“Bulling” teachers back to work?

Three Outstanding Vincentian Educators

If the rumours and the ground are anything to go by, then it appears as if three prominent male educators who were allegedly involved acts of buggery with school boys are now back on the job.  According to a highly placed official in the Ministry of Education, investigations into the allegations yielded no credible information or any evidence on which to file criminal charges. The Ministry is therefore duty bound to have the gentlemen resume duties after being on suspension (with pay) for almost four months. 

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  1. I am commenting on this because this happen to me as a young boy in high school. I went to my teacher help me with my homework and he turned my life into a nightmare…

    Don’t totally blame these young boys – Sure some of them know what they are getting involved with and might even be gay. But there are teachers and others in power who are preying on our young men in our society. Many of these boys come from broken homes and are being seduced by older men in authority. I was left broken for many years unable to speak to anyone about my issue. In my situation, I had a nervous break down, I tried committing suicide a number of times. Luckily, through prayer I was able to forgive and move forward with my life. Today I am married to a wonderful woman and have two great kids who I protect from sexual predators.

    The bigger issue here is that too many young men don’t have father figures in their lives and are looking for some sort of validation from the wrong kind of men. The best way to fight this is to tell fathers to get involve with their sons lives. And if the father are not involve the community must speak up for our young boys.

    I am not saying that any of the men in the picture victimized me.


  2. Posted by Lariston Antoine on December 1, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    I really don’t want to condemn the men without knowing the facts. However let’s for a moment say the boys did agree to get their arse pierced for BB’s don’t we see a bigger problem here? The problem is that our young men have forgotten how to wait until they can afford these things. They are old enough to say no to any advances aren’t they? If any of these boys were my son I wouldn’t be interested in the men who allegedly “jumped” them I would give my son a good planarse and tell him the next time he would be out of my house. The parents need to give each of them a good cutarse (if they really did the bulling thing) and stop treating them like victims. In this case they would be active participants.


  3. Posted by Foxy on July 21, 2011 at 8:02 am

    All of u just shut alyo darn mouth because there are a lot of young teenage boys who are gays and some of these people who are of high standards and of great status are homosexuals and they influence a lot of these young boys to join them. And I have seen many of them and I kno many of them but im not gonna call names but my people keep ur bloody eyes open. Many of these young men these days don’t work but u always see them in the latest gucci, wearing the most expensive colgne and shoes and most thes young man who are gays always flashing blackberry and that is how they contact each other so all of you who commented here open alyo effin eyes and see what SVG coming too. And also Mohawk is their trademark and the V neck t-shirts. So BEWARE of the YOUNG GAYS and YOUNG WHORES.


  4. Posted by Saadiss on June 22, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Of course there was no evidence….all the EVIDENCE WAS “DUMPED” INTO THE ALIMENTARY CANAL!!.


  5. Posted by Ghetto king on June 20, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    After all has been said and done everybody seem to be hiding behind non de plumes, who really owns this vinci kalalo blog,why u all so hypocritical,does it mean because some one is gay or allegedly gay that they are pedophile,news flash there are many more heteorosexual pedophiles than gay ones, i am in no way condoning paedophilia,but iam disgusted at the way we are quick,to call gays paedophiles while the straight ones who bang the 12 ,13 and 14 year old girls are loked on as shottas,do you know that the student who made the allegations was 19 years old at the time and was already expelled from the college for theft, do you know that this same man,was given ah sweet heart deal by the college authorities that if he give up all the teachers in the college who are homosexual he will be allowed to write his final exams even though he was already expelled,do u know that the alleged chat logs that were plastered in the newspapers were part of that deal and that they were sold to the newspaper,or leaked by the college authorities,do you know that the board of the college breached their disciplinary code in many ways, and that lawsuits may be pending, vinci kalaloo you too may be part of those lawsuits,i happen to know these teachers well and they may have their tendencies but this one was was not true at all, they were not caught in any house with any young boys and this was all orcestrated by the higher ups at the college,Mr Director ,Mr Dean at Technical ,Mrs Chairman of the board,Mrs former permanent secretary,Mr news editor ,you all have family ok and time longer than twine,Teachers keep allyo chins up and hold allyo corner ,i find allyo strong cause if anybody had done me that it would been death in SVG.


