Gonsalves: Only 300 showed up to NDP protest!


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  1. Posted by GOOD VERSES EVIL on March 13, 2011 at 7:36 pm



  2. It is safe to say that even the NDP members and supporters are not in favour of the protest and it shows by the numbers that are coming out to protest.
    Everyone except a handful have accepted the results of the election. The protests are not about the bills they are about the angry 9 who did not get into Govt, the two senators expected big positions, on in the AG office and the other in the Ministry of Tourisim so now they are so angry they cannot behaviour and they will protest until the end of the 5 year term, hopefully but that time they can still win a constituency. If there were another opposition party that was well structured nothing like these mad bunch would ever see the doors of parliament.


  3. We are going around in circles, the ULP is saying that the people will benefit from the revised laws and the NDP is saying no they will not. For whatever reason the NDP members and supporters are not showing support for their party and we saw this at all 3 protest. We saw thousands at the rallies before Dec. 13 so why aren’t they making their voices heard now by protesting? I have been hearing that since the Dec. 13 a lot of people decided that the NDP made some bad statements and they do not want to be associated with and now they are saying bill or not bill they are staying far.
    Where will be all ends in this and what next? The people are the ones that will suffer not the politicians Churches, school, families are all divided. Every radio station this morning was telling you how divided the country is. When will we start some healing, when will be bring our people back together and save SVG??? Please Mr. Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition when will be live together as on again?? You guys are ruining Vincentians lives.


  4. Posted by Saadiss on March 7, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    I am going to restrict my comments to “Me” as the other house slaves are not worthy of my attention. I believe there is still a glimmer of hope for “ME”…UNFORTUNATELY I CAN’T SAY THE SAME FOR THE OTHER ULP SYCOPHANTS.

    Now, ME, the reason I am calling folks HOUSE SLAVES is not because you or they are a ULP supporter but due to the fact that you are calling Eustace stance as “STUPID” and other folks saying how the Opposition deserves what they got…ITS NOT STUPID TO STAND UP FOR SOMETHING YOU BELIEVE IN!!…I used the example of Apartheid to make the point. You are saying there is no comparison but I beg to differ; what you are missing is the PRINCIPLE ON WHICH THESE ACTIONS WERE TAKEN.

    You stated that the Government have the right to change laws…I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY…IF, THESE LAWS ARE TO BENEFIT THE MASSES AND NOT A SELECTIVE FEW!! You are talking pure ignorance when you say that only 12 people filed PCC! You DON’T CHANGE LAWS BECAUSE OF HOW MANY OR WHO USE IT…THIS IS A TRAVESTY OF DEMOCRACY. Even if 1 PERSON make use of a law; AND THE GOVERNMENT CHANGES THAT LAW TO OBSTRUCT THE 1 PERSON…THAT LAW IS WRONG!!!!

    As for your other comments; When you are a house slave,YOU BECOME AN APOLOGIST FOR YOUR “MASSA”. You don’t see or you conveniently the ill-treatment of your own people, maybe, out of PURE FEAR OF REPRISAL AND THE FACT THAT YOU ARE GETTING TO EAT THE CRUMBS THAT FALL FROM “MASSA” TABLE…until the “Massa” turn on you and start kicking your ass…YOU WILL FOREVER BE CALLING THE FIELD SLAVES “STUPID.”

    Wake up ME! WAKE THE PHUCK UP!…Massa, is WE sick? No “ME” YOU ARE NOT SICK! ITS YOUR MASSA THAT IS SICK…This is your chance to make a run for the hills…Run ME RUN RUN RUN!!!


    • Posted by me on March 7, 2011 at 4:39 pm

      LMAO..you actually made me laugh and i feel blessed and honoured that am worthy of your attention. Ok hear me out good . Eustace stance would have been more effective and attracted less negative comments had their script been more like this:..-

      The Pm stood up and reads the bill for the first time. Mr Eustace stands and asks him to withdraw the bill . HE ARNHIM, SITS HIS ASS DOWN and let the Pm responds. When the PM refused to withdraw then he gets back on a point of order and THEN he refused to sit DEMANDING THE BILL BE WITHDRAWN.

