Vynnette Frederick

 Senator Vynnette Frederick


I was prompted to draft this note coming out of observations made in a conversation thread concerning the situation with Bigga Biggs. With nothing other than an endorsement of the ULP and education and airport development one contributor to the thread  declared this to be the basis upon which the ULP was better for the country at this time.


 Deficit Budget means no money no money no money.

While the government panics about where to find the money to pay salaries this end of month, while it sinks under a large deficit budget where the dance can’t pay for the light and where the budget that they presented is largely not possible to implement, to suggest that they are doing great things for our development is to choose to live in a bubble of rhetoric.

Activist Foreign Policy biting us in the backside

The ULP has kissed up to endorsed and celebrated the Libyan and Iranian regimes and now they are being toppled. The human rights abuses and out-and-out execution taking place in Libya at the moment is pure madness and we should not remain silent on this at all. We must condemn Gadaffi’s actions and distance our entire nation from them in the strongest terms.

 The ULP and its approach to foreign policy has forgotten that it must be diplomatic and dynamic in its management of relationships across the world.  Now,  how does it look that we are silent on the Libya Issue? Is silence consent in this situation?

You cannot attack your population to secure yourself

The attack on the rights of the people of our nation to secure the government with its one seat majority in the parliament is unacceptable; the removal of the right to private access to the court; the empowerment of the DPP and the attempt to legalise gutter politics and decriminalise the offences under the Representation of the People’s Act which the government may have committed during the last election is an affront to good government and an assault on the rule of law in this country.


The IADC is not functioning at anywhere near full capacity on airport development.  Members of the coalition of the willing like Libya and Iran are watching their regimes crumble or shake to its very core.

Revolving problems in Education

 Universal access to education has spawned a number of chronic problems such as spiking dropout rates and the quality of student we put out there in the work force. And, there is  drain on teacher resources and capacity so that it is not the resounding success it could and should be. Without money to spend a ULP administration can do nothing more than declare its brilliance while those in the trenches of this so-called revolution indicate that all is not well and that in the long run our students are the ones who suffer.  For those who have benefitted they have unemployment to look forward to after they graduate.

 Governance is not about political rhetoric and grandstanding.  It is about making the best decisions in the interest of the country to ensure that we navigate local regional and international waters in a way that ensures that we ride the tide to the benefit of all Vincentians regardless of how they vote.  The divisive rhetoric, oppressive government actions and attack on the rule of law and the mood internationally will have a choking effect on our government and essentially what that will mean is that we all will suffer. 


We actually have a plan for stimulating the economy with Direct Foreign Investment to bring jobs and money into the economy and a tangible plan to help people provide for their families by ensuring the removal of VAT on basic goods, Floating a government Bond of 40 -50 million to pay local businesses owed by the government and strong fiscal management of the nation’s affairs.

 WE HAVE INVESTMENT WAITING…but the investors will not work with a government that endorses killer regimes, changes laws willy nilly and essentially projects itself as incapable of understanding the machinations of BIG BUSINESS.. (look at the changes in the laws, the attack on local businesses, the impasse with Bequia Beach Hotel and I sincerely don’t blame them for their position.)


 1.    A major international construction group capable of undertaking large-scale infrastructure projects will partner with an NDP administration to finally get the Argyle airport into a state of readiness. The construction company will work closely with the independent consultants already announced to assess and rectify the seeming planning mistakes made by this ULP administration. Once a clear plan of action is in place, the airport will be completed in a timely fashion so as to minimize and further financial wastage.

2. A major international development group will build a 1000-unit large integrated residential and hotel resort complex on Saint Vincent.

3. An important international banking group will invest in St Vincent to establish a new chain of retail banks in the islands and throughout the Caribbean, using Saint Vincent as its base.

4. A major international construction group, specializing in infrastructure projects, will establish a regional head office in Saint Vincent so that we can benefit more directly from these projects. This construction group will make Saint Vincent the hub of their activities.

