Criminals in the Police Force! By Amor Rodney

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller

Three lecturers from the SVG Community College are still at home “pending and investigation” into alleged acts of indecency; three teachers have been refused re-employment after failing to win a seat in the December 13, 2010 elections in a clear violation of an agreement between the government and the SVG Teachers Union; and three policemen have been reinstated after they were convicted of brutally beating a 15-year-old youth almost to death!

Something is seriously wrong with this country! The police force is now a haven for criminals.  Jemark “Parchnuts” Jackson suffered terrible injuries when he was beaten by three policemen.  They were charged and convicted of the crime only to receive a slap on the risk in the form of a $1, 500 fine.

Indeed, jail time would have been more appropriate but the magistrate chose to be lenient.  The officers then appealed the conviction and lost.  One then expected these three rogue cops to be ejected from the force. Instead, Commissioner Keith Miller has reinstated the men!

Miller’s action is tantamount to a slap in the face of every law abiding citizen in this country. We should call on him to demit office now! Fire ‘im to rass!

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  1. Posted by Helen Alexander on May 4, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    This is the kind of mess you people should be focusing and mobilizing the public behind in SVG, instead of protesting 24/7 for no reason. Call a protest for this! Vincentians will come out and support in vast numbers! Do Vincentians in the diaspora need to whip up an international frenzy and request the help of outside forces to deal with these kind of human rights violations when all yuh dey pon de spot an could do it? POLICE OFFICERS ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY LIKE OURS, IT DOESN’T MATTER THEIR RANK! IF THE PEOPLE MOBILIZE AGAINST THESE THINGS FIERCELY THEY WILL EFFECT A CHANGE! IF THESE OFFICERS WERE RE-INSTATED BECAUSE OF POLITICAL FAVORITISM.. DEN ROOT DEM OUT AND FIGURE OUT WHO THE POLITICAL CULPRITS ARE THAT FACILITATED THIS CRIME… ULP or NDP! If politics is in this mix, then the guilty party should not be representing our society!


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