      I could have written the script for them. But you see what folks are saying is that he DID NOT GIVE THE PM a chance to respond so he cant say clearly what the man would have decided. His haste made him look stupid. While standing and after the speaker begged him to sit he said he was waiting for a response form the PM. At that point there was loud laughter. Is like holding your hand over my mouth and insistiing that I answer you. So yes because of that he looked foolish. The man has balls tho to defy the speaker but he knew the consequences and did what he had to do.

      Sad,, they refused to vacate the house when asked to.Mr. Leacock was the only one NOT man handled because he left of hid own will. However the others decided to not move and some lay on the floor. the police was ordered to remove them ” forcibly” as is specified in the rules of the house. Now if u ask a POLICE to remove someone forcibly what do you think he would do????? But i am not a violent person so i dont believe in violence.They did what they had to do and so did the policce i suppose.

      You know what, if i am to search in the deepest corners of my heart i will tell you honestly i DONT agree with the changing of the law. There,, I said it. But i honeslty dont think that is sufficeint to protest the way they have been doiing. Listen during the course of governance, Governments will do lots of unpolular things and you will never find that 100% of person agree with anythiing that a government does. But if you are to protest for evverything there will be protest 365 days of the year. My view is that if you are gonna protest for something then let it be something that will really and truly affect the people.

      When there was the protest in 200o it was because the government at the time ( NDP, i have to say this ) DENIED to give workers sererance pay and they wanted to give themselves a raise of salaly. Now clearly that is something to protest about. So the teachers unions , nurses etc did that. And the ULP ceased that opportunity and jumped on the band wagon and the rest as they say is history.

      And i took offence to the ” house slave” Massa” bit because i am not a supporter of any side NECESSARILY. I dont depend on government for squat. I am the manager of a multi milion dollar company that has branches all over the world. So regardless which government is in power i will do what i gotta do.

      My point for supporting this government is that I am really seeing tangible, positive changes in the country and a lot of sectors are benefiting and am sure there is room for improvement but they are doing a faily good job for. The NDP seemingly does not have a clear plan for the upwards movement of the coountry. During the last election campaign they focused on hatred of Ralph and did not outline any plans for the country until ONE WEEK before election then they rolled out or rather read some glorious plans. Some of them bordering on fanatcy tho.

      Listen if the NDP had come with those plans earlier and sound genuine I would have probably supported them. . What i heard from them most of all is how bad Ralph is. How do you expect to get my vote when all am hearing is how bad Ralph is. They seriously need to regroup and come with a better plan and stop trying to get into power by force. What they are doing is only making themselves more unpopular


      • Posted by Saadiss on March 8, 2011 at 1:20 pm

        “my point for supporting this government is that I am really seeing tangible, positive changes in the country and a lot of sectors are benefiting…” how can you take umbrage with being called a “house slave” when you are espousing “house slave” views?


        Me! Keep expressing your views even though I am diametrically oppose to them…thats the beauty of democracy.

      • Posted by me on March 8, 2011 at 5:04 pm

        WHAT?…….DID YOU JUST SAY THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF DEMOCRACY?…….so i DO have the freedom to express my views?……Better not let Ralph know about this or he will throw my ass in jail…seeing that he is so anti-democratic and all…pleaseeeeeee….i have nothing esle to say on that.

        And wait nah what is the function of government? Is it not to look after the needs of the people and to develop the country?, So you wanna tell me if I say that they are doing their JOB then am a ‘ house slave’?…..Listen Sad, whatever you are drinking stop drinlking it as it is interferring with ur reasoning ability.