5. A global player in the trust and corporate services sector will be involved in overhauling our financial services, to make SVG highly competitive in international markets. We will be launching a new, unique product together with the support of one of the world’s largest and best known banking and financial groups.

6. A global player in private aircraft services, will set up a state-of-the art aircraft registry similar to the one implemented in Aruba.

7. A significant seaport improvement initiative is planned for St Vincent, again, partnering with a major international construction firm.

8. Final discussions and negotiations are also taking place regarding very significant investments into our technology sector. I will confirm this exact investment at a later time. But I emphasise that it is very significant.

9. Furthermore, I am already in advanced planning with several of the world’s most experienced international tax specialists to help with the setting up of tax treaties for Saint Vincent so as to generate further onward investment into our country.

10. Significant investment in agriculture and diversification is available to us to move the sector forward exploring possibilities in cocoa and other commodities.


 In Parliament the other day Julian Francis, after saying these opportunities were lies, asked us to bring them…almost saying it as a dare.  Any serious business man listening to his presentation would dismiss it as empty cheap political posturing. The investors have made it clear that they do not want to work with a ULP government. Why? Because they doubt their capacity to govern, their understanding of how to handle big business, they dislike their foreign policy positions which see them aligned with totalitarian regimes and they don’t like the manner in which they approach the court. Who would comfortably invest millions and millions only to have the government change laws to impact negatively on that investment?…Or enforce laws in such a way as to deprive you of the benefit of your investment…?

You may think this extreme but look at Bigga Biggs Investment of how much million. Closed! Look at Bequia Beach Hotel! Closed because of an impasse with the government! What is the reality of actions like these? People out of work; money not turning round in the economy. This is not a government that understands how to work with the Private Sector their CENTRE FOR ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT which was supposed to foster business development locally is crippled. Their political partisanship has blinded them and quite frankly a communist socialist agenda does not countenance the strides made by private enterprise or free markets.  So where does this leave us?

 I bet you NIS pays public service salaries this end of month. And watch this space! Next week they head back to the Parliament to pass legislation to take away your rights and to empower themselves and secure themselves in such a way as to say and do anything against the population. Our youth are without hope, unemployment continues to rise, more and more people find it harder to make ends meet, business is under siege and the government is silent and incapable of doing what is necessary to stem the tide.

 The ULP is out of ideas, lacking in capacity and clearly incapable of doing what it takes to turn us around as an economy and a nation. Better? No Sah.

Vynnette Frederick

This article was first posted as a note on Facebook on Saturday 26th February, 2011

26 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by soldierboy on February 27, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Reading all these comments make you wonder how people think. Firstly Vynnette sound like she is dreaming, sorry but you don’t sound real at all. let me add i have voted NDP all my life, but reality is what it is. The NDP needs a new leader, lets face it the man is a dead weight.
    Then with all this big talk about investors, the word is in an economical melt down most governments will do anything to keep their own investors and big businesses at base, so why you think they will come to St. Vincent.
    On the issue of the middle east none of you know the real deal and it has nothing to do with us and we should have nothing to say about it. Most importantly stop kissing up to the UK and US they dont give a shit about us. If you have doubts go read your history. the uk only interested in countries they could get some back in return.
    Finally; Vynnette might be right about one thing. people dont really trust the current government. i came home to buy a house in Indian Bay but , the politics back home made me changed my mind. thats almost $2 million the country missed out on and i am sure there are others like me. “remember every little helps”
    and please Vynnette if you are going to be a politician learn to take criticisim not every one is going to be on your side.


  2. Posted by Derrick on July 7, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I am glad that your views on the airport has changed. I must say it is actually the first time I have heard that the NDP actually have plans for SVG. Interesting plans, I do hope it is not a figment of your imagination.


  3. Posted by Labour Hag on March 7, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Vynette’s ideas sound good on paper. It would be much better if they were real!


  4. Posted by Labour Hag on March 7, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Phantom projects and investors…again. So if they do not want to work with the ULP Government, just name them. They won’t work with the ULP anyway. What are you afraid of?

