The Audacity of the NDP By Helen Alexander

Helen Alexander

The NDP Leadership has out done themselves and this time they have taken their ridiculousness to an extreme level; this was demonstrated by their animal farm behavior in our Parliament on March 3, 2011. The most audacious part of this choreographed and badly rehearsed drama is that they decided to export it to the international community via the internet, hoping for some sort of widespread sympathy and (maybe) military intervention to promptly unseat the democratically elected ULP; however, the viewing public was horrified and their conspiracy backfired cataclysmically! WHAT A SHAME!

Vincentians of sound intellect are now asking themselves, are these the caliber of people we want to lead us and entrust our sacred National well being to? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Opposition leaders have single handedly made history on that fateful day by disrespecting and disgracing the most dignified institution in our democracy, The Parliament, Our House! These people are undignified, conniving, malicious, power hungry, elementary, and hearing deficient brawlers. What is mind boggling is the fact that they do not want to accept ANY responsibility for this PLANNED disaster; instead they are viciously conjuring all types of grotesque justifications for this choreographed event! They want to shift the blame on everyone else, the Police, the Honorable Speaker, the ULP, the editing(which they themselves did and exported), the sun, the moon, and if only they can get away with it they would blame God! Whomever is responsible for the editing and publishing of these video clips on the internet MUST BE WORKING FOR THE ULP, AND IF THIS PERSON IS NOT A MOLE, THEN SHE OR HE SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED FOR LACK OF SOUND CROOKED JUDGEMENT, OR DRINKING ON THE JOB! BETTER YET SEND THEM TO THE ULP BOOT CAMP FOR A COURSE IN THE ART OF SUCCESSFUL CONSPIRACY AND INTERNATIONAL DECEPTIVE TRICKS! This is the most incriminating piece of disaster ever to be published and distributed by any member of a “cohesive” organization on planet earth.

Many well meaning Vincentians were outraged by my past articles on this blog, they have categorized them as slander and obscene, especially members in the NDP camp. Well, I must be a political prophet because less than two weeks after these articles were published, the Leader of the NDP proved my point with an elaborate and enormous bonus! Not only did Mr Eustace display disobedient, dishonorable, and unfit deaf behavior towards the Honorable Speaker, but the majority of members on the Opposition team were in this choreographed monstrous and foolish unified production. THE MOST MAGNIFICENT STAR OF THIS REPUGNANT WORK OF ART WAS “SENATOR” VYNNETTE!

To catalogue and articulate the rude and reproachful antics of “Senator” Vynnette, a woman for whom I had great respect, support and admiration, would take over a week and ten sequels of documentary writing and I do not have the time nor the energy  to attempt such a feat! Besides, the video clips and her own words are incriminating enough. Anyway it is VERY OBVIOUS THAT THIS “SENATOR” WEARS THE PANTS AND BOOTS IN THE NDP, MR EUSTACE IS HER SUBORDINATE, AND THE REST OF THE MEMBERS ARE HER DISCIPLES! “Senator” Vynnette has brazenly endanger the life of her very ill (according to her own words) father, she has rudely disobeyed the rules of The House, made snide and antagonistic remarks to The Speaker in her comess dialect, fabricate the chronology of events on that day, even though the same clips she had published contradict her statements, BASICALLY SHE HAS CERTAINLY LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY AND IS UNFIT TO REPRESENT SVG IN A DIGNIFIED AND HONEST CAPACITY. SHE IS AN UNDIPLOMATIC, NATIONAL DISGRACE!
The ridiculous supporters of this disaster are trying to JUSTIFY this brazen assault on our Institution by stating that the ULP have been disrespectful in the past and the Honorable Speaker is biased, dubious and illegitimate. Even if that is the case, two wrongs do not make a right! Let the ULP misbehave, the world is watching them! If the Speaker is biased where was the public uproar and vibrant protests when he was permanently placed in that Chair? Had the NDP vigorously get off your lazy behinds and campaigned loudly for the world to see ( the way they are doing now in a destructive manner ), then they would currently have a moral leg to stand on in this disaster!