        You want me to cuss out the government, bad-mouth them, demean them right EVEN IF AM SEEING PROGRESS….wow….that is all i can say now…..WOW

  5. Posted by vincy on March 6, 2011 at 7:43 am

    well last protest the pm said only 30 people now its 300 i think thats a hugh increase so it seems as if they doing something that the people wants…everyone talking bout ULP having MAJORITY of the supporters so NDP cant touch them so i want to know what the PM is saying is that the MINORITY DONT HAVE ANY SAY I KNOW FOR SURE WHAT HAPPENED THURSDAY SEND A MESSAGE TO THE PM THIS IS NOT THE DAYS WHEN THE OPPOSITION ONLY HAD 3 IN THE HOUSE AND FROM WHAT IM HEARING IS THAT EVERYTIME THEY HAVE A PROTEST IT GETS WORST


  6. Posted by no nonsense on March 4, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    Well I was there along with many other ULP supporters. Why the hell do you think they could not touch Francis? Labour protection of course…..NDP is really ah pack ah jokers…


    • Posted by Vincent Charles on March 5, 2011 at 10:02 pm

      Urm Tune into K-45 and watch their newscast and see who could not touch Francis… He was shaken and physically assulted, in fact, police officers had to rush to his aid, whisking him away. You can hoodwink Helen and other members of the diaspora but your comments disintegrates in light of an actual video recording of the incident, which in my opinion was regrettable. Francis should have been left alone to go about his business.


  7. Posted by Vincy To The Bone on March 4, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    I feel pity for the NDP Parliamentarians, they are nothing short of fools. When on the street all the time but the announced the going to the court for the cheated election. When are they going for the election of 2015?? These people are a fraud.


  8. Posted by Vincy To The Bone on March 4, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Can the NDP wind this war??? ULP has 53% support, how can the NDP win this war???? The ULP is a duly elected Govt just 3 months old so how the NDP think they can win this war??? it is foolish what happened yestereday. What rights and freedoms are they protesting?? SVG has the most freedoms and rights, who took away their rights and what rights?? A party with 7 seats can only have a showing of 400 people??? what does the NDP hope to acheive? they will not be able to bring down the Govt so I am not sure what they are doing and what they are hoping for. I know that they have lost some support since dec. 13 and they need to start rebuilding the party and concentrate on wining the next general election. The more the protest the more support they lose.


  9. Posted by Saadiss on March 4, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Just in case someone may think that I am “picking” on only these three HOUSE SLAVES…let my include “strawbert” and “Sargeant Slaughter” and any others who DISAGREE WITH EUSTACE STANCE…YES ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH THE ACTIONS OF THE OPPOSITION IN THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT ON BLOODY THURSDAY IS A HOUSE SLAVE!!



    • Posted by WUTLESSLAYBAHAG on March 6, 2011 at 12:33 pm

      bitch meez not no slave im a real like chatoyer n nat turner, u on di otha hand is bitchell n fagnim n tiefin leacock slave


    • Posted by me on March 6, 2011 at 9:01 pm

      How amazing. The same people who say we live under a dictatorship in SVG, the same people who call themselves democratic, The same people who say they fighting for rights and freedome, those same people cant stand it when anyone disagrees with them. Sadman, I would like to see the dictionary you use to find the meaning of the word democracy.


  10. Posted by Saadiss on March 4, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    Listen to the HOUSE SLAVES…”me on” “Helen” “Vinci TO The Bone”… if it were left to folks like you; black people would still be in slavery. South Africa would still be under APARTHEID. People like you, make Martin, Rosa, Mahatma, Chatoyer and all others who stood up for what they believe, shake their collective heads in shame from the great beyond.

    “Don’t forget you must pitch the young Black male against the old Black male … You must use the dark skin slaves versus the light skin slaves … You must use the female versus the male … You must also have your white servants and overseers distrust all Blacks, but it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect, and trust only us”.[Slave Owner-1712]

    In an age of freedom, and all will know, that 300 VINCENTIANS gave their last breath to defend it!



    • Posted by WUTLESSLAYBAHAG on March 4, 2011 at 7:38 pm

      shut yo ass dis ha nuttin to do wid slavery, racism, sexism, communism or any other Ism the ndp want to pull out dey cyaat


    • Posted by me on March 4, 2011 at 8:20 pm

      Sad, when others dont agree with you, you hurl insults at them. But am now immune to insults so try something else. Tell me please because i have asked about 15 NDPites and not one was able to tell me. Tell me what right the NDP is fighting for at this time? What right has Ralph Gonsalves taken away from Vincentians? Exactly why should we be protesting in the street. I can almost bet you cannot answer me as most of you have no idea what u r protesting for. And you seem like an intelligent enough person so please dont liken what is happening her to slavery or apartheid. pleaseeeeeeeee


      • Posted by Saadiss on March 6, 2011 at 5:12 am

        “Me”…Let me ask you, why is Gonsalves changing these particular laws at this time?