    Secondly SVG is a small country, the size of a town in the USA. We have to take our money where we can get it and America, the UK etc is not going to help us. So we take it from Gadafi and Amadinejad, Castro and Chavez. It’s better to get something than nothing to help out our situation.

    While there were 1 million protesters in the streets against gadafi, you have to realize that there are millions more in support of him. This is not to mean that the voice of the million in the streets should not be heard, but the voices of the millions in support of him should be heard as well.


  5. Posted by vynnette on March 3, 2011 at 2:30 am

    thanks for sharing…your statement would be more effective if you figured out how to spell your surname.


    • Posted by WUTLESSLAYBAHAG on March 4, 2011 at 7:59 pm

      And you claims would be more effective if you can name your phantom investors, please do it. Wid yuh liad ass


  6. Posted by James Bond on March 2, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Removing VAT? hmmm interesting……….. and is it possible that you can atleast name one of your “investors”? I’ll whistle and wait for your response.


  7. Posted by IMan Free on February 27, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Gentlemen/women, let’s try to keep the conversation squarely on the issues facing SVG today. Why is there such deafening silence from the government on the unrest in North Africa and the Middle East?
    The silence continues with the government supporters in this thread. Is it that you are incapable of criticizing this regime…or afraid? You have also failed to comment on those notorious bills your masters are pushing through parliament. Is it that you think criticizing the government is the same as supporting NDP? It’s NOT! it’s called being a CITIZEN OF SVG. you have learned well from your master- dodging issues and hurling insults.
    Comment on Bigger Bigs and Bequia Beach Hotel, comment on Mubarak, Gadhaffi and Amedinajad if you DARE!


    • There is a commnet from Caricom on the issue of the Middle East and North Africa. Did you hear it? The US, and England have diplomtic ties with Libya. Should we not have anythnig to do with those countries also?

      If you are expecting the ULP to be perfect then u r misguided. No government is. But the ULP is doing good by SVG and the NDP will never be able to step up to them. The leader of the NDP will NEVER be able to be half as dynamic as Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. You guys lost the eleection. Take it like a man and stop whinning like a little girl.You won the Referdedum, nothing was said. We took it and did our homework and came back and won the election. Grow up.


      • Posted by IMan Free on March 1, 2011 at 12:42 am

        Did I read your post correctly? Are you suggesting that because Caricom made a statement on the issue of the Middle East and North Africa then your Master need not? Yes, The US has diplomatic ties with Libya, and yes President Obama HAS commented on the unrest, he’s not ignorant enough to say -“I don’t need to comment, the UN can do that” Your reasoning is pathetic.
        But thank you for answering my question as to whether nyou believe criticising the government is tantamount to supporting the NDP. It is obvious from your reply that you do believe that crock! You refer to me as though I am a member of the NDP or even a candidate. Do you know me?
        You have been well trained by your master. Dodge the issues and hurl insults and speak about governing our country like its a pissing contest between children. “You win the prize and there is no second place!” Well SVG is not a prize to be won our lost, governing the country is a serious responsibility that should humble those entrusted with the task not embolden them to insult the 30,000 Vincentians who have a different point of view. So I ask you, who is whining and being childish? And by the way, still no comment from you on the ISSUES – Unrest in the Middle East & North Africa and SVG government’s boisterous support for these regimes and what about the CONTENT of those bills your master is pushing through parliament? Critical thought requires some intestinal fortitude, if you cannot muster it, stay out of the conversation and allow independent minds to interact.

    • Posted by me on March 1, 2011 at 11:18 am

      Yes fool, you did read my startemnt correctly. SVG is part of Caricom and yes Caricom did make a statement on the issues in North AMerica and the Middle comdemning what is happing there. The PM will make his statement in his own time not when YOU want him to.Yes President Obama did comment on the unrest but not before he gave it some thought. Did he comment on it right away?

      You are right, governig the county is inideed a serious responsibility and my point was that the party now is power is capable of doing just that. They are not perfect. They WILL make mistakes but they are doing a good enough job and the NDP will NEVER be able to do such a good job. Just look at the numerous developments around the country.