NDP YOU MAY HAVE YOUR RESERVATIONS AND DISTASTE FOR THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, BUT YOU STILL MUST RESPECT THE CHAIR! TAKE YOUR DISRESPECT AND RUDENESS OUT IN THE STREET WHERE IT BELONGS! Mr Eustace and Vynnette are responsible for the police brutality that resulted from this event, there is no middle ground in this issue, you are very lucky that Vincentians are morally sound and that quality even extends to the Police in a time of chaos. If you were in another country you would have been shot, beaten to a pulp, and brutalized by the authorities! The Comrade is laughing all the way to the next election, you have foolishly given him an early christmas gift in March. Your actions were dumb, selfish, antagonistic, dangerous and disgraceful!


Those of you who are die hard party members, ignorant, dumb, and blinded by loyalty; St Vincent and the Grenadines is not your private property! You do not have a title deed for OUR precious homeland, so if you don’t have an intellectual capacity for objective reasoning, if you are allergic to diversity of opinions, behavioral critique, the cold hard truth, and you wish to have an attitude with this article. THEN CHOKE ON IT!


Helen Alexander

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  1. Posted by Al on March 16, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Am going to get off this topic a bit but i really need to know something so if anyone knows please reply. We have been hearing all sorts of alligations from the NDP side about what happened to their parliamentarians on that Thursday. Has anyone heard anything from the police?…I mean there are two sides to a story. It would be really interesting to hear the police’s side of what happened.


    • Posted by Saadiss on March 16, 2011 at 3:57 pm

      Hey Al! Good question. Me personally, I have not heard anything remotely close to a sigh from the Police hierarchy on this issue. You would think after two weeks, you will hear from the Police Commissioner or one of his high priest on this issue; giving an “explanation” as to what transpired on that fateful day. But no, this is Vincyland; where the powers to be, simply ignore and refuse to explain anything to the public. Like the DPP say, we just have to live with it.

      But I would hazard a guess and say the reason for the deafening silence of the Police is that they CANNOT DEFEND THEIR ACTIONS; EITHER RATIONALLY, ETHICALLY, nor LEGALLY. We are phucked in Vincyland.


  2. Posted by Carmen on March 15, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    I can only feel sympathy for you Helen. How easy it is to knock you off your axis. I was able to do it without using one obscene word, you should try it sometime if you have the capacity. Anger is obviously stagnating your quest for mastering this skill. All you succeeded in doing; was confirming that everything in my last comment was indeed true and correct. The truth does really hurts. Please answer Vincent’s question because we are all wondering why the manic outbursts? Is it your quest for your 5 minutes of fame or is it an obsessive jealousy of Senator Frederick? You obviously need therapy.


  3. […] Second Rebuttal by Carmen:Posted by Carmen on March 14, 2011 at 4:21 pm […]


    • Posted by Helen on March 15, 2011 at 11:16 am

      While you are at it “Carmen” try to scold “Senator Vynnette, she’s the one behaving like a lunatic with her nonsense behavior; also I said I would like “CONSTRUCTIVE NEGATIVE CRITIQUE” so your nonsense about me being disappointed is your interpretation. If the cap fits then wear it, I am not here to pacify any of you bitches with soothing words, nor do I intend to walk the dumb loosing political line of no harsh criticism to please your sensitive ass. As I’ve said if you don’t like my article then CHOKE ON IT! THE NAKED TRUTH HURTS. I like Vincent’s line of rebuttal, see with his type of intellect and rationality, we can definitely accomplish a lot. REST IN PEACE FOREVER CARMEN (pssst be careful, I have goat mouth)


  4. Posted by Carmen on March 14, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Well well Helen. Good to see you do have a conscience. That’s a relief. Still, if you wanted to attract good intellectual debate I humbly suggest that you develop your arguments better instead of ranting like an angry lunatic.

    Your article revealed that you are a person lacking self control and tact. You are arrogant, rude and obnoxious. Whether or not you are a deeply unhappy person is really not my place to say. What I do know is that intellects are usually masters in the use of their words. They are deliberate and strategic in what they say and how they say it. They can predict the impact of their work even before it is published. Your admission of disappointment with the negative responses you received speaks volumes of how little skill you possess in this art. What did you expect Helen?

    To reach people of intellect try subtle but soundly grounded commentary based on fact not opinion. I see you have a good grasp of vocabulary but try to avoid being overbearingly offensive in every sentence. After the first two baseless comments all others lost their sting. Passion was indeed present but your misguided delivery and tone thwarted any real impact.

