The police commissioner is a jackass!

SVG’s Commissioner of Police Keith Miller

The Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller is at it again!  It is clear that this man’s moronic tendencies have no limits. Could you imagine that Super Cop has publicly expressed his disgust over the lyrics of Godfrey Dublin’s soca song, “Any Number Could Play”.  Miller has to be a bona fide jack ass! What is wrong with the song?

I am sure that any reasonable person would agree that Godfrey Dublin is simply reflecting a reality in this country. He is in no way promoting the exploitation of young girls. This is a beautiful song with a timely message. But alas, this is lost on Super Cop Keith Miller.

This is the same Commissioner that protected the PM when he was accused of raping a female police officer; this is the same Keith Miller who reinstated three violent police criminals back into the Force. Does this man’s stupidity know any end? He is a bloody jackass!

Now listen the song here!


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  1. Posted by Saadiss on June 26, 2011 at 12:36 am

    just read somewhere that they ban Godfrey’s song…if that’s the case…we should postpone the carnival as all the songs deserve banning.

    What hypocrisy in motion…when all the young girls getting molested and breed by these old hard back men…I didn’t hear Miller and the Christian Council up in arms…but now they talking cloth about Godfrey’s song…wtf, really?

    Are they now going to ban BIG STICK, NOONY JUICE, POORSAH, GRANDPA COCOA, WHO JUMP THE SHEEP and any other song that offend the sensibilities of the part-time puritans in Vincyland?…

    Vincentians had a RAPE RALLY, NOT FOR THE VICTIM…BUT IN DEFENSE OF THE PERPETRATOR…and folks are now talking about morality?…please…somebody tell me ah was misinformed about Godfrey’s song being banned…


    • Posted by VEXALWAYS on July 1, 2011 at 12:20 pm

      If little Girls would go with old men when they listen to Godfrey’s Song, then why Stupid arse Miller don’t feel I would hammer a load of Sheep when I listen to Gao’s Sheep Song? In fact I am thinking of buying a sheep, can you stop me from dealing with my Sheep I bought?


      • Posted by boyzie on October 2, 2012 at 6:00 pm

        i was a Police under his command and left because he was constantly sorting me and finding disciplinary charges against me because he confined me to the barracks on my own right, so i went to the PM who dealt with the matter and that was it the beginning of spite and transfers i however never allowed none of it to get to me, i made application for a foreign force and this man called me in his office and started to carry on like a little child bring up things from 19 how long i answered him professionally. i think tat made him upset because i am a big man and i brought out the childishness in the 52yr old man. i despite his follies called to join the foreign force and tendered my resignation, he wrote some ambiguous things on a document i was to present trying to hinder me from getting the job, me being me took it higher and got it addressed by competent persons. i got the job and was working for a month when he called someone and tried to tell them to be careful with me on the job cause i rude and left disciplinary charges there. was i supposed to walk with them i dont know. want the world to know about this man. If i was to fall ten times i would be able to get back up, i hope he does not fall once cause age is not on his side. i would publish it if i have to

  2. The inVINCYble! Check out the website now! Get in the know:


  3. Posted by Saadiss on June 24, 2011 at 2:04 am

    Let me address this issue of Godfrey Dublin’s song[Any number could play] The song is BRILLIANT!!! The notion that the song promotes the exploitation of young girls is at best specious reasoning. I think the song is a brilliant social commentary, albeit, I am not sure if that was the intent of Godfrey. I think some folks are feeling a fire because the song exposes an issue that most folks are reluctant to ventilate in the public domain. I think a large part of our society tacitly encourage and support this “wutless” behavior of older men taking advantage of young vulnerable, misguided girls. We as a society should bow our heads in collective shame and rather than criticizing the song, should praise Godfrey for his BRAVERY to sing on such a taboo issue.

    The problem here is that these old hard back men know they are on strong legal ground;so they don’t have to worry about going to jail when they sex these sixteen and seventeen year old girls. So its left up to society to publicly shame these old men when they messed with these young girls…but then again, who am I kidding? When these old men put a couple dollars in the parents hand…who is going to complain? When the young girl could get a fully belly of Kentucky…who is going to complain? When the young girl is promise a job, who is going to complain? When the teacher uses grades for sex with young girls in the schools, who is going to complain? When the van man have the young girls in the front seat, to later have them in the back seat..who is complaining? Please…We need to wake the phuck up before telling Godfrey on what he can and can’t sing about.

    I would have to conclude that you have to be a PURITAN OF THE HIGHEST ORDER TO TAKE OFFENSE TO THIS SONG. Maybe the songs say more about the society we live in today than anything else. Come to think of it…Mr Miller is indeed a Jackass! LOL.

    By the way has anyone here seen the video for the song? I though it was a clever video…as a matter of fact the video is far more socially conscious than the song itself. It cleverly depicts the attitude of the older male towards young females and also the way society, while showing feigned outrage, is acquiescence in the “wutlessness”,

    On a personal note, here is a list of my favorite party songs for this Carnival:

    1, Colors-Fire Empress-(Road March and Soca Monarch, any bets?)

    2, Any number could play

    3. Who jump the sheep

    4.Waistline-Problem Child

    5 She tell me-Skarpyon

    6.Ding down-Zoelah

    7,Party-Jamesy P

    8.Bottom town-Luta

    9.The “wood” song

    10 Tek dat-Lively

    But my favorite favorite favorite song for this Carnival is none other than… Gao’s NOONY JUICE!!!

    I tell my woman…I don’t coming 1 o’clock

    I don’t coming 2 o’clock

    I don’t coming 3 o’clock

    I coming for NOON baby, coming for the NOONY JUICE!!!



  4. Granma sucking grandpa cocoa……who jump the sheep.. dem gel war big stick….. what did they ban again?


  5. Posted by Saadiss on June 23, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Why are you calling our Police Commissioner a jackass? This man has done and is doing a great job for SVG:

    Crime is at an all time low.

    Police behavior is exemplary.

    Rape and child molestation is virtually unheard of in SVG

    The use of illegal firearms is near non-existent

    Police Women are highly respected and have no fear of being molested or raped by their superiors.

    Young girls and boys are well protected in the Schools due to the Police Commissioner ‘s war on pederasty and abusive teachers.

    Money Laundering is rigidly pursued and prosecuted.

    Corruption of Government officials are vigorously investigated and harshly punished.

    Due to the war on drugs implemented by the Police Commissioner; Cocaine and other hard drugs are a thing of the past in SVG. There are no crack heads or drug barons in SVG.

    You can go to sleep with your front door open and no one will steal your belongings.

    Yes, the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines should count their blessings to have a man of such caliber like Mr Miller as Police Commissioner. Where would we be, if it wasn’t for the foresight and the efficient management of law and order by Mr Miller? Let us not ridiculed this great man, Mr Miller is the best Police Commissioner, SVG has ever had, as evidenced by the total tranquility that now exist in SVG,

    The Police Commissioner is not a Jackass; simply a,man who never opens his mouth without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge(T.B Reed)


    • Posted by Vincy in U on December 12, 2011 at 9:26 am

      Hey hey

      listen its all good addressing some positive points that the police are doing back in SVG….and yes they are doing a good job…Still that does not mean that we should be blind at the negative issues…..
      IT IS A FACT that the police force including Fire service all needs if not just professional training then they need more professional training at there job and if this Keith miller cant see that then ” he is a jackass ”


  6. Posted by VEXALWAYS on June 23, 2011 at 9:11 am

    Miller was propelled into an Office of which he is not qualified to run. The man is simply a tool of Gonsalves, what do you expect?


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