What did Bayliss Frederick do? The Madness of March 03! By Amor Rodney

The 87-year-old man in these photographs has been singled out by the authorities as one of the chief instigators of the Madness of March 3 on the streets of Kingstown.  Meet Bayliss Frederick, retired attorney at law and father of Sen Vynnette Frederick.  During the NDP’s “Kill the Bills” protest of March 03, 2011, Mr Frederick was arrested and charged with a traffic offence and with assaulting a police officer.  Up to the time of posting this blog, he was hospitalized and under heavy police guard.

Bayliss Frederick

According to reports,  Mr Frederick was not part of the protest.  He was at home when he received a call from his daughter Vynnette.  She was injured at the hands of the police when she along with other members of the Opposition was “forcibly” removed from the House of Assembly.  Vynnette was seeking the assistance of her father who attempted to go pass the security cordon in search of his daughter.  A confrontation ensued, and Mr Frederick, an 87-year-old, diabetic, heart and kidney patient, was allegedly struck several times by a police officer in the vicinity of the Police headquarters.  Eye-witnesses claimed that the passed out and was hauled into the police station and subsequently taken to the hospital at in a semi-conscious state.

Bayliss Frederick attempting to leave the hospital

 The drama did not end there!  Frederick reportedly discharged himself and attempted to leave the compound in the company of his daughter who had arranged for him to go to a private facility, the Merryfield Hospital.  However, they were prevented by the police guards from doing so.  He was effectively under arrest.  The officers even took the drastic step of locking the gate to the hospital, letting no one in or out!  A clearly distraught Vynnette Frederick tried in vain to have her father removed from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital to a facility of his choice. Up to this time, she has been unsuccessful!

Vynnette Frederick, struggling to free dad from hospital prison!

Apparently, Bayliss Frederick was identified as perhaps the most dangerous of the NDP protestors on Black and Bloody Thursday. Not even the presence of a battery of high-powered attorneys was enough to allow Bayliss to go to the hospital of his choice.

Vynnette Frederick and Bayliss Frederick as they are blocked from leaving the MCMH to seek medical attention in a private facility.

Up to posting time, Bayliss Frederick was still at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital under heavy police guard.  This is obviously the man who was responsible for the mayhem in Kingstown on Thursday March 03, 2011!  This is the man who used all his strength to assault a police officer. After all it took a squad of more than a dozen SSU and Black Squad men to restrain him!

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  1. Posted by old school Child on September 12, 2014 at 11:27 am

    All you people commenting bad things about my great grandfather this is not a disgrace this something i am truly proud of sooo… To all of you shut your mouths because he was standing up for his rights


  2. Posted by sad on March 7, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Vinci kallaloo is such an instigator.


  3. She is a disgrace to the woman race


  4. […] you may wish to read a a previous post carried on this blog on Friday March 02, 2011 and entitled. What did Bayliss Frederick do? This is a follow up to that story. We show this video without comment, except to say that up to the […]


  5. Posted by no nonsense on March 6, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Armor and Vincikallaloo will you please look at the video on facebook ‘Was Vynnette thrown down the stairs’LMAO


  6. Posted by WUTLESSLAYBAHAG on March 6, 2011 at 11:49 am

    ah still votin layba nex election


  7. Posted by Just Me on March 6, 2011 at 9:34 am

    All I can say is that I am now oficially embarassed to be a vincentian.

    NDP ULP Whoever – disgraceful


  8. Posted by Vincy To The Bone on March 6, 2011 at 4:52 am

    SVG is in a very sad state of affairs and up to now I really do not understand why there was a need to plan such a thing in the house. The leader of the opposition said it was planned so we should nto be surprised of the out come. I cannot understand how they thing that they come bring down a govt that ws just elected. This is very foolish and now a lot of the NDP people do not trust the party any more. Less and less peopel coming out to demonstrate. You can believe mr. eustace that is was planned and why he don’t think the police was planning for him to??? YOu cannot allow people to behave this way and get away. Why did they leave when they were told to leave, don;t you see what happened is what they wanted to happen??? Mr. Eustace said he expected that to happen so why are we making a fuss about the way they were treated they said that is what they wanted. Now if Mr. Fredricks was really sick do you think he would of laid in the street to obsturct traffic and when the office speak to him he hit the officer twice. Vynnette is a national disgrace and should of been arrested when she tried to prevent the police from taking her fatehr. These peopel wanted to put on a broadway show but failed in the mean time they do not care if they mash up hte country and poor peopel suffer. Vynette bread butter on both side and Mr. Eustace own butter on both sides and even the edges so if poor people want to make fools of themselves with these people who are well off and mash up svg is a matter of them