      You keep talking about these bills? How exacty are these new bills going to adversely affect Vincentians?..I know you dont know so i will tell you. ABOSLUTELY NO WAY AT ALL.

      so dont you dare tell me to stay out of the conversation because I am not saying what YOU want to hear. No one tells me how to think. I dont have to repeat anything the PM or anyone says . I can analyse thigs for myself.

      And please dont ever refer to yourself as an ” Independant Mind”. You obviously dont understand the meaning of the term.


      • Posted by I Man free on March 1, 2011 at 12:56 pm

        Well I guess that Ralph needs alot more time to think about the slaughter of innocent people in Libya and comment than does Obama, and yes I do expect and have the RIGHT to demand a comment from the prime minister of a counrty of which I am a CITIZEN, but I see you know your place with your Massa and will wait until he sees fit to address the concerns of us lowly Vincentians! Oh and thank you for yet another round of name calling, so far I’m a fool and a whining little girl, is that all you have? Come again. Oh and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by suggesting that you leave the conversation for your lack of critical thinking, you are welcome to state your views as am I. So feel free to THINK and then comment. You are free to do so and I Man Free too!

      • Posted by Helen on March 1, 2011 at 10:05 pm

        Me my dear, although I have squared off with IMAN FREE on other topics I definitely see his point on this issue. D Comrade is keeping company with a lot of rogue heads of state and he is dragging the reputation of our country in his filthy mess. Why isn’t he denouncing the mad man of Libya and his assault on the Libyan people? Is it because this out law head of state is funding one of his questionable projects in SVG and putting money directly into those off shore accounts? After all Gaddafi is known to be very generous with his friends. I do think that Vynette has a very comprehensive plan laid out, don’t be so quick to criticize it! Anyway bottom line they are more transparent than all the scheming, lying, thieving projects that D comrade is swindling in his mafia style back door deals. You ULP supporters are too highly agitated and fanatical! Can the crooked comrade do no wrong? DO YOU SEE THE DISASTER IN LIBYA? D COMRADE IS ABOUT TO ESTABLISH A REPLICA OF LIBYA IN OUR COUNTRY! He is talking out of two sides of his ass,about being concerned for the Libyan people and in the same breath he still wants to extend an olive branch to that evil dictator. SVG should not align itself with rouge and immoral leaders!

      • Posted by me on March 2, 2011 at 10:59 am

        Listen Helen,I agree that the PM needs to comment on the issue in Libya.It does not look good that he is staying so quiet and his advisers should advise him to do so sooner than later. No one is happy about what is happening in Libya and since we are getting assistance from Libya he needs to speak up.

        Iman I call them as i see them and if you act like a jackass i will call you a jackass. You did not hurt my feelings. You cannot do that as only those who i actually care about can do that. But what I cant stand is that once someone disagrees with your point of view you think that they are slaves to ” massa” or make some other foolish comment. We will not all see things YOUR way. Have some respect for the other person’s point-of-view, if your super-size ego will allow you to that is

      • Posted by Helen on March 2, 2011 at 1:53 pm

        Me, why is D Comrade taking money from Gadhafi? Before I expand on that let me just address our sense of justice and humanity. Do you see the moral dilemma with D Comrade? I believe that any injustice perpetrated against defenseless citizens by a repressive state should be immediately denounced by all just, democratic, and responsible heads of state. This should be done unconditionally, without restraint and loudly! D Comrade has a moral obligation to speak on behalf of our nation in that sentiment. If he can turn a blind eye, or a conniving eye to this brutal attack on Libyans because they dare to be inspired to rise up against repression, what type of a moral leader is he? What’s in store for Vinci’s from D Comrade? You my compatriot cannot excuse this. It’s the same as condoning an abusive assault on a defenseless child! Remember that you or myself can become victim of this abuse one day and we would want others to morally speak up for us unconditionally.

