Another One for 2-Cool Chris: Honour them! By Amor Rodney

Meet Mr Osbourne Bowens and his lovely devoted wife, Mrs Yvette Bowens.  They are both educators of distinction in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Mr Bowens is currently the head of the Technical Division of the SVG Community College while Mrs Bowens is the principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School.

Osborne & Yvette Bowens

I wish to take this opportunity to applaud Mr Bowens for his outstanding contribution to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the field of education.  Guts, as he is popularly known, began his career as a primary school teacher and has risen to educational leadership in the country’s premier institution of higher learning.  Before ascending to the office of Dean of the Technical Division of the SVG Community College, Mr Bowens was a lecturer at the Teachers College. Before that he was a teacher of history and social studies at the Campden Park Secondary School. And prior to that, Mr Bowens served the your ladies at the prestigious Girl’s High School.

In all the institutions, that he has served to date, Mr Bowens has been the popular, dapper teacher with the best looking ride.  The students adored him.  He too, has shown nothing but fondness for his students particularly those at the Girls High School and at the Teachers College.  He did an outstanding job! That is why I commend him highly today!

On a totally different note, I want to urge 2-Cool Chris to continue to expose all those males in our society have used their positions to exploit our females.  I heard him talk about bosses who look for vagilla in exchange for jobs; he spoke about the male teachers who wanted to bull for blackberry; he exposed those bulling teachers for their exploitative relations with male youths.  What about heterosexual male teachers and lecturers who have been sexing school girls; harassing college ladies; and begging students teachers for sweetness?  Should they be left alone/ Why not expose them all? Is it because they are hot and handsome? 

2-Cool Chris, I call on you to expose all the sex-ploiterers and sexual predators! Be they gay, be they straight, exploitation is exploitation and a predator is a predator!

But please, leave Mr Osborne Bowens out of this! He should be honoured for his outstanding contribution to the education of Vincentian youths!

Amor Rodney

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hate him on March 19, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    @rodney i will like u put a new post of 2kool chris why is the government or the human rights makin this man promotin violence and war with thse guys 2kool have a personal things with one thse teachers he alway callin his name and talkin shit about kill shot them down and burn them ,i was in the carpark the 18th of march and if u hear this man with his nasty behave with bullerman by vinlec etc he want kill them dead .when i hear this me and girlfriends and other people left this guy is very boring and acting like a hater and he is in the bullin act and its no joke when i tell you that chris is a bullerman ,gay,dl etc i can bring the people he deal with and who know about him and i talk to thse people not to out him but wat he doin his hurtin people and if they do that by outing him for who is really is then so be it to bad and all thse thing are not hear say and comess i sean can show u pic !! And other shit if he out there seein this he better cool it cause they put up the teachers i will make people put him up doing the acts and kissin beware chris


  2. Posted by killeryute on March 19, 2011 at 10:04 am

    @rodney i want to know what is going on with 2kool chris and why he actin like that with the teachers (buller) ,is it personal cause i mean everybody stop talkin about it ,he behavin like cunt inthe carpark talkin about burn and kill bullerman dead!!! ,is there someone who can put a stop to this guy am so vex that i dont wat i will do ,he boring now with all this violence toward these guys and nobody tell him shut up and stop tell someone dead he really a stupid guy all my friend say he actin like he and one the teacher had something going on or the teacher take away (his schoolboy) its personal its not like really he talkin out only one teacher out all the three teacher he bash on ???? Is 2kool chris gay and pretendin he hate them and mad cause they didnt be with him or taken someone away frm him ???


  3. Posted by 2koolchrisbullerman on March 19, 2011 at 1:20 am

    You know wat have me boiling vex with boy 2kool chris he talkin shit about kill teachers and kill all bullerman i was in the carpark the 18th of march and how this boy actin its like he put out a fuckin attack on these type of people our nation its there anybody that should be speakin out to protect people rights (human rights) if them want bull its them life chris have strong hate on thse guys and i am boy on the block and dont like thse acts but the man is over bearing with hatin and promotin violence for people to kill thses guys and burn them i got so mad me and all my friends left the carpark cause i mean @rodney these guys are human and why is the human rights not stepin. 2kool going to farr and need to be stop he boring everyday on what is get u vex with teachers ??? I mean it take to tango and two hand to clap and if i am not into something i would take part in it ,but the point chris is takin this personal …….i wonder is there a realtionship going on with thse men so he personal hate him for takin someone or something frm him it makes me wonder. Anyway i stop go carpark i will lime someway else and stop listen to the station he kill the show boring


  4. Posted by Alex on March 18, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    One thing is true , Mr. Bowens was indeed “fond” of the students of the Girls’ High School, which is the reason for his removal in the first place. Sounds as if you were probably one of the students that he was so ‘fond’ of ,hence you coming to his defense. Do your research next time before posting such rubbish.


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