        As for rights being taken away…let me see; before you could have filed a PCC without the hindrance of the DPP…with this new amendment you have to go and seek his “holiness” for salvation…given the fact that the DPP is a bias C#$%…do you believe any NDP supporter has the confidence that their case would be given a fair hearing by this DPP? “When an Act of Parliament is against common right and reason or repugnant or impossible to be performed, the common law will control it and adjudge such an act as void”.

        Also take into account that the DPP can Nolle prose your case without these amendments…so why the phuck are you giving him more powers?…Its simply a barrier to DISCOURAGE FOLKS FROM FILING PRIVATE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT. I say your RIGHT has been INDEED been taken away! You don’t make laws to obstruct and restrict a citizen’s path to seek redress…you make laws that strengthen people’s right and the upkeep of democracy.

        Again,what is the motivation for these Amendments?

        Lets examine the RPA briefly…again this amendment is wholly immoral and its intent is to protect ralph’s ass. Here you have a law that outlines a basic code of conduct as to what you can and cannot say about your opponent during elections and the ramifications of breaking these rules…well the ULP BROKE THE RULES and they are scared shitless; so what they do? CHANGE THE LAWS TO SUIT THEIR NEEDS…now if this is not an INFRINGEMENT OF YOUR RIGHT AS A VOTER…well I don’t know what is!

        Me!I know the ploy of the ULP is to frame the debate by saying what RIGHT IS BEING TAKEN AWAY as it stumps people momentarily…initially I was of that opinion, until I start reading more literature on the issues…while these laws do not affect the average citizen directly…like raise of taxes; nevertheless by making these amendments to benefit a selective few,IT HAS ERODED THE RIGHTS OF THE MANY. The ramifications of these laws are far reaching,they would affect how elections are conducted in the future;which in turn would determine who wins. You have to look at the big picture…THESE LAWS ARE DANGEROUS TO OUR DEMOCRACY IN SVG. Our democratic structure in SVG does not have the necessary safe guards and apparatus to fill the breach left by these amendments.

        “It is very important that the citizens feel involved in decision-making. That is the only way people can feel included in the parliamentary democratic system; otherwise they will resort to measures to remind of their right to participate in determining their own destiny”[the Vincentian]

      • Posted by me on March 7, 2011 at 9:56 am

        Saadiss first let me say I am pleasently surprised that you can actually answer a question without hurling insults…Good for you. I do agree with you that the timing is really bad for the change of the laws. We just came out of a charged election and feeling are atill raw. They should have waited until the atmosphere was cooler then discuss the bills and make changes if necessary. So on that we agree.

        There is nothnig wrong in changing laws however. They are not etched in stones and Parliament is reaponsible for changing laws. Listen we need to stop being hypocritical here you know. The NDP says the rights have been taken away from POOR people. Sad, in the past 30 years only about 12 private criminal cases had been filed and most of those are by politicians. People dont use that route really. Someone does you something, you take it to the police and it goes to court from there. So dont be telleing me that rights of POOR people have been taken away. And you are right. the DPP has the privilege to take over any case and discontinue it already so the need was not there really to change anything. I get mad when people compare this to slavery- totally apples and ornages here. What maybe needs to be done is that the DPP shuold not be allowed At ALL to take over ANY case…but as it stands he could have done it before the new law and he can still so it now.

        Did you know that just before thees 10 cases were files the NDP took Mr Luck Brown off the campaign trail and took him to court . The DPP DID NOT take it over. he let it go through. It went to court and Luke won. The NDP was not sattified so they took it to the Appeals courts, He again won. They also took a voter – Affie jack to court in relation to election charged. The DPP allowed it to go ahead. That too she won. These are two ULP supporters. But the DPP has the right to look at the evidence and if he thinks is it not supfficient or not valid he would discontinue the cases. Now clearly the 10 foolish cases were so vexatous and frivilous that the DPP had no choice but to Nolly Prosse them . Try to fnd what the charges are and you will laught at the stupidity they represent. I can assure u of that.

