17th May, 2011

Nicole Herbert (Miss)

Clerk of the House of Assembly

Court House Building

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Dear Madam,

Re: Your letter dated 16th May, 2011 regarding my parliamentary question no.1

With reference to your letter to me dated 16th May, 2011 concerning the Honourable Mr. Speaker’s request for me to replace Question 1, I wish to humbly request from the Honourable Mr. Speaker, for my information, an indication, if any, of any record of the Honorable Prime Minister and Minister of Finance publically disclosing the cost of the visit. If the Honorable Mr. Speaker is referring to the Honorable Prime Minister’s Press Conference dated 3rd May, 2011, I respectfully submit the following:

1. On Tuesday 3rd May, 2011, in a Press Conference where he was asked a similar question, he answered thus (a transcript is below and a voice recording is attached here for you):

“I don’t have the cost but I can get that for you…what happened, what I did eh..you know when we make these visits to Taiwan…the..the Taiwanese government, as a matter of courtesy to our governments will pay the cost of the transportation…air transportation. So what…what I did, as you’ll, you’d see in this case, we in a sense…normally I will go to Taiwan by the way of the United states but we went this time through the United Kingdom so that we can return through the United Kingdom and to make it..ahm..in a sense very cost effective for us. Then, our stay in Taiwan would have been taken care of by our hosts so that really the expenses relating to the royal…to the, to the, to the royal visit, the visit, sorry, for the wedding AND (with emphasis) the meeting with Armajaro which was part of the business arrangements when we went and…and of course our meeting with the Vincentians would have been the hotel expenses for us. I don’t…I..you know…the the the the figures, I can always get it but I give you the idea so that people can get…get..I..I’m very sensitive like, like you Susan, in, in terms of the implication of the question to make sure…mean we have to do… as an independant Country, we have to do visits, the leaders have to do visits overseas but I have to make sure that when we do the visits, as far as is practicable we contain the expenses and this is, this is one way in which expenses could have been contained in this situation…”

2. In light of the above, where the Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of Finance indicated not knowing, at the time, the cost of the visit to the Royal Wedding, I affirm the validity of my question as asked originally, requesting that the Honouable Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, please:

“a. inform the public of the cost, if any, to taxpayers for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ delegation to attend the recent Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; and

b. explain why, at a time when the country had just suffered, to quote the Honourable Prime Minister “tends of millions of dollars” in damage from the recent flooding in the North, it is prudent and justified to spend taxpayers money in that way?”

Until such time as any information the Honorable Mr. Speaker may kindly provide to me, I humbly re-submit the above question no.1 among my list of questions for the sitting of the Honourable House of Parliament of Tuesday 24th May, 2011.

Yours Sincerely,

Anesia Baptiste (Mrs.)

Opposition Senator


17 thoughts on “Why is Ralph afraid to answer the question?

  1. sometimes i wonder if it really was Ralph that wanted to go to the wedding. He doesn’t really seem like that kind of guy. But he’s a married man and I know many women would like to be a part of it and I don’t see why his wife wouldn’t be just the same.

    Be serious about this. Do you think he’s that kind of man?

  2. Well he answered the question in parliment so I dont think he was afraid to answer it.His answer was twentyone thousand.
    what entered my mind though, when I here you asked that question was, why you didnt comment the eight million Mr Gonsalves brought back with him, or why he took a different route too save money.
    The President of America is taking a tour which is costing tax payers of America several million pounds and which have no immediate benefit to the Americans in this hard ‘economic time’ and I haven’t heard anyone complaining.

  3. Accountability! The People’s Questions must be answered…very good Anesia…they will continue to hate you for that but say what? Let them hate! St. Lucians are asking the same questions too…and there are no “Thusian” there…great question. Who vex, let them learn some integrity!

  4. KS784, we can only do what we must and leave everything else to God. Many will be watching to hear his answer and I am not afraid of his cussing because if he curses it will be ‘his cussing’ and therefore HIS problem before the people, not mine. In the letter I had received from the House, the Speaker had originally determined my question out of order on some grounds that the PM had already answered it in public. I knew it wasn’t so, therefore I persisted, respectfully asking for the record of any answer and at the same time submitting the proof I had. Clearly, although some think I’m only worth a black bird’s bathroom, the Speaker could not refute my evidence and acceded to my request. The Speaker himself saw he had no ground, after all, for his initial rejection of my question, even though to some it is just a black bird’s toilet matter.

    1. Going public played a big part in this situation. The other thing i would like to go public is the names of those on the Board that instructed Bigger Biggs to cease his operation, it would even be better when we can put faces to the names and see where their conscience lies.

    2. listen yo no blackbird toilet.. yo is ah bright intelligent and very smart young laddie. you is a queen my queen every boddie queen i think so much of you
      it was yo who sinthesize the public to the referandumb and mek we vote nah against it. it is yo who shed light on all these confusing matter when it comes to govmint

  5. Patriano,

    What is soo wrong with asking a legitimate question on a matter that involves the public purse and therefore in the interest of the national good, in hard economic times? In fact, your attempt to link this issue to the ‘failed referendum’ on the constitution has little bearing on the right to ask the question in a constitutionally legitimate space of our nation – the parliament

  6. Vinci Kallaloo-the original question will appear on the order paper, as the Honorable Mr. Speaker acceded to my request after reading my letter. I thought I would update you.

  7. This stupid young lady need to sit down under a breadfruit tree and let black bird use her for a toilet, her arguements are so primary.

  8. It will be another ‘duck n hide’ in Parliament again, he will make a ministerial statement, as always, before the questions are asked and ‘cuss’ everybody when the question is asked and say he answered that already, of course you know the illegal speaker is there to ‘cuss’ too.

  9. The Prime Minister of St.Vincent & the Grenadines accepts an invitation to attend the wedding of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth 11 ( the head of State that the constitution has kept, as opposed to what was in the proposed new one, that the NDP did not want)and wow everyone including the christian fakers / Thusian culters are asking questions. Give me a break.

    1. This is the kind of response coming from the Education Revolution followers? What does education really mean for these people? This is Ralph-worship!

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