Ralph Gonsalves

I am not sure because I don’t have the proof YET! Let the Vincentian citizenry be the judge of the above question. Since I don’t have the answer or concrete proof, I AM going to preempt an offensive checkpoint. My “humane” investigative method will be to handcuff them! I am going to handcuff these POTENTIAL crooks, hands behind backs, flip the cards to make sure that we have the winning object on the table, IF THE HOLY GRAIL IS NOT ON THE TABLE ” THEN OFF…WITH THEIR POLITICAL HEADS!” If however, the game is fair-play, I will ease the pressure of bondage by relocating the handcuffs to the frontal position, all eyes on them; this way their chances of foul-play would be close to zero. O YES ULP I’M WATCHING YOU! CAUSE AH CAN’T TRUST AAH YUH!
Something fishy is going on with the judicial and legislative tactics of D Comrade these days (can’t sue me cause me nah call yuh name), and most Vincentians can’t seem to put their collective finger on it. I HOWEVER, INTEND TO PUT MY FOOT ON IT, OR IN IT, depending on the position. I just want to go off track here and give a LEGAL shout out to the director of the DPP A.K.A. COLIN WILLIAMS, THE CERTIFIED PAIN IN THE ASS OF JUSTICE!
Let’s get to the most important issue that has heightened my suspicion which is the CONSTITUTIONALLY “LEGAL” tweaking and manipulating of the RPA Bill, and the sneaky detour of the legislative and judicial procedures  to complement this sinister amendment. SPOOKY AND CUNNINGLY ALARMING! In all my life I have never seen such an audacious, and sinister piece of legal martial arts move by any HONEST Government body in St Vincent and the Grenadines! This vicious technique is about to truncate with deadly, albeit legal precision our independent judicial system!
Please keep in mind that D Comrade is a brilliant and knowledgeable Lawyer, and as such, he has at the disposal of his intellect the necessary skills and strategy to subtly and  LEGALLY infiltrate the most compromising and hidden parts of the constitution with SUPREME CUNNING, to advance and protect his political ambitions within our sacred democratic and legal framework. Well my fellow Vincentians, since the tweaking of the RPA is legal, we must focus on the outer layer of this  DE FACTO TRICK! This outer layer is the stationing of D Comrade’s personally selected elements from his DUMB clique associates, in the most potent parts of our DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS in order to neutralize it’s independent and  impartial effective function; HE’S TRYING TO HI -JACK THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE AND BLOW OUT IT’S TIRES VIA THE DPP!!!!!
Since the RPA strategy is a legal one, why waste time debating its statute? Instead, we must as an intelligent People ask ourselves; were these Bills introduced to improve Jurist Prudence, or were they introduced with sinister ulterior motives? I believe the latter of that question is more accurate because there are other less controversial and impartial alternatives that would have been quite efficient! THE SPIRIT AND INTENT IS THE MOST VITAL INGREDIENT IN THIS NEW LEGISLATIVE BROTH THAT IS UPSETTING MY STOMACH!
I am going to reveal to you NOW, the exact location of this legislative sleight of hand. The location is the DPP’s immoral directer COLIN WILLIAMS! Yes D Comrade has laced our judicial checkpoints with his most loyal and intellectually glib henchmen, the most unholy and notorious among his ALTER BOYS is THE BOMBASTIC, GLEAMING , AND ASS KISSING GUARD DOG COLIN WILLIAMS!! Colin Williams’ close robotic affiliation with D Comrade alone, should render him unfit and illegitimate to host such a potent, principled and sensitive position in our judicial apparatus. Can we trust this repulsive and biased element to serve the highest ideals of justice impartially and uncompromisingly? I don’t know about you but I don’t intend to take that chance, SO HELL NO! Do you think this political and ideological pervert will FIAT any major potential criminal complaints against a member of his criminal clique? Well, good luck getting justice when your ass is being violated by these chosen associates; he may under conniving prima facie, FIAT some silly criminal cases. But this compromised son of a bitch cannot be trusted to up-hold our judicial and democratic ideals, with an independent and unbiased moral integrity! The only function of Colin Williams is an unethical and illegally immoral one. This “official” is a democratic liability to our freedom, our sense of National pride, and he will not hesitate to transgress against our national liberty! HE IS THE PERSONAL FREAKY, CIRCUS CLOWN PAWN FROM D COMRADE’S PIGGY BANK!
Vincentians what are you going to do about this affront to our collective Human Right? What are you going to do about the preservation of our independent judiciary from political pimps, perverts, and LEFTIST UNDERTAKERS? It is all well and good to demonstrate and stupidly disrupt the peace, or put on shows in parliament that degrades OUR HONORABLE HOUSE TO THAT OF A WILD PARODY ON FACEBOOK! These tactics cannot convince the Vincentian citizenry to look at the issues and choose a SUPERIOR political alternative in  the next election. These displays are not attractive to Vincentians because as a people WE know what real art is, real art is  CARNIVAL, therefore being a people of excellent artistic and cultural taste, we will not be entertained by below average and inferior performances.

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  1. Posted by Helen Alexander on April 13, 2011 at 9:26 am

    For all the intellectual snobs on both sides of the political spectrum, who messaged me complaining about my writing style and their incomprehension of the message. The simplistic condensation of my point is; I think D Comrade is trying to pull a fast one on us by “LEGALLY” manipulating the RPA, and to add insult to injury he stationed Colin in a strategic position as a “POTENTIAL” cover so he can commit violations with impunity! However, by the current state of the NDP, we do not have an alternative to the ULP.

    Listen folks, this is a blog! I am writing so that the ordinary Vinci can understand, this is NOT THE NEW YORK TIMES OR THE VINCENTIAN! Please know that I am very capable of expressing myself in a more diplomatic and eloquent manner should I have to formulate an article for those distinguished news organs. And yes, for every adjective in this article, I would have liked to use a BAD WUD, but I am not permitted to do so.

    Folks, for those of you who can comprehend outside of the intellectual snobbish box, my writing style is sort of like a cookout on the beach, instead of an elegant meal at a 5 star restaurant. We all know that a cookout (vinci style) is very primitive, but the food is sweet and when it’s over you feel very satisfied. On the other hand an expensive meal at a 5 star restaurant looks pretty with flowers on the side of the plate (stupse, like yuh could eat flowers), but when you’re done eating you feel even hungrier than before you started. My writing is about hitting the right comprehension spot of the under-privileged public!


  2. Posted by vinci2dbone on April 12, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Now this IS the “HELEN ALEXANDER” I loveeeee. Bwoy you can cuss… But the cussing in this piece is the exact passionate expression that all who oppose dem bills would like to let off pon d ULP!!! mudawok!!!! Ah hope this Vinci warrior keep up d good work!


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