    There is much hope for you with your passion. Don’t give up. I would love to see an article from you on why these bills should be banished. I hope you take me up on my suggestion.

    My earlier response was certainly crafted to fight fire with fire. Upon review I wish to retract it as two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Best wishes to you.


    • Posted by Helen on March 15, 2011 at 10:48 am

      Don’t worry Carmen I don’t take your comments personal at all, you said what you saw was ugly and that’s your right. I accept whatever critique come my way, I will always speak my mind and honey I am VERY happy in my personal life, so as long as you and others don’t pay my yankee bills I will not loose one second of my comfort. I am not about to take any directives from you, regarding what topic to write about and the tone of my writing. The beauty of my writing is in the eyes of the beholder; please stop reading my articles if you find them disturbing. You seem to be more angrier than me so please spare yourself the stress. However, I do intend to challenge these bills in the future. First there must be a better cohesive Opposition party structure as a foundation for my stance.


  5. Posted by Saadiss on March 13, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    While I disagree with every syllable within this article by MS Helen Alexander; it’s reprehensible to attack Helen on her physical features. I happen to believe Helen is a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN…(call me Helen wink wink)and is very brave to reveal her identity;unlike most of you,including myself who hide behind anonymity…on that basis much respect to Helen.

    Vincent Charles broke into my house, hacked into my computer and stole an article that I wrote in response to Helen’s article…Mr Charles I have fingerprints and will be filing a PRIVATE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against you. Collin is my Great response by the way.

    Anyone who subscribe to the notion that the House of Parliament is the bastion of moral fortitude and respect for your fellow man is woefully misinformed. I agree, one must follow the rules but not slavishly;there are times when you must break the rules to make your point. And that was precisely what Eustace was doing. Now people are criticizing Eustace for not siting down…but what folks are overlooking had Eustace sat down, the PM would have gotten up and say he is not withdrawing the bill blah blah and that was that…by standing, Eustace is basically saying he really don’t care much to what Gonsalves had to say as the opposition is “powerless” if they were to follow lock step the procedures of the Standing Order. THE OPPOSITION WOULD HAVE MERELY BEEN RUBBER-STAMPING THE PASSAGE OF THIS BILL HAD EUSTACE GIVE WAY. There is no other legitimate option available to the Opposition to stop this bill but to resort to civil disobedience.

    Helen, your heart is in the right place but your brain is playing tricks on you, maybe “yo too bright”…you cannot berate THE NDP FOR BEING POWER HUNGRY WHEN THEY DO THEIR JOB AND THEN SAY THEY ARE “LAZY” ETC…You are confused as to your own “objective” in critiquing the NDP and this is due to the fact that you are not basing your argument on any set principles but rather applying a somewhat quixotic framework to the realm of politics; it doesn’t work like that my thug-loving friend. Politics, unfortunately, is simply to brutal in its makeup to be handled with kids gloves and Utopian ideals. As Ralph Gonsalves aptly pointed out…politics is serious business. I do believe you can walk and chew gum at the same time Helen; you can’t make your personal gripes blur your obvious intellect and analytical abilities.

    “It ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new. This coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents, who have the laws on their side, and partly from the incredulity of men, who do not readily believe in new things until they have had a long experience of them.”[the Prince, Machiavelli]


  6. Posted by Country Man on March 13, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Vincent, are you that easy to be fooled? Continue your writings, I like reading them.


  7. Posted by Vincent Charles on March 13, 2011 at 11:32 am

    There is quite a debate as to the distinction between “goal” and “objective”. The former in my opinion being more philosophic and ultimate, the latter more concrete and immediate.

    I am no telepath and so cannot read Helen’s mind, (nor do I want to for that matter), I am suggesting however that the objective of this article is to expose, condemn and reprimand.

    Let us be realistic now. There will be no third way, not in America or SVG. You clearly believe that the ULP is destroying SVG, and so do I. You claim that no one in the NDP configuration is fit to lead, and they are power hungry etc…I disagree, but even I have critiqued their handling of certain things….

    What is the alternative? To believe that a third party can emerge and be successful is rosy thinking. For someone exterior to the current NDP members to assume leadership is unrealistic. And to think that the ULP will change modus is romantic.

    Is it that you are attempting to reform or pressure the NDP? Well your rhetoric is hardly prescriptive and is so viscous that it counters that goal. So it can’t be that.