        Now about the RPA, Mr Godwin Friday, representative for the NDP suggested that instead of changinig the law that it should he taken to a select committtee. That was HIS sugestion. On Thursday the Pm stood up to state that he was going to take it to a select committee. Mr Eustace decided that he did not want thet but instead he wanted it to be withdrawn totally. I was stumped at that point. One of HIS members, a LAWYER at that, suggested it be taken to a selcet committee and when time to do that you object. are you kidding me?

        And there are so many things in that law that is so unclear. There are several sections that needed to be re-worded. There is a section in the RPA that if applied would make all the parliamentariand loose their set, both NDp and ULP. One part starts that a manifesto should not be published without the publisher on the name of the document. As it stand now none the the manifestoes have the publishers on them.SO they are all in the worng.. All the PM was doing was going to name committe to revise the RPA.

        But the NDP is so bent on getting into power that they acted stupidly.

  11. Posted by Ally on March 4, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    So the Opposition Leader of SVG decided not to heed the call of the bias Speaker of the House, what sin did he commit? As far as I am concerned, the Mr Eustace showed “guts” in the house yesterday. The bias Mr Alexander continues to demonstrate disregard for the elected members on the opposition side. The ministers on teh side that hired him can do anything they so choose and get away with it. Oh, how pathetic and hypocritical some of us Vincentians are!! We behave like plate fish – we see from one side. So Mr Eustace refused to sit and I guess that gives the uncivilised, unprofessional, “boot-licking” police the right to shed the blood of a Vincentian brother. That gives them the right to behave as hooligans and treat elected ministers with utter disrespect. It is just so sad that hypocrites Vincentian can try to justify the actions of Dr Gonsalves and his henchmen (the police) who are behaving as though the ULP is their employer.


    • Posted by WUTLESSLAYBAHAG on March 4, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      Only guts Arnie show is he belly, besides that is bear cowardice i see and yes for his disobedience n the disobedience of his party members they deserve di ass lickin dey get and ah want dem to try the same ting next time so another, wussa even mo sweeta ass cuttin could ensue.



    • Posted by me on March 4, 2011 at 8:24 pm

      OMG. you are asked to sit your ass down, It is not a rum shop. It is parliament. If they were in a court house and the judge ordered them to leave and they did not leave he would have called security to forcible remove them. Arnhim may be a bit senile but he aint stupid. The act of sitting aint that hard.. Just bend your damn knee and put your butt on the chair..


    • Posted by no nonsense on March 5, 2011 at 5:30 pm

      Why don’t you guys get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourselves on the net. Which brother’s blood was shed by a police? are the spikes on the small gate police? Shame on you. the poliece were there like some 5-10 minutes waiting on Arnhim to leave. If these people were thrown down on the ground, how come Arnhim wasn’t there, oops, forget he is Mr.Clean, he wouldn’t want to get his clothes soiled.LMAO….


      • Posted by no nonsense on March 6, 2011 at 5:40 pm

        OMG, Why Vynnette lie so? I just saw a video on facebook showing her come down the stairs and lie on the ground. Check it out….

    • Posted by me on March 6, 2011 at 9:23 pm

      Ally, Mr. Eustace asked the Pm a question. If he wanted an answer what was he to do? tell me please. The speaker told him to sit in order for his question to be answered. He decided not to sit so he obviously did not want his question answered. Their script was poorly written and the actors were ill-prepared. It was like a comedy gone wild. Let me rewrite the script a little bit for them. Ok so the Pm moved the motion for the bill to be take to a selcet committee. Mr Clean stands up and ask him to remove the bill. He then sits down. The Pm then stands and refused to withdraw the bill. Then Mr clean stands back up now and states his disagreement and THEN Mr Clean decides to stand and to keep standing and keep askig for the bill to be withdrawal. That would have been more effective. But he was so eager to show that he is “in charge” that he went totally stupid in the house. Guess he was not the H.N.I.C after all.