  6. Posted by flex master on June 20, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Well Well SOCIALISM at work again. What a time in St. Vincent when big educated people with PhDs who run educational institutions allow themselves to be made an ass by the political directorate by doing their bidding. What a dumb fool!!! Adulterer!! Don’t talk about the heg up in the ministry of Health who has a reputation of taking peoples husbands and marrying them and then divorcing them when they get sick. Sick people. Is this what Alba is about? You all better pray I am successful I my final exams for teachers college ………….. dragging my lecturer down for no reason. You should have investigated thorougly before you made the issue public. Sick sick country we live in.


  7. Posted by van burgen on June 20, 2011 at 9:41 am

    So what if one of the teachers is a homosexual? Homosexuality is their choice if thats the life they want to live. There is a big difference between HOMOSEXUALITY and PAEDOPHILIA. Believe you me there are several male and female homosexual teachers in the school system. The heterosexuals engage in in paedophilia and no one questions them. The principal of a prestigious all boys school in St. Vincent was accused and punished for paedophilia, was sent on study leave got a Masters and then was promoted to the post of Principal. A Dean at a division of the community college is a known paedophile who propsositioned female students and was transferred all around the school system until they ended up at the college. We promote the heterosexual peadophiles in the system, those for whom we have evidence. I mean come on marrying somebody whom u taught in school or could be your daughter is that evidence of your dispostion as likely to proposition young female students!!!! yet you can be made principal, well i guess the logicis make you principal of a all boys school and you will behave!!!!!


  8. There is much veracity and logic in the above statement. If indeed an investigation was launched and no evidence was found to confirm malfeasance, then the issue ought not to be handled by VK in such a flagrant manner. Informing on the results of the inquiry in such a manner as to solicit feedback is one thing, posting pictures and decreeing guilt is another.

    Now I cannot verify the most recent scandals, but I KNOW for a fact, that one of the teachers, who taught at a prestigious boy’s academy, is a HOMOSEXUAL, having propositioned a classmate. Persons nevertheless after investigation proving otherwise, persons to be given the benefit of the doubt whether it be embezzlement, pedophilia or a “who jump D sheep” type scenario.

    Where I disagree is with the evocation of the NDP. What would have been the value of the NDP intervening? What capacities does the part possess to deal with such a scandal save blowing it even more out of proportion? Can you picture Mr. Eustace calling for restraint? It sounds good on paper but in actuality, it would be political suicide for him and even greater exposure for the teachers and students.


  9. Posted by van burgen on June 20, 2011 at 8:10 am

    So question, Who is the complainant and why is he being protected? Why is the 19 year old scum bag being hidden?
    The conclusion of the matter is however that
    1. The Director of Colleges
    2. The Chairman of the board of the SVGCC
    3. The Host of ‘who does get me vex’ – who is also rumoured to be having sex relations with a young boy
    4. The news papers
    They all NEED to be taken to task and possibly sued. In a developed country these men would be rich!


  10. Posted by pax et justicia on June 20, 2011 at 6:21 am

    This is so not on you have stated no evidence was found yet you have once again deliberately placed photos of the idividuals on this site fully cognizant of the damaging effects of this posting. Are you really serious about justice or just solely wedded to malice and malevolence. after three Months the police have brought no charges. The person in question was not even a member of the school at the time. Why has he not taken out civil proceediings aganst these teacers so he could be compensated. The three individuals have strong NDP affilations albeit abandoned by the same NDP who were vociferously campaiginng for the rights of politicians through the RPA and subsequently the three teachers rejected at the poles, but three these three teachers were thrown to the wolves because “gay sex was involved”
    a man whose sexuality itself has been questionable was on air getting vex every day. not long before that a minister in the previous cabinet was going to publicly burn up gays whilst rumours abound of his relationship with a male student attending the North Union secondary school at the time


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