    What is your goal Helen? What goals can the objectives of lambasting, exposing, signaling etc, in your unique manner achieve?

    You seem to be in the middle aiming at both sides with a nuclear keyboard!

    Now I have previously stated why I am still cautiously optimistic about Eustace, but I recognize why some will take issue with his leadership. That objective is not one I necessarily want accomplished, however, it is not impossible to achieve. The ultimate goal being fortifying the party and its chances by removing the head of the party.

    So Helen, why?


    • Posted by Helen on March 13, 2011 at 5:07 pm

      Correction Vincent,I am in the middle aiming at both sides with a nuclear keyboard, however my finger is ONLY on the button pointing towards the leftist ULP. I’m basically bluffing the NDP, for now. I must admit that I have a problem with political linguistic diplomacy, and that disorder is even more extreme in a time of political crisis. The business of politics is a rough one and representatives must be strong enough to deal with harsh criticisms; if you have noticed my rough play is ONLY in the professional realm of these representatives, not personal.Do you realize that the majority of the Vincentians, the same group of people you need to elect you, are turned off by these silly antics? I do understand that this type of behavior is displayed in parliaments all over the world, and guess what,they all tend to end up on some reality program titled “the dumbest political antics.” These NDP Leaders DID advertise to all, that they have actually planned this event, not my words but theirs, so on that silly note I must be harsh in my critique. Why do you seem to have this intense allergic reaction to replacing a failed strategy a.k.a Mr Eustace with a new one? Do you think that if Mr Eustace remains the Opposition candidate in the next election, he would have a chance of beating D Comrade? Only a miracle would facilitate that dreadful reality. If you wish to be victorious and change this current government, you must implement the necessary changes, radically, to deal with this situation. The NDP team is a loosing one and picking apart my OBJECTIVE sentences would not change that fact! I am just expressing my opinions from a strategic perspective. I have no personal qualms regarding Vynnette, but her hyperbole, brazenly dramatic, and malicious public displays should be CHECKED by the party’s leader. Oh by the way I forgot that SHE IS THE LEADER. Also the NDP seem to have an anti-intellectual problem, they are resistant to diversity of opinions, and the one dimensional narrowness of mind is a loosing strategy. They seem to hate constructively harsh criticisms, they seem intellectually inflexible, and violently intolerant of democratic defeat; it’s as if they believe that they were given a mandate from God to rule SVG! They need to open their closed minds and accept critique.. Their philosophy of “you are either for me or against me” is a loosing one in a very diverse and progressive world.


  8. Posted by Vincent Charles on March 13, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Big surprise that I disagree with several points.. Sequentially…
    1. “Choreographed and badly rehearsed drama” .. “conspiracy”… etc.

    The actions ensuing from the opposition’s stance happened fast and furiously. They were overwhelmed and emotionally distraught over the brutality that was meted out to them! So really, persons crying, expressions of rage and despair comes with the territory, what did you expect? Cool, calm, sedated reactions?

    I believe most of the accounts of the opposition and this is why…

    a. I keep reading about police brutality involving the black squad, what was the Rapid Response Unit doing there, why not the regular police? Since when in any jurisdiction does the army guard congress? This is tant amount to using a chainsaw to deal with cutting bread!

    b. Was Cummings not boxed before while participating in a simple protest? Did we not see footage of NDP posters being defaced and ripped to shreds under police watch? Was not the police deployed to execute early morning raids on the homes of D. Defraitas and other NDP acolytes, with no arrests or even charges? Are there not photos which highlight some of the officers in red t-shirts at ULP events? So would these guys show restraint in the application of orders?

    c. Why did the GIS camera cease filming? Why are there reports of memory cards and phones being confiscated? What happened in the obscurity of the upper flight stairs? Why does no one, the News who had the photo of Dr. Friday, those who taped senator Fredrick walking, ALL OF THEM WERE TAKEN FROM DOWNSTAIRS… no one, government supporter and opposition mp alike, have anything substantive from the Upper Flight!

    So this is what it boils down to.. who do I trust more. Given the radical heading our country, and the above reasoning, even if I concede to some overestimation, I being of “sound intellect” must give deference to the opposition!

    2. “Senator Vynette”…… “comess dialect”… “lost touch with reality”, “national disgrace”…. This response is to her general detractors.