      Did you notice that Mr. Leacock was not touched by the police? Do you know why? It is because he had the good sense to leave when he was asked to leave. But the other fools decided to resit and lie down on the floor. So the polie should have lifted them up like babies or begged them to please, pretty please leave right?. Give me a damn break. If you are prepared to start a fight then be prepared to finish it.

      And the lies of you guys know no end eh? The only blood that was shed was that of a wanna-be acrobat who decided to climd the spiked fence of the parliament. How smart. He is lucky his balls were not caught in the spike .


  12. Posted by Val on March 4, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Hey Ralph whay isn’t anyone addressing the British American Fiasco? I want my money


  13. Posted by Val on March 4, 2011 at 10:04 am

    This is my country…It makes my heart sad to see what its come to when people get too power hungry and want to change the rules. We were born free…yes there should be rules but not ones that opress and stop our free thinking. Do politicians really care about the people of St. Vincent? Can they for one minute walk in the shoe of the people?
    God they sold the freaking National Bank. It this because of all that Mr. Morgan did and he did not get a spank on his hand for it?
    They have “black Squad” and some of their souls are blacker that the people they arrest. They raped and pillage the Medical Students until they left leaving Vincentians without the income they brought in.
    The Justice system stinks. A gentleman went to court to prove that another person stole his lands. Even though the Judge said that the guy could not prove that he bought the lands she still ruled in his favor. People go away and work in the cold to buy lands and retire back home, and these corrupt Judges and Lawyers who think they are God get up there and rule in people’s favor who cannot prove that they bought the lands. Then this lawyer took the people’s (the ones who owned the lands)money and when he went to court did not have the people’s file. Did not even introduce the fingerprint expert that said that the deed was forged. The bad deeds he has done in his life is showing on his face. Take heed your deeds will fall on your children.
    Vincentians are some of the most peaceful hospitable in the workd. For them to demonstrate and rebel there is cause. They are being opressed. Will you like being opressed and not say anything? Wake up Ralph..You wanted to be Prime Minister the people put you there. Honor them


  14. Posted by strawbert on March 4, 2011 at 9:17 am

    This day was totally uncalled for..if the speaker of the house ask for a parliment representative to sit simple just sit an let parliament go on..but no you felt the need to put on an dog n pony show just displaying how desperate you truly are you an your bag of fools!!look at little vincy splashed in the news an not for good reasons simply to fuel your own selfishness!you was out there as an opposition leader to protect the rights of ppl how are you doing that from the outside looking in???you big dummy!!


  15. Posted by Helen on March 4, 2011 at 9:14 am



    • Posted by Sargeant Slaughter on March 4, 2011 at 4:20 pm

      I totally support the NDP’s actions in the House yesterday. It lets Vincentians see how rude, unruly and disruptive the NDP and their leadership is. Let them shoot themselves in the foot!!!


      • Posted by me on March 5, 2011 at 3:34 pm

        and the fools keep comparing what they did to the so call “road block revolution” in 2001.What they fail to realise is that you are allowed to protest on the street and behave in all sort of manner but you CANT do thst in parliament

      • Posted by Helen on March 6, 2011 at 10:40 am

        Some of these political and socially sub-human criminal elements on this blog are angry because they cannot commit murder, a coup de etat, and genocide; so instead they are committing INSULTI-CIDE AND SLANDER-CIDE! (STUPSE)CRACK HEAD PLEEEEEESE! DUNCE-CEE HEAD!At least I am honored that my two articles were able to enlighten and educate them about our Honorable Chatoyer so they can reference him in their vile and morally illegal posts! Whoever said crack heads and dunce- head hooligans cant learn lieeeeee!

  16. Posted by Vincy To The Bone on March 3, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    A very, very sad day for SVG a day that was uncalled for. We cannot condone the refusal of the leader of the opposition to uphold the rules of the House which started this spark.


  17. Posted by KS784 on March 3, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Only 300??, Gonsalves really don’t know his maths that’s why SVG in such an economic mess.


  18. Posted by me on March 3, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    well when several businesses in town got bomb scare the workers had to get outside and of course they wanted to see what was happening up town hence making the crowd look biggger


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