Eustace gives the finger!

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  1. Helen, it seems to me that Sir James has only expressed his unspoken views and those of every Vincentians that he also has no confidence in the very man he appointed/selected to lead the party.
    I doubt very much Sir James had a choice of doing this support for the farmers of SVG anyone other way.
    Helen, do you think any smart Vincentian can reason with Mr. Eustace? I doubt from what I have seen recently of the behavior he carried out in the Honorable House and what he allowed the opposition Parliamentarians to do in the streets of K/town. All this chaos and confusion is sanctioned by Mr. Eustace himself. Out of his own mouth he said what happened in the House on that historic morning was planned.
    Do you honestly think Sir James should have consulted with a man of this disaster, a man with not plan but to create chaos to destroy our blessed home land? I say no. Sir James must not die with the vision he has for his beloved country, he has a right want to work with anyone, he can teach Gonsalves a thing or two but I do not think anyone can teach Eustace anything. After all Sir James is a class leader, he made a few mistakes but he without sin cast the first stone. I am sure that is Ralph is so happy to work with him because Sir James will no doubt bring back credibility to SVG on the world stage and Ralph knows this too well and right now SVG needs this if we are to move forward.


    • Posted by Helen Alexander on April 15, 2011 at 2:11 pm

      Vincy to the bone, If what you are saying is correct ( although I believe there is a more sinister element to this), Mr James Mitchell owes it to the Nation to publicly renounce the activities of the NDP and the weak Leadership of Mr Eustace (who in my opinion should be immediately terminated by will or by force), instead he remained quiet! Mr Mitchell did not have the best interest of his party in mind when he appointed this weak vessel A.K.A. MR EUSTACE. Therefore my perspective is, James Mitchell’s activities is an affront to the collective interest of the NDP, not just Mr Eustace. He is weakening them more, and allowing D Comrade to politically intimidate the DISORGANIZED NDP team; he is also creating a psychological burden on the Voting public, and undermining the integrity and public respect of the NDP. Even if a the majority of Vincentians are turned off by the NDP, he is obligated by burden of his past leadership to conduct himself loyally, and honorably. I would repeat again, if Mr Mitchell has issues with the NDP and it’s Leader, he should express it publicly to the nation, and consult the NDP. If he has economic issues to discuss with D Comrade, the NDP should be first consulted especially in a political climate like ours rather than in a disregarding manner have semi-covert meetings with D Comrade WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. It is offensive and unethical, and I cannot have any respect for his lack of professional decorum!


  2. Posted by Helen Alexander on April 14, 2011 at 4:57 am

    I have a question for the operators of Vincikalaloo. Is Eustace running this blog now or what? WHY IS THIS BLOG SO LAZY? You are turning off readers and contributors with the slow updating of comments and posts on here! Y’all should be checking and updating at least twice a day guys. Please hire a ULP activist to co-manage this site, because I have to give it to them, they are VERY HARDWORKING even if it’s in a compulsive, fanatic, Comrade obsessive way. If you folks cannot handle the task of respectfully committing to renewing this forum on a frequent basis, then I suggest you close it down!


  3. Posted by Vincent on April 13, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Mr. Mitchell did nothing but try and help his beloved country. This coco issue belongs to the NDP so its up to them to claim it and highlight how Ralph has wrecked the agricultural industry with no solution in sight….untill he borrowed an NDP idea…. When Mr. Eustace tells the SVGTV news he is disappointed and that MR. Mitchell did not inform it, it creates a wedge between the idea and the NDP.. an idea which they campaigned on and which the ULP campaigned against… why does the media have to know that he was not informed? Why they have to know u disappointed…all u do is just making urself a victim whereas u should be a triumphant victor… Y am i bringing this up? Because I see a pic of Eustace and am annoyed with him rigjt now.


    • Posted by Vincent on April 13, 2011 at 6:46 am

      inform him not it sorry


      • Posted by Helen Alexander on April 14, 2011 at 2:27 pm

        See!! A savvy and skilled political Leader would have never expressed that sentiment to the media so quickly! Eustace takes everything too personally and he doesn’t seem to have strategic self control. It is up to others to make a fuss about the Mitchell situation (which I think was very upsetting), but as a leader he should not have reacted so quickly. Now he has emotionally fractured the shambles of the lowly NDP’s team spirit. The impression he’s confirming to the public is that of a weak, sensitive, whiner! From his cry baby statement to the media, the public will view him as being disregarded, and non factor by his own appointee, that’s a psychological disadvantage image-wise for him.