    Firstly, Vynette Fredrick lying by the side of a wounded collegue with her hands folded, in solidarity is no smoking gun of pretense (in the same manner in which the tape is no NDP smoking gun).

    Secondly, let me remind you that the Senator is still young in age and service. It is far too early to dismiss her. From all evidence she is quite intelligent and has unique skillset and perspectives which adds to the richness and diversity of the parliament.

    Did the honorable Sabato Creaser not display attitudes of contempt and seemed high handed in his operations? This arrogance must certainly be reprimanded, but why write off someone three months into their service?

    What is so wrong with engaging the general population with timely updates and discourse? What is so wrong with Facebook? This medium is free, efficient, and wide-scoped.

    As for her general conduct, granted, she can be a tad too charged and MUST moderate somewhat. However, I am convinced that the senator is misunderstood, she is not an old male politician, she represents a fresh breed of bright, technologically savvy, vibrant politicians. So what if she sings and raps on stage, the youths totally get her.

    In my humble opinion, the PM and Senator Julian Francis in particular, are exponentially more vitriolic and bombastic in their rhetoric, is it then her youth and gender that pose a problem?

    3. “disrespecting and disgracing the most dignified institution in our democracy, The Parliament, Our House!” etc.

    The house for the past ten years have turned into a circus. With the mega-majorities that the ULP previously enjoyed, opposition MPs were jeered, and constantly interrupted! Furthermore, I subject to correction am yet to see ONE SINGLE ruling of the speaker favorable to the opposition.

    Even in light of this, Mr. Eustace has remained calm, and has done nothing to discombobulate the train of discourse and operations in the house. Moreover, the NDP has supported 75% of the bills passing through the House. So the issue to which they stood their ground, even circumventing the rules of the house, must have had grave implications.

    The house is not honorable, and has not been for years. What’s more, have you never witnessed brawls in other parliaments etc? What is new here, is not the whole notion of bypassing rules, this occurs periodically and is part and parcel of democracy. The novelty is the utter brutality of the police in a democratic country of the Western Hemisphere!

    There is one area I agree with Helen though, Mr. Eustace and the NDP should position themselves to accept the consequences. They they knew who they were dealing with. They wrongly positioned themselves as victims, in a position of inferiority, I say CLAIM YOUR STANCE, they must certainly highlight the abuses, but do it in a position of strength with a dabble of humility, and not weakness.

    The things Ralph Gonsalves did were MORE DESTABLIZING than these protests. Helen, you seem to think that Vincentians will be turned off by the NDP activities. Let me not disagree with you, but instead call for a need to balance this argument. Do not forget that Vincentians are rustic people who are drawn to strength.

    I literally saw early NDP gains and momentum, literally revered by vibrant ULP sound-systems, brazenly rolling everywhere, 24/7 projecting UNBASHFUL STRENGHT and confidence! So in so much as the NDP’s protest project power that is a good thing! That is why, I advise them to own their actions.


    • Posted by Helen on March 13, 2011 at 6:45 pm

      Vincent, the strategy for removing the ULP, is to avoid becoming a replica of them. If they are misbehaving in Parliament, should the NDP also employ their tactics? This is what D Comrade loves, for NDP to make a rude fool of themselves in-order to neutralize their moral supremacy.Although my articles would be offensive to some,you can rest assured that the intelligent and progressive group in SVG completely agree with me.

      The past destabilizing tactics of the Gonsalves regime should not be referenced to justify any unfavorable activities by the Opposition; if the NDP is going to replicate the ULP model, who would want to vote for them? They will be presenting a serious psychological dilemma to the Vincentian voting bloc. People would resign to the fact that the ULP might as well remain the dominant political choice because the NDP is it’s political Siamese twin. Why are you so guarded, shady, and reluctant to verbally expose bad behavior. If a member of the NDP is crossing the line should you not be fearlessly willing to call them out? Why is the NDP as a political body not instilling a code of conduct and rational behavior within it’s camp? If the NDP was doing it’s internal duty I would not have to write about it.

      If anyone critiques a member of your party, the ultimate blackmail occurs, “oh you are just like the ULP.” To run an effective government you must be willing to accept criticism or you have no business running a country. Unfortunately for you and others, your prescribed mode is null and void, do you know why? THE VINCENTIAN VOTERS REJECTED IT LAST DECEMBER! You guys are very socially oppressive to those who do not follow your blindly loyal
      crowd and that is the ultimate gangster dictatorship.

