustace is the leader of the opposition and currently heads the New Democratic Party (NDP). Gonsalves,, on the other hand is the prime minister and leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP). It is reasonable to assume that both men will dominate the political scene in SVG for a few years more. They will certainly continue to battle each other for the reins of governance in this country.

As Eustace and Gonsalves engage in the tussle with each other, an important question looms large: Are they each healthy enough for the rigors of high office? Vinci Kallaloo therefore takes this opportunity to poll our readers on the issue. Take the poll below and give us your views.

Vinci Kallaloo will report and comment on the results in a subsequent post.

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