        About Gadhafi’s dirty money, D Comrade is putting himself bulls eye as a CIA target, and I guess he loves this because he wants to prove his rogue manhood and earn his rite if passage into the club of OUT LAW HEADS OF STATE! He is agitating for an initiation test, and Vincentians are being used as his hostage pawns. Please tell him that he needs to start importing mercenaries from other countries (preferably the middle east) because Vincentians are not into martyrdom; those Vinci secret service body guards he has who pledged loyally to defend him will melt faster than grease when bullets start flying. He is smearing the reputation of our country with his maccabee clique associations. We are a moral people and if we are to become notorious around the world it should be for our beauty, tranquility, and investor attraction industry, not for terrorist affiliation activities.

  8. LMAS.Vynette the 10 point plan that you outlined made me laugh my a** off. YOu could have written them in your own words man instead of simply copying and pasting what the SCL peeps wrote for you guys.Look at point number 9. I will copy and paste it here for you as i doubt you read it before posting it here. It says:.

    9. “Furthermore, I am already in advanced planning with several of the world’s most experienced international tax specialists to help with the setting up of tax treaties for Saint Vincent so as to generate further onward investment into our country.”

    Am I to take it that the “I” in #9 refers to YOU Vynette or to Mr. Eustace. lol. and look at the way they spelt our country’s name (Saint Vincent) . We dont roll so Vynette. Next time dont be so lazy man. take the time to read through the thing and write it so we wont know that you simply copied and pasted the thing just the way it was handed to Mr Euatace by you-know-who. LMAS

    Oh and for you informtion there is no VAT on basic food items. Well unless you idea of “basic” means lobster and the like. Take time and do your research before you write man. you can do better than that. LMAS


  9. But wait nah, Who are these squeezy claan, holier-than-tho investers who are so pure and holy that they wont work with the ULP Government? Guess they have no knowledge of some the skeletons in the NDP’s Closet EH? But shhhhhhhhh we aint go tell them nothing. Could one of them be the Amajero (hope that is correctly spelt) group that was willing to start cocoa production here. ( wait they were to visit svg on the Sunday 12 December 2010 to meet with the farmers) Did they ever come?. And this grouP is one of the most notorious bunch of crooks out there, smuggling cocoa out of Africa and because of their bullist attitude pushed up the price of cocoa all over the world. If you dont believe me do some research on them . Again STOP THE LIES. It aint working.


    • Posted by no nonsense on February 27, 2011 at 8:26 pm

      They talking about cocoa. What happened to the Cocoa Factory that the SVGLP built at Belle Vue? Why they didn’t operate it during the 17 years they were in government? We could have been enjoying the high price of chocolate today.


  10. Vynette tell me this, If you guys have such impressive plans for St Vinvent why are you still in opposition? Instead of trying to fool right-thinking Viincentians why dont you guys come up with a proper strategy . The one of lies and misinformation is obviously not working. And while you guys are at it, please for the love of your party, get rid of Lynch.He is the bigggest millstone around the neck of the NDP.


  11. Posted by Vincy on February 27, 2011 at 4:13 am

    Why protest?Most Vincentians are laughing at Ralph,he will catch his tail,he wanted it to be 8-7 but the other way,so he can blame eustace when the economy collapses..He took a golden nugget and turned it into a turd by sheer incompetence,now he has to clean up his mess