      P.S. When the NDP restructures itself and implements a progressively sound foundation, I will stop the verbal shock therapy. Don’t worry about my lack of critique of the ULP, I am far from running empty on my hurricane assault when the time is right, so if you think I am being unbalanced in my articles this is child’s play compared to my literary agenda for the ULP.


  9. Posted by Helen on March 13, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Will there ever be an intelligent rebuttal to my article? I am very aware that I am physically unappealing so that’s not new.LOL. How did that stupid display in Parliament remove these terrible bills that I myself deeply despise? I do have a very high opinion of my intellectual abilities, it has been tested and proven by the best and brightest, besides, lacking in physical beauty I felt the need to overcompensate with it..Hahah. Where are the intelligent political debaters and strategist in SVG? If I cannot attract that type of constructive negative critique I will have to stop wasting my time with fools.


  10. Posted by no nonsense on March 12, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Great job Helen. You have said it all. I’m sure that many of them are choking on this one. LMAO!!!!


  11. Posted by Country Man on March 12, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Carmen, I agree with you.
    Helen, if your ass is as big as your mouth, stick your head there, and leave it up there. I am not a supporter of the NDP, and your writings are disgusting and does not convince me.


  12. Posted by progressive woman on March 11, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Why is it that people get so nasty whenever anyone criticizes the NDP? I remember when Junior Bacchus was one of Ralph’s disciples, he was called by the worst names….now he is hugging up the NDP, he is a “star”. Alyo leave the woman alone


  13. Posted by nicky d on March 11, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    I could not put this any better myself.I feel sorry for the poor fools that follow the NDP,they are like lambs to the slaughter walking blindly into things they don’t understand.The people in St.Vincent and The Grenadines need to open their eyes and realise what the NDP are doing,they are only there for their own gain,they don’t care about what happens to our beautiful island or it’s people


    • Posted by Vincent Charles on March 11, 2011 at 9:39 pm

      I strongly endorse your comments! They are powerhungry and insensitive! All they are attempting to do is accumulate power!

      A stark contrast to the ULP who in 1998-2000 attempted to make the country ungovernable, even blocking the roads….!


  14. Posted by Carmen on March 11, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    Your ignorance overrides your ugliness. If you can overlook these outrageous bills that are unquestionably unconstitutional it is obvious you have no conscience. Your arguments are baseless and pathetic. Why not just go up to Ralph office if you want some attention. He not picky so no worries.


  15. Posted by me on March 11, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    I dont think Helen was referring to ” Animal Farm” the book. I am almost sure she was likening the NDP behaviour to animals on a farm, which if u ask me is a bit of an insult to the animals.


  16. Posted by me on March 11, 2011 at 1:20 pm



  17. Well, Well Helen I am lost for words after reading your article. I doubt any university professor could have put it better. I am certainly proud of you.
    Everything I would like to say and cannot say it like you, you have said in this article. Well done my friend. My only wish now is that every single Vincentian can have the privilege to read this. Please send it all newspapers in SVG and to It is a master of a piece.
    There is nothing that I can add here except to say that should we see another display of this sort in the House, these people should be suspended until the can apologize to our nation.


    • Posted by Helen on March 15, 2011 at 9:08 pm

      Thanks vinci to the bone, thank God I’m a strong woman, you have to be strong to deal with enraged Vincentians. They went nuts and overwhelmed my message box with slaughtering rants. Unfortunately for them their identities were disclosed on FB, so they would message me back instantly (when dey catch demselves) to say they are sorry, they are upset because I attacked them INSTEAD OF WRITING ABOUT THE BILLS.Some of them told me that they wish D Comrade would rape me (why would women wish sexual assault on other women?), some called me a sneaky communist, a Fidel Castro in drawers, a mischievous homosexual loving mad woman, and the list goes on, these NDP folks are too funny. The strange thing is, the ULP folks are very calm and straight to the debating points, no personal assault although they should be mad as hell. Well those guys are professional strategists, however devious, but they are on the ball.


  18. Posted by Rhonique on March 11, 2011 at 9:59 am

    After reading this I am certain of one thing… You have never read Animal Farm.


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