      • Posted by Helen Alexander on April 14, 2011 at 5:26 pm

        I meant APPOINTER not APPOINTEE. I need to stop posting on this blog when I’m in a hurry. But after all, there are only few hours in the day, and I have a very hectic schedule.

  4. Posted by Vincent on April 11, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Helen as you well know, this was simply “wrong place, wrong time”. It was not intentional and as you unapologetically state, it just looks awkward coming from him.

    I still support him because I think he will be good for the country. Until such time as he proves himself unworthy I will remain a supporter, knowing that noone is perfect.

    Having said that however, I do not swear blind alliance to any man, and only to few women.

    Eustace disappointed me on his handling of the cocoa issue. Reality just sunk in that SVG needs agricultural diversification as part of an umbrella package to stimulate the economy. The ULP adopted a major policy idea in the NDP’s manifesto, a document which was described as “Sh**”. An idea which was torpedoed even by just about every single ULP candidate and even a certain Dominican lawyer….

    The posture of the NDP should be somewhat smug tempered with a bit of cool but with a sprinkling of audacity. Indeed, reminding the nation that it was their idea and owning the thing. Now whereas they were quick to highlight this, Eustace’s statements project too much incongruity on the matter.

    Why tell the media that Mr. Mitchell did not inform you? Why according to svgnews are you disappointed? This stance counters the idea of owning the policy…

    All he had to do is smile, and commend both men, Mr. Mitchell for loving his country and wanting to help, Mr. Gonsalves for accepting an NDP idea while reminding the country of the ruinous state in which Ralph left the Banana industry. External forces are daunting, however, there was no real emphasis placed on an alternative to Banana .. until now!

    I sensed greater political savvy emanating from the NDP soon after the elections, although it is now waning. I find the process of protest was abused and this is emanating from someone who supported the initial set.

    Even the boycott was not advised, they are a pretty articulate and competent team, totally outmaneuvered and outshined the ULP during the budget exercise.

    I would have boldly entered into those chambers, watch the speaker in his face and do my thing knowing that the Government ministers are simply TOO BLUNT 2 make an impression (most of them anyways). I still however remain cautiously optimistic that lessons will be learnt and that they will hone their machinery.


    • Posted by Helen Alexander on April 14, 2011 at 2:12 pm

      Vincent you seem to be expressing your self more objectively these days, no more going along robotically with the gang, and being intimidated, or shy to criticize, you’re finding your voice. Keep it up! Healthy, constructive critique is always good, especially in your case. Listen I have ONE position and ONLY ONE FOCUS, and that is for the NDP to replace Mr Eustace! Nothing is going to be accomplished, and there would be no victory for the NDP, if this man remains the Opposition Leader… He has performed poorly, his team is out of control, there’s no cohesiveness, O LAWD AND ENDLESS POINTLESS PROTESTS, EVERY MINUTE, AND NO STRATEGY! You seem like a fairly smart guy, and you know deep down that the construct of the NDP is a disaster (even if you are still to afraid to admit it, but you’re growing). Where is Mr Eustace currently? Do you think it’s a smart decision for him to take a vacation when the country is in a crisis presently?

      I do intend to debate the itemized issues that you’ve listed above, and more ,however, if there is no foundation A.K.A. A COMPETENT EFFECTIVE LEADER and a solid structured party, then it would be a waste of time. You cannot outfit a politically broken and demoralized leader with novel ideas, because there is no momentum. He is a joke in SVG, and he will never recover from that image; so anything that you wish to debate with me other than replacing Mr Eustace is WHITE NOISE!!


  5. Posted by Helen Alexander on April 9, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Is this Eustace’s squeaky clean symbol of a national plan? Is this Eustace’s new F U method for winning the next election? Or most accurately, is this the sign he is giving to victory for always rudely escaping and rejecting him….FOREVER? Maybe this is the new beginning of his new strategic momentum! Anyway, this symbol is very alien to Mr Eustace; this symbol could only be touted by a real energetic macho man who can give it with ROBUST AUTHORITY!

    By the way it is obvious that vincikalaloo has boycotted my articles, because, they apparently don’t like my cold hard critique of the NDP and their mischievous representatives, so the public is going to be robbed… for now.. of my substantive analytical contributions! Anyway I will find some where else to publish them. It is shocking that the wide spread and socially lethal disease of intolerance and diversity of opinions has infected the host of this blog. Isn’t the purpose of a political blog, to function in a crude manner as an impartial host of LEGAL and controversial expressions? Oh well, maybe the operation of this forum was outsourced to NDP fanatics.


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