  9. Posted by me on March 6, 2011 at 3:42 am

    Vexalways if i love someone my first instinct is to protect them. I wont think of myself first. Did you hear the way she described her father on Nice radio on Friday the 4th march?.She said he was the most fragile creature and any stressful situation will almost cause him a heart attack. i saw a video of her at the hospital and she was walking fine and cussing the police. This did not like a lady who was so sick that she had to call her fahter off his sick bed. Maybe she thought because he was a vetran Lawyer he would not be subjected to treatment that ” ordinary ” people would get. I hear her shouting at the police at the hospital that she was not an ” ordinary” person and i agree with her. Any reasonable, ordinary person who really loves someone will seek to protect that person and not think of themself first. To me her actions were grossly selfish. By the way did you hear how she behave in parliament when told not to take pictures. her response was ” they gone on facebook already”. This lady needs to be taught some basic manners. lets hope thay what happened to her put some sense in her head. Oh i can you vexalways getting more vex at what am saying now but i too have freedom of speech. And darling, try no to be so ved nah..yo go give yoself a stroke. LMAO


  10. All you guys just full of shit put you or someone esle into that position you would react and do the same thing, you all are just plain out stupid and blind.You all cant see whats goin on ralph will rub shit in your mouth and say it something esle and you all will just eat it .Why cant people speak for their right when ralph had block the roads and made people and children couldnt go to work and school to do their exam it was all good but because the tables have turn you blind ass just too stupid to see it well sit down on you all ass and take it do so but dont hate others when they want to speak its not fear and maybe you all need to read your bible.


  11. Posted by Country Man on March 5, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    You all can say all evil things about Vynette and her father. I have a daughter about the age of Vynette and even if I am on my dying bed and she calls to me for help, I prefer to die trying to help and comfort her. I can understand Vynette’s attachment to her father. You dumb fools who criticise her and her father have no clue of that father/daughter bond.
    I would have gone through hell and an army barricade to be at the side of my daughter.


  12. Posted by kimmy on March 5, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Vicentian pls stop being biased and look at this suitation on both sides .(we are talking about rights and freedom here ppl)Forget about all the materials you might gain from your party and think about you and the rest of ppl in SVG future.


  13. Posted by vexalways on March 5, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Sargent STUPID, HOUSE SLAVE, Slaughter, I am sure you are one of the THUG COPS employed by Ralph [your master]. Vynnette was kicked down the stairs and has an X-ray to prove she has a sprained ankle. You sound like a total scatter brain, how can you talk with such authority on someone’s feelings and health? Then you are commanding that Mr. Federicks must not be in the heat of a demonstration? Are you GOD? This is a free Country [supposedly] and anyone has freedom of movement and association, you jack ass, and who are you to decide what the Opposition must do? nincompoop, Ralph Gonsalves said he is the master of protest, so what is your argument? When he was in Opposition he vow to make the Country ungovernable and said the role of the Opposition is to oppose and dispose of the Government.
    Sargent, you nah see nothing yet, just stay tuned in.


  14. Posted by IMan Free on March 4, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    This is really sad, you people have absolutely lost your humanity. Your rationalizations of this unwarranted police brutality, even against the elderly, know no bounds. How many of you were subjected to vicious attacks by the police and state sponsored terrorism during your “roadblock revolution”?
    Removing the opposition parliamentarians is one thing but to specify the use of force as was done by the so called speaker is reprehensible and a blatant affront to the Vincentian citizens who duly elected them.
    Tell me, do you believe Rosa Parks should have gotten her ass beat by the police, when she refused to give up her seat? After all she was breaking the LAWS of segregation?
    An elederly man is beaten by the police and your response is that he deserved the beating because he shouldn’t have been there? Tell me do you have mothers or fathers?
    Is politics really that important to you?
    There is no law in support of police brutality, let’s get that straight right now. Even a common crminal is not to be brutalized, arrested yes but not brutalized. You will be old one day too, and I hope for your sake that there isn’t a Government in power that will brutalize you this way all because you are affiliated with its opponents.


    • Posted by me on March 6, 2011 at 4:04 am

      I ManFree the roadblock revolution happened in the street. Do you expect to bring that same behaviour in paliament. Even Mr Eustace agred what he did was wrong. So he went in parliament and disrespected the speaker. If he had done somethng like this in a court of law his ass would have been thrown in jail by the judge. You cant go in parliament and do as you please.

      Contrary to the belief of the NDP, they are NOT in charge and cant go in parliament and do as they please. If you are asked to move and you dont move and the police is asked to move you forcible then they will do just that.