  12. Posted by no nonsense on February 26, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    I agree with you vincikallaloo, but that was the wrong comment I sent. So here is my “18 REASONS WHY ULP IS BETTER FOR SVG:-
    ‎1. ULP closed the shift system that the NDP initiated. The comrade built new schools to put ‘poor people pickney in’.
    2. ULP closed the payments on the Ottley Hall project. The comrade secured over $150 000 000. in debt forgiveness.
    3. ULP closed the teachers’ regular strikes. The comrade repaired all primary and secondary schools and other educational institutions between July and August at a cost of $5 500 000. And don’t talk about all the benefits teachers received over the last ten years.
    4. ULP closed the run down site in front Bishop’s College Kingstown. The comrade built the George Mc Intosh Community Market. And don’t forget the lovely shops at Bay Street and at Campden Park.
    5. ULP closed the old run down fish market in Kingstown. The comrade renovated extended and modernized the fish market in Kingstown and the Bequia Fisheries Center. Don’t forget the modern, multi-million dollars Fisheries Complex at Owia.
    6. ULP closed the chapter on the “historic wrong”. The Comrade paid workers of Rabacca, Belle Vue and other places money that the NDP never would have paid.
    7. ULP closed the road going through the Rabacca “Dry” River. The Comrade built the Youroumei-Taiwan Bridge. Remember this was “impossible”.
    8. ULP closed the the Argyle Main Road to build the Argyle International Airport, but he built the Argyle bypass road, now the main highway.
    9. ULP closed many old police stations. The Comrade repaired and built new police stations at Owia, Sandy Bay, Mespo, Rose Hall, Canouan, Biabou, Questelles and Georgetown just to name a few.
    10. ULP closed the colonial housing programme and built middle, low and no income homes in almost all constituency.
    11. ULP closed the phantom community centre at Questelles. The comrade built Learning Resource Centres at Questelles, Sandy Bay, South Rivers, Colonarie, North Union, Biabou, Layou and Union Island plus many more.
    12. ULP closed the old House of Assembly and repaired and air conditioned the House of Assembly.
    13. ULP closed the old run-down look at Arnos Vale Playing Field. The comrade rebuilt, extended and modernized the facility at a cost of $54 000 000. Don’t forget the work done on other playing fields at Arnos Vale, Sion Hill, Stubbs, and most of all Victoria Park (Carnival City).
    14. ULP closed the chapter on the garbage problem. He extended the collection of garbage weekly throughout SVG.
    15. ULP closed the danger at the Byera and Park Hill tunnels. The comrade widened and restructured the tunnels at a cost of $3 000 000.
    16. ULP closed the saga on run down clinics. The comrade repaired and renovated over 21 clinics nationwide, built two modern, well-equipped clinics at Greggs and Biabou, built a modern, well-equipped polyclinic at Stubbs, and is currently building the diagnostic centre at the Georgetown Hospital.
    17. ULP closed the old airport at Canouan. The comrade built the $56 000 000. Canouan Jet Port, and renovated and upgraded the E.T. Joshua, Union Island and J.F. Mitchell airports at a cost of several million dollars.
    18. ULP closed the run down tourist sites. The comrade built and upgrade 14 tourism sites at Rawacou, Layou, Wallilabou, Chateaubelair, Cumberland, Vermont, Black Point, Owia, Belmont, Orange Hill, Montrose, Falls of Baleine, Windsor forest and Soufriere


  13. Posted by vexalways on February 26, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    I tell you, Nonsense, you are your name, take a bow then GTF out ah here.


    • Posted by no nonsense on February 27, 2011 at 5:09 pm

      What happen vexalways, you cant stand the truth. My 18 points are real and they are all there to see. VV’s “fantasy projects” could never come to reality, cause her “phamtom investors” will never appear. That’s why I will not waste too much time to respond to her piece. VV’s messages can never fool me, she is a vulgar young “person”. Vexalways, you will always be vex for the next five years and beyond.


  14. Posted by no nonsense on February 26, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    The hate for St Vincent began with Mitc-Hell, when he was beaten badly at the polls by the SVLP candidate Mr. Offord Morris. Mitc-Hell will never forget Vincentians for that, so he destroyed all the factories and livelihood of mainland St Vincent. He even said that when they will have fish we will not have bananas. The roads were in a deplorable state, remember the video tapes done by Mr Ken Boyea and the ULP back in 1998. Mitc-Hell knew that Arnee did not love Vincentians, so he made him INTERIM Prime Minister. Arnee now realize that Vincentians do not want him and he will NEVER be PM, so he and a group of POWER HUNGRY, GREEDY TRAITORS set out to destroy St Vincent at any cost. But I have news for you “WE WILL NEVER LET THE MINORITY WITH BREADFRUIT MENTALITY DECIDE OUR DESTINY”.


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