Homophobia and political victimization rampant at the SVG Community College! By Amor Rodney

Audrey Gittens-Gilkes, Dr Joel Warrican & Osborne Bowens

It is indeed a travesty what is happening to those three gentlemen from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.  I think Vinci Kallaloo did itself a disservice when it allowed one of its bloggers to post the men’s photographs on the site.  The ramifications are devastating.  It is especially so, when these lecturers may have been the victims of a plot hatched by no other persons but Dr Joel Warrican, the director of the SVG Community College in concert with the chairman of the board of governors, Audrey Gittens-Gilkes and Osborne Bowens the dean of the Technical Divison.  As one writer puts it:

… it is alleged that the Director of the Community College, the Dean of the Technical College and the Chairman of the Board all had a hand in orchestrating this situation to the state it is at now after the complaint was made to them. It is their effort to secure their jobs and ruin others. All three are acolytes of the ULP. THEY ARE IN POWER

Since he asssumed the position of Director of Colleges, Dr Joel Warrican has made it plain to friends and colleagues that he would do everything possible to rid the institution of all “buller men”.  As it was rumoured that the lecturers in question may have homosexual tendencies, they came in for special treatment from Dr. Warrican.  He has allegedly tried everything in his power to have them removed from the college.  Warrican even caused the the board to upgrade the requirements necessary to fill the respective positions held these lecturers.  He then proceeded to advertise their positions in the press although these positions were already filled.  However, it appears as if his attempts at removing them had failed, hence the need to try some thing unorthodox.

One cannot help thinking, therefore, that the recent episode involving these lecturers has been part of an elaborate scheme to curtail their careers at the college.  Who are the students with whom the lecturers purportedly had private communications via cyber space? If there were no sexual activity involved, why report such conversation to the police?  Why were the gentlemen even questioned by the police? Who will benefit from the professional demise of these gentlemen? How can we be sure that Dr Joel Warrican did not set up this “incident” as part of a plot to realize his goal of “no buller men at the college”?  I submit that any investigation into this sordid affair must begin with Dr Joel Warrican.

Warrican’s homophobia is allegedly just part of the story. Like everything else in this country, partisan politics features highly in this case.  The director is also a rabid ULP supporter; the Chairman of the Board, Audrey Gittens-Gilkes is another fanatical supporter of the ULP. Indeed, she is an official of the party. It therefore seems as if both Warrican and Gittens-Gilkes are hell-bent of ridding the college of anyone who they perceive as not being in the camp of the ULP. For instance, Elvis Daniel and Paulette Williams were sent packing quite early.

No one knows which party that Ms Williams supports. However, she never demonstrated in any way, vociferous support for the ULP.  Mr Daniel on the other hand, was  a candidate for the opposition NDP.  They were both summarily re-assigned to secondary schools.  Daniel has since resigned to contest the elections of December 13, 2010.  Since his loss, no consideration has been given to re-assigning him to the college despite the urgent need for a math lecturer in his calibre.

It might also interest readers to note that apart from the “buller men” label, the gentlemen in question have also been linked with the NDP.  Bramble allegedly wore his NDP T-shirt boldly and attended the party’s rallies; Fitzpatrick is said to have worked in East Kingstown to re-elect Arnhim Eustace; and Leacock, the nephew of Hon St Clair “Major” Leacock” is a vocal supporter of his uncle and his party. 

One is therefore left to conclude that the current travails of these gentlemen could well be the result of an effort by Warrican and Gittens-Gilkes  and Bowens to kill two birds with one stone. They feed their homophobia and get rid of non-ULP lecturers as part of the manifestation of “owning the government”.

Homophobia and political victimization are rampant at the SVG community College!

Amor Rodney

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  1. Posted by Tailyar on March 8, 2011 at 8:36 am

    Let’s put the politics aside and keep the focus on the issue at hand, PEDOPHILIA. The fact that these three men are alleged to have used their power and influence to lure youths for sexual favours is despicable and must be dealt with.

    I don’t give a damn about ULP, NDP or Green Party at this time.. I want the justice system to do it job. These men, if the allegations prove to be true, must be dealt with, and dealt with the severest penalties possible. No excuses…

    But providing justice, those currently engaged in such acts of PEDOPHILIA, will think twice about it, whether the person be made or female… Don’t for once think that there are not females amongst us who aren’t preying on the young ones too.

    So Please Mr Amor Rodney, Stop with the conspiracy theory, who knows maybe your conspiracy theory may turn out to be true but it doesn’t exonerate these men, if the allegations are proven true


  2. Posted by Van Burgen on March 7, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Can someone define Pedophile? Isn’t there and age factor involved in pedophilia? We need to be careful about how we are labeling people! As far as it is known the accusations are being made by people who under the law can conscent to sexual activity and are for the most part adults. Of course it does not in anyway suggest that what was done if it was done is correct. But we seriously need to becareful about how we brand people and as the Prime Minister suggested do not be quick to run to vigilante justice.


  3. Posted by Vincy To The Bone on March 6, 2011 at 4:37 am

    How did politics get into this? If kids are being abused the wicked men must be dealt with. Vincentians have become bo blinded by politics and no one seems to be able to see straight anymore.


  4. Posted by van burgen on March 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm



  5. Posted by The ShopKeeper on March 5, 2011 at 5:30 am

    A Popular Vincentian homosexual, who owns a shop in little Tokyo also wears in NDP jersey proudly!!!….Just saying you know.
    Mr. Amor I cannot respond to your sweeping allegations but I would say this…..

    Homosexuality is happening in St Vincent, and I foresee that in these end times, whether it is in ten years or two hundred years, in-order for SVG to compete in the international arena, or be accepted in a unifying and influential world ruled by the world powers, there would be a move to legalize it to some degree. It only takes one Caribbean country to set the example or fall to international pressure for them to be given high praises by the very influential gay society (which includes politicians), and then all of the Caribbean islands would be forced to follow suit.
    In the coming years there would be an advocating of homosexuality by our very own governments, where I should believe there are homosexuals in power seats.

    While homosexuality is found to be biblically and morally wrong, we live in a very secular world where there isn’t as much stringent regard for the bible or morals as before. Nowadays it is now found that even those who are supposed to be public examples, e.g. the bulling catholic priest, and possibly pope, have failed us (no offense to Catholics). God is no longer as highly regarded as the olden days and even when he used to be regarded there were still many many many bullers.

    So don’t be surprised, allegations like these would surface a time and time again once there are pedophiles and bullers in our highly politicized society, where there is a high degree of materialism and wealth isn’t distributed equally! Please believe Mr. Amor, people will bull for blackberries, and teachers who can afford blackberries would bull there students.

    Finally Mr. Amor, please stop your defense of these men, who you cannot swear for, and should not swear for. For One I can see one there is a very bulling pedo-smile on the man in the middle (see picture elsewhere), which is cause for concern.


    • Posted by katie on March 3, 2014 at 6:55 pm

      “While homosexuality is found to be biblically and morally wrong”

      How exactly is it morally wrong?

      I can’t argue with you about the biblical part, but the bible isn’t exactly the best source of morality – remember that selling your children into slavery is considered okay according to the Bible!


  6. Posted by AH WONDA on March 4, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    amor rodney musse one ah dem too.


  7. Posted by Spicey on March 4, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    U again oh lord leave the men them alone this post is not helping them in anyway, just adding more fuel to fire. What ever maybe let justice takes it course as far as I am concern. We have bigger things to deal with. Like the state of our country’s image.


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