      The NDP parliamentarian refused to move. Some stood up and refused to walk and some lay down on the floor. What was the police to do? lift them up like babies? The problem with them is that they won the referandum in 2009 and up to now cant reconcile themselves to the fact that theg lost the election. So they want to do what ever they like and disrespect everyone and no one must say or do anything. Hope they learn their lessons .If not they should get another dose of what they got on Thursday. Yeah i can hear u cussing me now, but i dont give a shit.


  15. Posted by Saadiss on March 4, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    No its a very poor question! Who are you to tell people who to call when they are in distress? “Me” and “Vincikalaloo”, when a young girl wears a mini skirt and a man rapes her…would you say its because she wore a mini skirt thats why she was raped?Please put up your discourse!

    Did you know the state of mind the woman was in? Had she called a “friend”, are you saying the friend would have gotten through all that security? Isn’t it more plausible to believe that maybe the reason for calling her father was given the fact her father belongs to the legal fraternity and his standing in society would stand a better chance of getting through the security than a friend? I am just saying. By the way, from all accounts, Mr Frederick was not ALONE; HE WAS NOT DRIVING…HE HAD COMPANY. This attempt to somewhat overlook the actions of the police is total bullshit and Vincikalaloo you should really know better than to encourage this line of reasoning.

    The fact of the matter is…the POLICE OVERREACTED AND ILL TREAT AN ELDERLY CITIZEN WHO GAVE YEOMAN SERVICE TO HIS COUNTRY. You mean to tell me as a trained officer in the art of self defense;that you couldn’t show some self restraint when confronted by a frail 87 year old man? Were you that scared that an elderly man would kick your ass, so you have to resort to overwhelming force?

    I listened to an individual who was standing in the vicinity of this altercation and from his account(subject to correction)…the police acted like morons and just wanted to show their ass. Again, what can a 87 year old frail man do to you that you have to resort to brute force? Is our Police force made up of pure thugs? Where is the respect for our elderly citizen? But ah guess when the Minister of Security shows scant regard to the citizens of the country, its a waste of time to expect anything different or better from his acolytes.

    It would appear that there is no middle ground with these police officers…as soon as you say “bop” they want to kick your ass…lawd hav mercy…watch a time in Vincyland.

    “Me” ah hope if someone put a hard slap on your mother or father..you would have the “common sense” to rationalize it, maybe they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    House slave, bow your head!


    • Posted by me on March 6, 2011 at 3:51 am

      Sadiss as ur name suggest you are just a sad, pathetic individual. It hurts to loose and your rantinigs are just because you guys lost the election. . I originally had a response for you but decided not to bother as you are just a sad, poor soul. Cheer up man. Life aint that bad.


  16. Posted by WUTLESSLAYBAHAG on March 4, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    Sumbody shudda box Vinnie in she truction mouth, she and that lyin so and so Anesia


  17. Posted by Outrage on March 4, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    this young lady was not elected to serve, and she is to rude to be representing Vincentians


    • Posted by vexalways on March 5, 2011 at 8:40 am

      Outrage, was Julian elected to serve? Is he a krrook? You people are so selective it’s not funny. Vynnette is rude, how do you describe Ralph Gonsalves?


  18. Posted by Sargeant Slaughter on March 4, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    First of all Vynette Frdrick was not injured!

    That is a bold-faced lie. She is the one who caused this by her LIES.

    Secondly, this 87-year-old man had no place being in the heat of the “demonstration”. What does one expect being in a place like that? One has to be prepared for anything under such circumstances.

    Moreover, the St Vincent Police have been more than patient and accomodating in dealing with the 3 “demonstrations” in less than 3 months by peole who have plainly said their goal is to secure the down-fall of the government in one year.

    Bayliss Fredrick is fiery and assaulted the Police. That is the only reason he was put in the cooler.


  19. Posted by Observer on March 4, 2011 at 3:45 pm



  20. Posted by me on March 4, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    I am so sorry for what happened to Mr. Frederick but his daughter continues to display poor, selfish judgement. I hear her on NICE radio today explain how sick this man is. His heart aint working well cause he has triple bypass surgery, his Kidneys not good, His Lungs not functioning, he apparently has all the ailments in the book. she made it sound like if you touch the man too hard he will disintegrate becasue he is so fragile. Be that as it may, can someone please tell me why Ms. frederick called this sickly man to come get her in the middle of this melee?.She sounds like a storng female, why could she not call one of her frineds or stronger relative to take her to the hospital? WHy call her old- sickly father when she knew what kind of atmosphere he was gonna be in. Please Miss, start to show some good judgement and commom sense nah, and stop always sounding like a whinning victim.


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